Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Revenge Of The Inundated

Another day, another load of donation-asking mail to sort through.  Sigh…I'm beginning to get a little short with it all.  Example, as written back to one such particularly-persistent source (who presumably looks out for the politicians spending 'our' Social Security Trust Fund monies):  

August 6

Dear Dan,

Money still doesn't grow on trees in my neck of the woods.  I have to set priorities on the spending of my meager Social Security monthly pension payout, and unfortunately for you, your worthy cause didn't make the cut.  Or rather, got it.  Sorry.


P.S. It's spelled 'aisle', Dan (or whomsoever).  Not 'isle'.  An 'isle'' is an island; an 'aisle' is like that which separates the Democrats and the Republicans.  (Although it hasn't been doing a very good job of it for some time.)

P.P.S.  And I suggest that you (or your 'professional' fundraiser) find some synonyms for 'greedy'. That, or stop repeating the word so much.  It gets tiresome on the ear.

P.P.P.S. And while I'm at well-meant suggestions: You (or your 'professional' fundraiser) should really stop referring to your repeated requests for money as a "one-time emergency donation".  "Emergency" may be.  But there's nothing "one-time" about it.  It goes on, and on, and on…and is very annoying.


…and sometimes, Appreciation from the Inundated: 

Other material in the daily mail avalanche is welcome.  Of a sort.  It gives me info on what all the Obama administration is up to, in its slow-motion putsch for Power Over   Not that I enjoy hearing the likes of:

'Illegal Aliens Are Voting in U.S. Elections and Tipping Key Races'1

I get so disgusted hearing all these stories of how vote fraud is so widespread, engaged in in particular by ACORN and its subsequent incarnations - subsequent to its having been slapped down by Congress for some blatantly illegal, caught-in-the-act offenses.  But that didn't stop its successors.  Because these 'community organizers' are schooled in such shenanigans.  That's what they're there for .  Not to 'true the vote'.  But to untrue it.  To skew it to their side of the political aisle; speaking of.2

I acknowledge that some of this is due to the same sort of voting trickery that the Republicans have engaged in in the past, particularly with their electronic voting machines that could throw votes to the Republican candidate - and apparently did, big time, in Ohio in 2004, for Bush the Junior.  But is 'Don't get mad -  get even' the proper answer to corruption??  That just compounds the problem.

And anyway, how on Earth did both camps ever think that they could ultimately get away with all this voting chicanery; working with the concept aptly described by Stalin when he said that it doesn't matter who votes but who counts the votes (or words to that effect)??  People, people: Do you really think you're getting away with anything?  That Life has no meaning, and 'the universe' no justice??  What is the matter with you?  Is that it?  The 'matter', getting in the way???  

You have a soul. sending messages to your heart.  It's called having a conscience; and in your heart of hearts, you know that what you are doing is wrong.  You may cover it up momentarily by saying defensively that 'they do it'.  But two wrongs don't make a right.  

Be bigger than your opponents.  Don't descend to their level.

Be part of the solution.  Not the problem.

I'm not sure that it does any good to talk to liberals in particular in such terms.  I have been disgusted with their 'situational ethics' antics for a long time - and even on another continent.  I can remember in particular getting this disgusted with the treatment dealt out to 'a new kid on the block' politically speaking - one Pauline Hanson, a working-class mum, operator of a small business, who was sent to the Australian Senate to 'tell'em like it is' by similar types of voters ('right-wing populists'), and who got up the noses of the liberal elite in the process (which was a bit of a feat, since they had their noses so high in the air at the time).  She was what in America we would call a redneck - red-haired and feisty; and the Establishment did all they could to cut her down to their size.  The event that sent me ballistic was when she appeared on a prime-time news journal TV show and the female interviewer threw her a curve in the form of asking her if she thought she wasn't being rather "xenophobic".  Stunned by the highfalutin' word, she asked, gently, "Please explain."  Which made all manner of sense.  This was no college-educated woman - and 'they' knew it.  And had the effrontery to guffaw over her stumble over the word.  When I came across some comments on a blogger's Comment thread on the interview, and one of the posters made fun of her for not knowing the definition of the word, I almost threw my computer across the room.  

How dare these sons of bitches make fun of a hardworking-class mum who is representing her 'class' in the nation's parliament, and has something to say to the high and mighty in doing so.  Their attitude is the same as the Saul Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' technique of ridiculing your opponent (instead of engaging them in true, legitimate debate).  It's the Whatever It Takes approach to political discourse: the end-justifies-the-means philosophy of tyrants down through the ages.  Such cynical, corrupt, tyrannical thinking and activity will not go down/have any place in any sphere that I have anything to do with.  If you're going to engage in such cynical oneupmanship, get the hell off my planet.  Go find another place to play your effing games.  And if I have anything to do with that place, I'll chase you out of there as well.  I will not have such puerile mentality going on in any sphere of consciousness-experiencing that I have anything to do with; have any responsibility for, by being one of its incarnate souls.  How dare you make fun of someone for not knowing the meaning of a hoity-toity word like 'xenophobia'??!!

And in all this rant, I do not mean to overlook the faults of the right-wing, 'conservative' well-off either.  Detroit is getting some stick for needing, under liberal management, to go for bankruptcy, but what's the difference between it and the 'too big to fail' banks, having played their money-grubbing games of chance a bridge too far, and angling for getting off the hook for their grossly-engaged-in gambling - politely put as 'unbridled speculation' - by going to Uncle Sugar???  The federal government shouldn't bail out Detroit - that's not proper use of federal, to say the taxpayers', taxes - and it shouldn't have bailed out the big arrogant banks either.  The prospect creates a dependency mentality, which is part and parcel of the very sin that the federal government has already created, in giving in to bleeding-heart (and some strategically-intended) congressional votes for the creation of what is now a bloated welfare class, full of expectations of 'entitlements' and such seductive ill-gotten gains. 

The whole thing is a sorry, sorry mess  As I say: I will not brook such nonsense in any realm that I have anything to do with.  Raise your game, or off you go.  

Gaia has better things to do now than put up with such low-consciousness shenanigans any longer.  And in any event: how do you expect to move up to a moneyless society - operating on Love, not Force -  if you won't even clean up your act on this level of social interaction???  

Come on.  Let's see some sign of what you are really made of.  And believe me: It is not of clay.



1 from an 8-page document prepared by the American Civil Rights Union, documenting in all its gory detail the voting fraud going on from the Left.  Who are so big when it comes to 'security' regarding NSA overreach operations - spying on the American public wholesale.  But are strangely found absent - and even interfering - when it coms to 'truing the vote', with the likes of photo ID cards for voters.  Something we need constantly in everyday life, to cash a check, use a credit card, check a book out of the library, board a plane, check into a hotel…but to vote?  Oh no.  That would throw a spanner in the works.  Er, that is to say, be difficult on the poor.  (Who are already allowed for, in the various states where voter photo ID cards are already required; but are under constant pressure by Obama's Justice Department to be eliminated.   Go figure.)  
     This whole thing stinks to high heaven.  Which is in part why I have come: to help clean such low-consciousness activity up.  And thus help prepare the way for the New.
     I didn't incarnate at this time to waste my time.  And so I am not here to waste my time.
     Nor are you either, if you but knew it.

2 To emphasize the point: I find it interesting that the Left is so big these days on 'security' when it comes to NSA overreach - i.e., giving them intel on what everybody in the populace is thinking and doing; for their regime to be able to act on anything that starts to stir up on the grassroots level - but is not interested in 'security' when it comes to ballot security, and the ability of the American people to feel that their vote is meaningful, is not being undercut and disempowered by fraud.
     As I wrote as an afterthought on the back of the envelope I sent back to the ACRU (with my donation; meager as it was): 'Please continue to help stop the effective disenfranchising of the American citizen.'  (In the Survey form that had been sent to me by them, I wrote in how I had not voted in the last election because I would not take part in a charade.  That's how strongly I feel about this 'ballot security' matter.  I want it cleaned up - fully.  Or we should boycott the farce altogether. )

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