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While America Slept

1) from 'Congress Must Investigate Obama ID Fraud: My Letter of Support to Congressman Steve Stockman of TX' - posted by George M August 7 - letter by Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. CDR USNR Retired - August 6

Excellent letter.

Keep firing away, Cdr. Kerchner.

They’re starting to blink.

Stan, 8 hours ago


2) from 'Obama Was Indonesian Citizen When Attending Occidental College Claims Witness to Records'- posted by Dave Jolly - August 7

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  • williaml 3 hours ago

  • I have been knowing this before he got elected the first time.
    My question is why was he allowed to be Elected , RE Elected and
    Why is he Still in office
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    • kibitzer3 williaml a few seconds ago  [Aug. 7]

    • Stop and think, williaml. He would never have been able to get away with it if the Republicans had been doing their normal job, as the 'honorable opposition' in our two-party system. Meaning, that they were, and are, in on the caper. Meaning further? That they had their own candidate(s) in mind for the future - like Rubio - who was not eligible either, under the original Constitutional definition of an NBC; and so both parties needed to get around that stumbling block somehow. Solution: Pull a quid-pro-quo fast one on the American people; and deny, deny, deny, if any patriots had the nerve to call them on their perfidy. 

    • Which I am very glad to see happening. And may it continue, to a resolution honoring the truth of the matter.
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    • jrcooke 3 hours ago

    • A point I've not heard anyone deal with before - if the Indonesian Idiot spent three million to have his educational paper trail covered/disguised/hidden, where did that three million dollars come from? The African a**hole is not independently wealthy, so a very wealthy "friend" had to have helped with this task. Maybe the same one that paid his way through one of the more expensive schools in the country? Hmm? And what did this wealthy friend/friends expect Obummer to produce for them, further down the time line? Hmm? Just follow the money, folks. Follow the money trail, that will explain what went before an event and what came after it.
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    • jon jrcooke 2 hours ago

    • soros ?
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      • kibitzer3 jon 6 minutes ago

      • Muslim potentates.

      • To whom he bowed for their services, in financing his rise to power.

And the Muslim hordes - with their Sharia law - shall not pass into control of Western civilization.

If Americans wake up.

Which has to be considered with some degree of doubt, at this point…

Consider.  It has to be obvious by now, to anyone without rocks in their heads for brains - or who has not just climbed out from under one (and I'll leave it to you to figure out which 'one' I meant by that.  Which will make the whole thing self-explanatory) - that the Obama administration is treating American patriots as 'potential domestic terrorists'.  To what?  To a socialist takeover of the country, and the concomitant demise of the American federal Republic, and its Constitution.  

That is why all the extreme preparations for 'Homeland security': for a/the counter-revolution/civil war, on the part of the Obama DHS.  And that is why all the challenges by Obama and his DOJ to the Constitution, to say to the established rule of law in the nation; whereby Obama is becoming a law unto himself.*

Let's face some facts.  The Left knows there is a war going on; and is well into preparation for its more advanced, heated-up stage.  The Right seems to be a bit slow to catch on to what is really going on; apparently preferring to think the best of things, that this is all just political 'business as usual'.  Although that may be put down to appropriate caution: One can also conclude, from the relative silence on the Right, that Patriots are 'keeping their powder dry' - are keeping a low profile so that Obama doesn't get his excuse to declare the Martial Law that it is obvious and logical that he would so dearly love to do, and have.  Usurper that he is.

So: here we are.

And that is…???

"Obama is using the Cloward-Piven Strategy to wreck our economy and way of life.  His incompetence is [nothing] but a planned destruction of our economic system and form of government.  He is following per his book 'Dreams From [My] Father' who was a Marxist who despised the USA and wanted to see our nation humbled and brought down…"

This, from Cmdr Kerchner's letter to Rep. Steve Stockman, referenced above.

Says it all, really.

And especially with the noose tightening on Obama, from such as Larry Klayman's lawsuit pending shortly in front of the Supreme Court of Alabama, and the above entry from a whistleblower regarding Obama's college record while a student at Occidental, as a foreign/Indonesian student…and various and sundry other initiatives by other groups……and Paul Craig Roberts just coming out and boldly proclaiming 'the emperor's new clothes' for what it is: "The American people have suffered a coup d'etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it.  The regime ruling in Washington today lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy…"     

And so what are you going to do about it all, Patriot??

And when???                 



* Even the staid old National Review has recognized all this for what it is.  Consider, e.g., this article by former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo in the July 9 2012 issue of NR, titled 'The Immigration Proclamation,' subtitled 'President Obama may not ignore laws he dislikes'.  Regarding Obama's selective picking and choosing of what parts of the Immigration laws he enforces - enforcing the laws of the land being one of his main jobs, as the executive - Yoo points out: "Obama's claim that he may defer the deportation of so many aliens at once rends the fabric of the Constitution and is incompatible with the rule of law."  
     And this, from a lawyer who himself (under warmonger Dubya Bush) was not averse to being rather economical with the letter of the law.  If even Yoo sees that what Obama did, and is doing, is beyond the pale, we have a major problem on our hands: 
     a tyrant in the Oval Office.  

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