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Going On Record

'Dear Jim,1

'"As a citizen who has the best interests of America at heart" [quoting from his covering letter to the mailing], I am angry that you folks at the HF are doing nothing about the Usurper in the White House, and reject the constitutional notion of Nullification.

'Fair weather friends we constitutionalists don't need.



Speaking of being a 'constitutionalist'; and going on record as such to the NSA...I have a Message to Americans:

You need to ask yourself: Why would the Obama administration (leaving off for the moment his constitutional ineligibility for the office, and therefore his usurpation of the office), consider "patriots", and "tea party" types, and even just "conservatives", and even more just "liberty" types;2 and "preppers", and returning Vets, as "potential domestic terrorists"?  WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN MIND, that they could be preparing for such a contingency, in such a big way, with the immense building-up of the Department of Homeland Security's weaponry going on??

And then ask yourself: Why are more Americans not being awake to these facts?? Why are so many lulled into relative stupor regarding the matter???  And all this, in relation to the fact that another of the warning signs to the Obama administration of a "potential domestic terrorist" is - and I kid you not about this stunning little factoid - a citizen who warns the public not to drink the public's water supplies, saying there are "contaminants" in it.  (In their literature, not drawing attention to the fluoride - or the similarly pacifying lithium - by name...)3

Something else should be rather obvious by now: the leftwing radicals in charge in the country today have no intention of relinquishing the power that they have gained.  They don't have a reverse on their ratchet; the foot in the door is being set in concrete, and is expanding, inch by stealthy inch; as well, like a wolf in sheep's clothing, coming closer and closer to the grazing herd...

Or have you not noticed, e.g., that the blatant moves in the national Congress to take away 'particularly dangerous' weapons from the public has stealthily switched from the difficulties being encountered there, to the individual state legislatures.  (My state of California is knee deep in such measures.)4

Let me cut to the chase here.  There could be another explanation for some of these measures on the part of the Obama administration.  They could have been warned, by their intelligence people - whose job it is to be aware of such things - about at least a couple of other scenarios that I can think of, just off the top of my head.  To say: a collapse of the nation's, and world's, financial system; thus resulting in the likes of food riots, as the banks close, and the supermarkets are stripped of their stock.  Or, say, of an 'incoming round' from the galaxy, on the order of the rogue 'planet X' that has been talked about, both by astronomers and by the likes of Zechariah Sitchin. in his series of (very interesting) books.5      

So, there are admittedly alternative explanations, for some of these measures.

But not for all of them.

A reality check, folks:

This is takeover stuff.

Full on.

And I for one will not have it.

Got it, NSA spook??

Now run along and tell your superiors.

Or realize fully what you are doing.

And consider - deeply consider - if you want to continue to be part of that agenda.

Or would prefer - really prefer - to switch to another agenda.

One that raises the stakes even higher than any of these,

Or all of them put together.

One, that takes the Game out of The Game.

And turns it into The Real Thing.

For what it's worth.



1 This is Jim DeMint, a former senator, now president of The Heritage Foundation.  The letter is my response to a mailing from THF including their '2013 National Survey On The Conservative Agenda,' which presumably will be sent to the "members of the House of Representatives and the Senate".  My chance to tell them what I think.  I chose instead to use the form to tell THF what I think of them.

2 All being names that the Obama IRS, when groups have applied for nonprofit tax-exempt status, has flagged for auditing harassment and other 'particular attention', including demanding the lists of names of their members and donors...
     Donors, possibly, for 'political/charity donations' cross-referencing purchases.  But members???......
     Just like a national gun registration would reveal: a handy list of names.  By which the Obama administration's equivalent of the Gestapo could round up the weaponry in the whole country, in one fell swoop.
     And those citizens as well.
     Or just do what the Bolsheviks did, under their Lenin.*  Succeed in getting the public to turn in their weapons.  (For 'security' purposes, of course.  Triggered, no doubt, by just such 'false flag ops' as are going down in our day.)  And then shoot them.
     Because that's what totalitarians do.
     Or hadn't you noticed.  From your reading of history, and all.
     What's that?  Never got that info from your history lessons??
     Funny, that.
     Not funny, as in...
     You get my drift.
     P.S.  Oh - just a little added note, here, on this list of groups that the Obama administration has targeted for 'special attention': it includes groups that seek to educate Americans about their Constitution.
     How's that for being blatant???
     Is it in your face yet????...

     * A touch of facetiousness there.  But sometimes, you gotta's so outrageously obvious what the Obama administration of leftist radicals is doing.

3 Not to mention nanoparticulates from chemtrails; which cannot only result in Morgellons symptom - with fibers breaking through the thus-affected person's skin (fibers???!!) - but can implant and control electronically the public.  To be good, docile little creatures; on their way to being transhumanised.
     Or by eating GMO foods.  Or by being affected by smart meters.  Or.........
     what vermin these so-called people are.
     Must already be transhumanised.  And themselves controlled.
     By the Archons.

4 Got that, NSA??  Not only the fact that I consider myself a 'constitutionalist', but that I live in Cali -              
     oh well.  You would already know that.  Wouldn't you.

5 Actually, the ex-NASA employee who is calling this shot (...) very recently is calling it as a brown star, with seven dwarfs.  With one of this group of planets and planetoids not so little; purportedly being bigger than Jupiter.  All of which calls for a large grain of salt.  That, or a dose of hemlock, for many of us.  With the scenario painted including trees bursting into flame, and gigantic tsunamis, and...
     And as for Sitchin: His take on the 3600-year-periodic return of a Nemesis from deep space is still far in the future (according to the last book he wrote on the subject before his death); and anyway, it is a planet (called Nibiru by the Sumerians; who were told about all this stuff by their 'gods', aka ancient astronauts), rather than a 'star', what we commonly refer to as a sun.  Our sun, it appears, is in fact a binary star; but its partner would not behave in this threatening manner.
     But then, what do I know.
     Or anybody.  Really.
     Except, possibly, the Hopis; with their oral history of a star they called the Blue Kachina???...
     But, to continue, on this particular blog.
     Except to report this, to end this footnote on a more positive note; a 'Gaia Energy Message' - for today - from a source called GaiaPortal:

     "Verification of renewed and amplified energetic structures for Gaia Ascension is now in progress. This final phase of Gaia preparation for Ascension occurs at this time as sufficient former paradigm structures have been removed and/or reset.

"Such verification requires no effort on the part of Hue-Beings at this time, as Gaia has complete administrative care of and responsibility for this phase.

"Hue-Beings will continue efforts at local levels as Guidance suggests.
"The “humanity” segment of Gaia population is now experiencing full and comprehensive inner and outer transformation, whether conscious [aware] of this or not.
"All has proceeded as desired at this point, and further adjustments are not anticipated."
     For what this is worth.   

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