Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Warning

I had a scare this mid-afternoon (i.e., Tuesday; it's just gone after midnight) when - after accessing the Internet briefly to check on something and then shutting my computer down to go out for awhile and. before getting out of the door, thinking of something else that I wanted to check on briefly and firing my computer up again - I couldn't make contact with the Internet.  I did the usual Reboot process, of shutting down my computer and taking the modem lead out of the phone jack on the wall for a minimum of 45 seconds and then trying again.  No luck.  I decided to try it all again later, and went out for my errand; but on the way, I got wondering about the experience, and thinking: What if…

What if 'they' decided to make their move, of takedown of the country; isn't this one of the first things that they would do, i.e., cut off the public's access to the Internet??  And close down the telephone lines in general???  The scenario isn't that far-fetched, with all the preliminary moves that the Obama administration has been engaged in - and with a late, and major, entry to boot, to the awareness of what ALL they have been doing, to set up a Der Tag operation.1 

The 'late entry' is something that I just found out about, in a letter from Judicial Watch -  the premier government watchdog group in America (according to their estimation, and mine).2  Not only is the Obama administration stonewalling on the Benghazi affair (including with our selling of weaponry to the likes of al-Qaeda); not only is it doing all that it can to bring illegal aliens into the country and into its political processes (see, e.g., Obama's Executive Order moves in this direction - without Congressional approval, I might add); not only is the Department of Justice, under AG Eric Holder - a man already standing in contempt of Congress over stonewalling on the Fast & Furious affair - doing all it can to block meaningful reform of the voting processes in the country, and engaging in witchhunting and illegal monitoring of reporters and others; not only has the NSA exceeded its legal bounds in its monitoring of all - ALL - of the communications of the American people, without warrant and without 'probable cause';3 not only is the DHS seeming to be preparing for a major revolt of said American people.  But it turns out - and get this fully - that the Obama administration's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) "has spent millions of dollars for the warrantless collection and analysis of Americans' financial transactions, specifically credit card transactions!"


"One of the documents we acquired states: 'The CFPB seeks to acquire and maintain a nationally representative panel of credit information on consumers for use in a wide range of policy research projects…'"     

Alarming stuff.  No; worse: chilling stuff.  This is the surveillance state brought to the level of a science.  And a conclusion.

"This administration is out of control…"  says Judicial Watch.  To which I say: Indeed. 

Before 'things' deteriorate much further, let me clarify where I come from, in my socio-econo--political attitude.  For the record.  In case I - along with others on Der List - am frozen out of communication with the American people.

The latest evidence for that conclusion, that I have indicated here, is, really - or should be, at least - the straw that broke the camel's back.  This administration - bottom line - is up to no good.  Is deeply up to no good. 

Is up to no good up to its eyeballs, and about to spill over, into overt war.  And obviously hoping that they can goad some patriot(s) to fire the first shots, so that Obama can declare Martial Law, and effect the total takeover.4

Or the attempt at such, at least.  For, even at this late date in this process, I have confidence that the American people will wake up in time to the scenario going on, and make the moves necessary for the return of the nation to its roots as and in a federal constitutional republic. 

On its way to becoming something larger.

Just not part of the New World Order that both the far Left and the far Right have had their minds and ambitions set on, for years. 

And I will be happy - and honored - to lead you, if not into, at least towards, that Promised Land.

Not as your president.  Rather, as an Officer of The People.  (Which that "damn piece of paper" allows for.)  A 'Continuity of Government' leader.  I will make sure that the voting rolls and process in the country are cleaned up, and will clean up the place in general.  And then it's up to you lot,  as to how you choose to proceed from there.  

But I have a recommendation.

And it contains elements of the Left's vision for humanity as well.  For neither side of this present socio-econo-political equation has a monopoly on the 'truth'; on the highest vision for the country, and the world, that there is.  And that there could ever be.5

That vision is for Humanity to do away with money - at least interest-bearing (meaning debt-creating) money; and its twinned (what I call) training wheel, of fractional-reserve banking - and replace the current, rather rickety vehicle for (what are essentially) energy exchanges with a system running, not on profit any longer (with all of its incentives to distortions),6 but on an upgrade of The Golden Rule; to say, on the awareness that As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  For, We Are All One.  And All IS One.

That level of awareness, and consciousness, requires us humans to move into a full understanding of, and acceptance of, the principle, and Law (of Karma), that we know as reincarnation; whereby we souls incarnate over and over - in various roles; for all-around seasoning - until we' get it': that we need to be well-rounded souls, from the dualistic life experience, of the exercising of free will, in order to move onwards and upwards, in consciousness, to the next level, and levels, awaiting us.  Just awaiting our resonance to be drawn to/connect with them.7        
But, first things first, on this plane, this level, of Being.

So: To your stations, Patriots.  And don't let the Left trap you, entice you into making a bit of a sucker punch.  That's all that they would need.  To shortcut this process, from its full flowering.  Into our next steps for Humanity.   

Our true next steps.

Which are neither Left nor Right.

But Up.  Onto a whole new level of interactilng.

With each other.  And with the Purpose of the whole ball of wax. 



1 Look it up.  The communists were not above such takeovers in Eastern Europe; why should they not only be privy to that sort of game plan, but be eager to give it a go in this country - and especially since the Left has had effective control of the Mainstream Media; one of the key ingredients for the success of such a blitzkrieg operation???

2 "Judicial Watch has filed well over 1,100 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the Obama administration and initiated more than 110 FOIA lawsuits."  I rest my case.

3 The Obama administration is showing not only its contempt for the Constitution but its active attempt to turn it into "just a damn piece of paper"  - as his predecessor considered it as being as well.  So this has been a bipartisan affair: both the fascists and the socialists/communists have been trying to take down America.  And as America goes, so goes the world.  For, where can people flee to, if the United States becomes a mere footnote in history???   

4 Including the elimination, then, of the Constitution, in one fell swoop, rather than the incremental takedown of it that has been going on.  Sweet. 

5 Like the Yin-Yang symbol, there is an element of the opposite in each side of the dichotomy.  In this case, both the 'conservatives' and the 'liberals' have important pieces of the puzzle.  As befitting the thesis and antithesis of a process resulting in a synthesis - in this instance, because of where we are at historically, resulting in the ultimate Synthesis; not just one along the way, that, not being fully 'clean'  and processed, still has some processing to engage in.  But now, with Humanity having reached its ultimate stage of development - of globalization on the one hand, and a synthesis of 'religion' and 'atheism' on the other, into a pure state of Truth/spiritualism - it's time for 'something new'.
     For the ultimate 'something new'.  On this level - this density - of soul development.  

6 as in our health care being dominated by the profit-motivated use of drugs; and other such distortions of a good, common-sense approach to life with each other and with our carrying Being, Gaia.  Who is ascending.  With us.  Or without us.
     Our individual choice.
     As always.  In a spiritual context.
     (And that's why the Left's definition of 'equality' has to be tempered with the quality of 'liberty'.  Or the whole process is meaningless.  Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, but being trapped on the material wheel of rebirth.  Until you - We individually - get it right.)  

7 And therefore -  with the matter of 'a God or not a God' put to rest, for 'good' (for it takes an Intelligence to come up with such a process as reincarnation; not just a mindless materialistic machine, running away merrily on its own power) - we can move on to our highest motive for doing things: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.   
     And the 3D material-dimension experience, then, is almost over.  On its way out, to its conclusion.  For once 'you' understand all this - how's that old song go??  Right: 'How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm/After they've seen gay Paree?'  Or something to that effect…     
     P.S.  It should go without saying, but let me say it anyway, for total transparency and communication: Such a 'system' connotes a Plan in and Purpose to the life experience, as part of a larger, spiritual scheme of things.
     And if you don't believe in reincarnation: What rock have you been living under??  
     It has apparently been quite a large one.
     But numbers don't equate to truth.
     Truth equates to itself.  
     And truth only.     


P.S. Obviously, I got back 'in'.  But it was a fair reminder; of things that could very well come, when a despotic type takes over the reins of government.
     We have been warned, you recall.  From history.
     That seems to repeat itself, from time to time.
     When we don't learn the lessons contained in the package.

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