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Something Old, Something New...

from wnd: 'Hillary And Co. - The True Leakers' - Larry Klayman - ab. Aug. 3 
('Exclusive: Larry Klayman implicates Clinton in release of national-security secrets')

kibitzer3 2 days ago
Thanks for keeping an eye on all this sort of thing, Larry, and exposing it for all to see - all who will look, that is.

A sad commentary, that. This present generation causing the founding generation to turn over in their graves, in anguish, disgust, and sadness.


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  • snaketrapper kibitzer3 16 hours ago

  • And what are you doing about it (other than stating the obvious)?

[reply just gone August 5]


I spent some 30 years of my long life living in a spiritual community, running education programs helping people - as individuals - see and really get that the world will change when people change, i,e., that real change comes from within, and works its way out to the larger canvas from there. That it's foolhardy to expect the outer to change first.  And to take heart, because change is afoot; and to add to that dynamic.

I see that you are a follower of Hans Hoppe.  There is some good thinking in that vein.  But I would encourage you to think even bigger; along the lines of understanding that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - that there is a larger reality than the one that we experience in linear fashion.  And we are about to burst free from the confines of the matrix that we have been embedded in for so long - that we have embedded ourselves in, for staying attached to it, thinking that it is all there is.  The human heart has longed for freedom from an oppressive environment; and is about to get its wish, humanity having come of age.  So what I am "doing about it" is encouraging people to go within, and listen to their inner voice, and act accordingly; bringing the inner into the outer, more and more.  And with that activity, realizing that we don't need money [in order] to share amongst ourselves.  All we need is Love.  As the sons and daughters of a loving Creator.  Experiencing the illusion of duality, in order to learn lessons from it, and then release it, and move back into the reality of Unity.

I also have a blog site, where I reflect on all these things.  If you find yourself getting interested to check it out, it's:  

Thanks for asking.  


...and a late (night) entry:

from my email to Sen. Feinstein - early Aug. 5 (occasioned by an e-newsletter from conservative on Aug. 3)

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I would like to hear

a) why you showed a visual, at a Senate Committee hearing regarding the NSA overreach, that depicted our 'Homeland' as including Mexico and Canada; and

b) why you think it is necessary to turn America into a total-surveillance police state in order to buy a little 'security'?  Surely our privacy rights extend to the federal government not having the power to vacuum up ALL of our communications in order to seek out leads to terrorist activity.  Or does the federal government now suspect ALL of its citizens of harboring such thoughts and feelings; and the nation's judicial system has changed, from one where The People are innocent until being proven guilty, to being guilty until they can prove their innocence??  And if so, when did The People consent to this fundamental change???

Specifically, I would like to know what your legal justification is for the NSA commandeering total communication information on The People, rather than needing a warrant, for 'probable cause'.  This is dastardly business.  Please explain.


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