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An Enemy Of The State

(further to my email to Sen. Dianne Feinstein of yesterday. on the likes of the NSA vacuuming The People's communications up wholesale.  The more I think about it, the more incensed, and uneasy, I get.)

To paraphrase Emile Zola: I Resent.

I Resent that the current American government and federal judicial system are engaged in overthrow tactics - and the U.S. Congress is not doing much if anything about it.  And it is all keeping me, in concert with other Lighworkers, from what I would prefer to be doing.  And that is to concentrate on presiding over the moving of America, and the world, into its mutual New Era, New Age, New Paradigm, post-Illusion State of Being; call it what you will.1

The process, of creating an antithesis to the established way of being - i.e., runaway capitalism in the economic sphere (and the primacy of the individual), a (somewhat corrupted) two-party system in the political sphere, and one primary religion in the West in the socio-religious sphere; for it all to be superseded, in Marxist thinking, by a presumed Synthesis, of total socialism, aka communism, in the economic sphere (with the primacy of the collective), and the state being the voice of The People in the political sphere, and the presumed crowning achievement of 'enlightened', rational thought, being atheism, and the 'philosophy' of dialectical materialism, in the social sphere - has now gone as far as it can 'comfortably' go.  Any further, and we are into civil war in this country.  


Hardcore socialists have taken over the wheelhouse of the American ship of state.  And they are not about to abandon it, give it over to the 'other team' in the American form of two-party politics; for they are ideologues.  Are not just European-style socialists.  They are radicals; extremists, of the Bolshevik caliber.  They will liquidate their enemies if given half a chance2 - and that includes anybody to the right of them.  Including 'useful idiot' mainstream Democrats.  So they are going to do all they can to manipulate a declaration of Martial Law into being - including making moves to taking away the individual's right to viable self-defense, especially against a rogue government - in order to suspend the Constitution, as the first step to doing away with it altogether, in the establishing of a tyrannical form of government over the American people, in order to meld the former United States of America into a region - the already-identified North American Union - of a statist New World Order.3     

Mark my words well on this.  Many of these soldiers are 'true believers' of the worst sort.  They are not just doing a consciousness-raising, evolutionary job - clearing the decks for a true Synthesis to take over the running of the ship of state on the new sea for all of Humanity.  They are minions of the Dark; have succumbed to that lure, of Power Over.  And are not to be trusted any further than you can throw them overboard.          

And to paraphrase Wayne Allyn Root, who didn't recognize Barack Obama - aka Barry Soetoro, as he more likely was known at that time for that place - as a fellow member of his poli sci class year at Columbia University:4 I do not recognize the man as a member of my spiritual class.  

Members of my spiritual class work with, and embody, qualities such as truth, and honesty, and integrity.  The man who these days calls himself Barack Hussein Obama operates by such 'qualities' as lying, and deceit, and sophistry.  

Take your pick, Americans.  And remark well on your choice; on what you are doing.  Your decision - whether to join the Light of the New Day dawning, or go with the Dark - is going to last you for a long, long time.      



1 The Masons call it 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' - translated as 'New Order of the Ages'.  It remains to be seen whether they ultimately come down on the side of the Dark Forces - the so-called Illuminati - or 'rise to the occasion,' and join the Light.
     There's still time…

2 You did hear Obama call their political opposition the 'enemy' during the 2012 campaign, didn't you???  Not  just their political 'opponents'.
     Which is of the mindset that has targeted (for stonewalling of applications and for audits & lists of member & donor rolls) 'conservative' groups for IRS harassment, and DOJ spying, and NSA surveillance.  'Conservative' - as in having in your tax exempt -applying group's name the words 'tea party', or 'patriot' - or even 'liberty'.  Which is about as clear a signal of what they're up to as anything could ever be. 
     Oh - perhaps one more thing.  Once the harassment policy was decided on, from the top down (as White House Visitor log checks have verified), an additional step was taken by the Obama administration: The IRS also went back and targeted for harassment (audits and 'requests' for their  member & donor rolls) 'conservative' groups after they had already been granted their tax-exempt status.     
     Can I rest my case now??
     This is not just two-party-system political harassment.
     This is war.

3 In her recent appearance before a Senate committee hearing on the NSA overreach - which she defended - Sen. Dianne 'ban semi-automatics' Feinstein showed a visual of the areas of the world in which the NSA's overreach purportedly foiled over 50 terrorist plots in the last several years. (Most of which in this country were FBI stings.) When Sen. Feinstein referred to our 'Homeland', the map showed North America dutifully colored in.  Did/do you catch that?
     The United States, Mexico, and Canada. Identified as our 'Homeland' area...
     If you were in any doubt: the North American Union idea is obviously still alive and kicking in the minds of our erstwhile Overseers.  Aka slavemasters, on Plantation Earth.
     'Tote that barge!  Lift that bale!  And don't even think of tryin' to hide runaways!  What do you think smart meters are for, anyways?  To help you keep track of your energy usage??  Silly billy.  You don't have a clue.  Even now...
     ' - wha' - wha'?  Who's that beatin' on my head?  I'm in charge here.
     'Ain't I???......'  

4 Let me put it to you clearly,  Let's say the leaders of a totalitarian-minded econo-political entity, with ambitions for world hegemony - as, say, referenced in Professor Carroll Quigley's monumental and extremely revealing tome 'Tragedy And Hope' - wanted to put one of theirs into high political office in the U.S. - the highest there is: the presidency.  And let's say that they decided that the best way - and to accomplish their ends - was to put someone in there who could appeal to the targeted populace for their takeover: minorities.  Of all kinds.  To be welded (and wielded) into a mass movement (with the aid of a compliant, to say bought, media).  To overthrow the 'vested interests: the majority of the citizenry, satisfied, for the most part, with the status quo.  But that there were questions regarding his (could be a female; but that would be a bit further of a stretch to accomplish.  At least in the first crack at the overthrow) birth credentials; so they, and a cover story, would need to be manufactured.  Easy peasy, for the likes of, say, the CIA - a professional intelligence body, with inside access to all manner of legal documentation. 
     And let's say part of his preparation for the job was to be indoctrinated at a professional institute for such things, in a foreign country.  How to accomplish that little challenge?  Again: easy, for a professional body of spooks: manufacture a cover story, for missing time in the person's CV.  A trip to a cut-out country, say.  Control access to his passport, so that no one would know when he actually returned to the U.S..  Manufacture a cover story; say, that he 'didn't hang out much' with his fellow classmates, kept mostly to himself during his collegiate time.*  Get a compliant professor to help him with his cover story, by giving him a grade on a paper that could, or could not be, legitimate.  Give him a job with one of your front businesses upon his, er, graduation, until the next steps of his Manchurian candidacy were set in place.  
     As I say: Easy peasy.  When you've got inside clout to make it happen.  
     And to cover any contingencies that might crop up along the way…
     …and if anybody starts snooping around too much, or causes problems for the cover story; well there are ways to deal with such little challenges, to best-laid plans.  You can keep concocting cover stuff.  (Remember: you have working control of the MSM.)  You can ridicule any such a person.  (A la Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals'.)  Or you can simply terminate them, with extreme prejudice.  And with that ever-friendly MSM at your beck and call.  
     As I say……'Just keep cool, man.  And all will be well.'

     * his higher collegiate time.  As for his entry-level collegiate time, well, just stonewall info about  his links with hardcore Marxists during that time, and personal arguments for hardcore revolution - based, in large part, on his mentoring by a hardcore communist, name of 'Frank'.  
     And let's be frank here, shall we?  Once you have control of the MSM, the game is almost over.
     As new chief of the CIA, William. Casey, said to his charges at his first staff meeting with them:
     "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."
     But the CIA is on our side, isn't it??
     It depends on what you mean by "our side".  The CIA is on the side of their paymasters.
     And that ain't the American public.


P.S.  from teaparty.org: 'It's Official, Everyone Is Now A Terrorist According to The US Government' - Militia News - Aug. 6   (under 'Life With Big Brother')

FBI's 'Communities Against Terrorism' (CAT) program:  People who:
* pay with cash
* care about Privacy  (!!)
* complain about the tap water, or object to its contaminants
     "can land you on the terrorist watch list"  (!!)
* terrorists 'know about GMOs'  (!!)
     "and dare to agree that they should be labeled"  (!!)

This crap is just too much.


And one more, before I call it a night.  And hope for a better tomorrow:

from personalliberty.com: 'How National Review Journalist Jillian Melchior Got Three Obamaphones' - by Ben Bullard - Aug 5

Shorty Stuff 10 hours ago
This regime is doing all this on purpose, trying to bankrupt this country. Too bad there are no men with enough cajones in Congress to do anything about it. I just hope we survive as a capitalist country after these tyrants leave office.


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  • kibitzer3 Shorty Stuff a few seconds ago  [early Aug. 6]

  • But who's to say they are going to "leave office", Shorty Stuff?? A more plausible scenario is that, being extremists - NOT European-style socialists - the Obama wrecking crew are going to goad a Martial Law declaration into being - somehow; anyhow they can - and then rule indefinitely, by fiat; until they and their paymasters establish their vaunted New World Order. And we have been taken over. Just like that. Easy peasy, when the populace has gone asleep at the switch, from freedom to slavery, because they thought somebody else was keeping an eye on such things. That it was somebody else's job. Not theirs. They're just one of The People.

  • Who will have had a rude awakening to what the American form of government was - used to be - all about: an alert citizenry, governing themselves. And with their alertness, keeping the wolves at bay.

  • There's still time.  But not much.


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