Friday, 16 August 2013

Another Homework Assignment

Speaking of messages (as I was earlier today).  And of asses (dildo.  I mean ditto)…

Walking home from the supermarket this early evening, at one point I found myself butt (keep reading) a short distance behind two middleaged men, one of whom, who had moved a step ahead of the other, suddenly began walking in an exaggerated hip--and-butt swinging manner, to/for his partner.1  It brought to mind for me the subject of Messages.  How we receive them; how much we rely on them; and how much we can trust them.

I have posted on this subject before, but for you newbies in particular, a short take on the subject of homosexuality.  According to Anne Moir, Ph.D and journalist David Jessel in their heavily-annotated book BrainSex, homosexuality is due to an imbalance of hormones in the fetal bath at an early, particular stage of fetal development.2  This imbalance skews the brain's development from its normal development - based on the genetic signature of the fetus - whereby male brains are wired into female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between, like trannies.  This imbalance (and therefore abnormality.  Let's get this straight.  As it were) can be due to a number of causes; to wit: 

* an abnormality of the adrenal glands of either the pregnant female or the fetus or both;

* estrogen mimics/endocrine disrupters in the environment (one of the appalling side effects of plastics, e.g.);

* stress (it is a known/scientifically accepted fact that more homosexuals are born in the wake of the stress of wars than of the 'normal' background quantity.  And this stress can be of several kinds/from various sources: ill health, poor nutrition, relationship/work-related mental- and emotional-body stresses, automobile accidents, financial worries; etc.);

* and perhaps most alarming of all: the side effects of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed for years to pregnant females with no or insufficient regard to their collateral effects, especially at the early, crucial stage of the fetus's development.

This is a crime, of monumental proportions, to be laid precisely at the feet of the allopathic medical profession - in actuality, at the feet of the medical-pharmaceutical complex; in even more actuality, of the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.  But not to go there at this time and place.  This here and now is for looking at the causes of homosexuality; and the hopeful cleaning-up of our human act, so that not so many incarnating souls have to experience such a skewing of their human vehicle, and the consequent pressures, both of a personal nature - so many tormented souls having to resort to gender-changing major surgery, e.g.; and even suicide, or other forms of violence - and of a social nature; as to which: see, e.g., the recent laws in several states requiring schools and other places to allow LGBT children the use of the toilet and shower facilities of their brain's 'gender,' not their genetic gender.3 

Brain, messages…

This exaggerated-walking business of this middle-aged man wasn't a reflection of the consciousness beneath the form.  This was a reflection of the vehicle.  The instrument.

And so is it with all of us. 

It's not 'the nature of the beast'.  It's the condition - and conditioning - of the vessel.

And so, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP to that fact??  And DO SOMETHING about it???

That action needed, for two reasons.  Two very good reasons:

1) Fundamentally intelligently: to clean up our act, environmentally speaking; so that more of our - humanity's - instruments are not 'out of tune' - warped, in various ways;4 and 

2) So that we really get that we are simply playing parts (in a drama of our making), over and over; and decide, with the benefit of that information, and consequent awareness - that consciousnesss-raising experience - to get off the stage - the 'wheel of karma' - and move on to further pastures: the whole future that is awaiting us, once we leave this 3D realm of Illusion behind,5 and get on with it.  

'It': The purpose behind the whole thing.

Which, I assure you, is not to get caught up in the Illusion.  And stay stuck in the 3D realm, matrix; prison, for sentence after sentence.  Lesson after lesson.  Repeat after repeat.    

Been there.  Done that.  Many times.

And so have you...

It's time for a Change, all right.

Real change.  

The kind that lasts forever.    

Thanks be to our Creator Source.

Hallowed be the name of the All That Is.  That Ever Was.  And That Ever Will Be.  

As far as we becoming-former betel-nut chewers know…

So: Liberation into the next stage of the operation: that is what we are heading for.

In our time.

 'But you made fun of such thinking in your last blog,' you may comment/ask.  Answer: There is some truth in everything.  It's a yin-yang thing.  I do in fact believe that we're heading for a Golden Age.  On our way to our further maturity; as consciousnesses - points of view, of The One - returning to their Source.  Having ventured far, far away from their original, and rightful, Home.

But we need, still, to be aware of the snakes in the grass, that has grown up over the road less traveled.

Discernment.  That's the key.  To understand:

1) Don't believe everything you are given to believe; and

2) By their fruits ye shall know them.

So: Listen to 'the still small voice within'.  Having practiced the art.  To a degree of knowing.  From your gut.  To say, your heart.  (Actually, your mind-heart connection.  More accurately: your pineal gland-heart connection.)  What is of substance.  And what is not.

It takes practice.

But practice makes perfect.

And there you are.        
In the Promised Land.

Go for it.

And I'll see you there.

If not before.  Still, here, in the matrix of our making.

Something that we chose to do.

And have been 'living' with the consequences of that act of freewill volition, ever since.

How's that choice thing doing for you???

At least, this time around...and then the next......and then the next...........................



1 This is an ass-umption on my part; but a credible one.  This is Homosexual Haven around here, with the street I was on seemingly Gay Alley, you should pardon the expression. The costumes!  The conversations!   The manikins in the windows, with their wares hanging out, as it were!…

2 I think it was at eight weeks.  Eight to ten; somewhere in there.  IMPORTANT TO NOTE.

3 There can be said to be some consciousness-raising value in society experiencing a muddling of gender identity; since the life experience is all about learning to see things, and experiencing things, from all perspectives.  (And thus, some LGBTers would have chosen to incarnate into such circumstances: for the growth-enhancing experience.)  But there is a line to be drawn in the society's being poorly conscious of what is going on in its midst.
     There is no value that can grow out of ill attention.  That is a sign of a consciousness weakness. Not of a strength thereof.   

4 Another, similar, factor, and example: Two villages/social groups were examined by a team of anthropologists (I think it was; or just a single, very wise doctor or dentist) down in South America many years ago, to see if there could be any determinations made about their very different 'characters'; to say, if there were any environmental or cultural determinants to account for their marked differences (and not that far from each other at that).  Indeed there were; of both types of influences: The village that was full of happy, easy-going people had basically a very healthy, balanced diet; the other village, filled with a notoriously angry and violent 'peoples', had a cultural habit of eating and chewing on a certain nut (betel, I think it was), that was loaded with: sugar.
     This was reported on many years ago (in the pages of Prevention magazine - where I came across it - if in no other place).  And what have we done about this information, as a society?
     The results are all around us.
     In our daily reports.
     From our advanced-civilization media.
     Who tell us just what their financial and political Masters want them to tell us.  And no more.

5 separation from our Source is illusory.  There is no such thing as separation from Reality.  There is only separation in Illusion; in an illusory state of being.  Capturing our consciousnesses; for a time and season.* 
     Which has now come to an end.  

  * For some 'seasoning'.  Some maturing, to take place.  
     In the beginning stages of our education.

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