Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Bottom Line

from '2012: What's the 'real' truth?': 'Michael Henry Dunn responds to a comment about money - and Jean adds her two cents!' - Aug. 15

  • Striderus says:
    August 15, 2013 at 9:49 pm

  • Hi Jean,

  • you hit the nail, though the transparency, Honesty/honor, Integrity can NOT and Never Will happen… UNTIL one thing allows it to come into being… total ABSOLUTE ELIMINATION OF SECRECY is the new order of life on this planet !
    Corruption, thieving, etcs. can take root if there is absolutely NO SECRETS allowed….I’m not talking about those personal ,’i don’t want the world to know I do, think, like, etcs.’ kind of secret removal . I’m talking about public, science, business, trade, financial secrets. ahhh ahhh. before you all go stomping on that point… those ARE the secrets that ARE at the root of ALL the big problems on this Earth. it facilitates ALL of the evils … then it doesn’t matter who is in charge of whatever industry, business, finance, because THEY CAN NEVER GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING COVERTLY EVER AGAIN… everyone only gets what they have earned, created… etcs. no more wars..because they won’t be being waged to steal something from some one else…ie resources…gold,etcs. if any one trys to start a war…EVERYONE will know WHY… the World will stand against the ones who want war, want to steal, want to kill want to do harm/hurt others… It will remain with just the small group of criminal minds people who then can be helped to remove those thoughts…
    Angry oh hell yes i am , i’ve been saying it for years, but no one wants to hear it because they all want their day in the lime light of greed , most just want to find some means ,,covertly to get their hands on the riches so they can gloat, rub others noses in the dirt saying and showing “see how special I AM because i have what you don’t”

  • GET RID OF SECRECY OR ELSE get ready for what i said in the other posting Jean…it’s just that simple… secrecy breeds corruption/evil

kibitzer3 says:
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Striderus says:
“…transparency, Honesty/honor, Integrity can NOT and Never Will happen… UNTIL one thing allows it to come into being… total ABSOLUTE ELIMINATION OF SECRECY is the new order of life on this planet !”
I would like to suggest that there is another thing that will allow all those sorts of qualities to be made manifest among us. And that is for us to get – really get – that We Are One. That the ‘mechanism’ of reincarnation tells us that, beneath the roles that we are playing at any given incarnational time – now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another – 1) We Are One Another; and it’s but a hop, skip and a jump from that realization, and state of awareness, to the awareness, and initial stage of consciousness-raising, that 2) We Are One. Fractals, facets, aspects of our Source, Prime Creator, the All That Is. And therefore, as we do to others, so do we do to ourselves – literally. For, as noted: We Are All One. And All IS One.
And it’s not long after that realization kicks in fully, for what it is truly, that qualities such as greed and oneupmanship and violence and such disappear. For you realize that you are not putting anything over on anybody else but yourself. That there is no Other.
I would therefore suggest: First things first. And everything [else] will fall into place after that.
[preferably to read, at the end: from there.]


Many people in the East believe in reincarnation, and that hasn't brought them much in the way of the desired qualities??  Answer: They simply haven't applied the right amount of consciousness to the matter.  Have gotten so caught up in the 'game' - so involved in the karmic loop; so involved, as the Buddha said, in Attachment/Desire  - that they haven't looked outside of it, for its higher resonances, as applicable to and for them, not just their saints and sages. 

It's time for that greater awareness to kick in.  As we bring East and West together, into One World.  And as the world's financial system moves into its end time, of collapse.  As it is. 

And as it is.


It's time.

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