Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Man Who Couldn't Tell A Lie

I have come out of self-imposed retirement for one more blog, because I realized that I have something more to say, before giving it a rest.  Well; at least one more thing…and that is:

I have never been one to ''suffer fools gladly', be able to 'keep my peace'; have pretty much always told it as it is, from my point of view.  And since my point of view is just as good as anybody else's, and I'm getting too old to give a damn anyway, I feel like engaging in some truth-telling on my way outta here.   

So.  I was speaking of fools.  And perhaps the biggest fools that I can think of right at the moment1 are those black idiots who chose to 'stick it to Whitey' in many cities, and thus drove them out and into the 'burbs.

Take Detroit.  As the comedian then said: 'Please;" although it isn't' really a laughing matter. The rot set in when the citizens of that fair city elected a black man as their mayor. Not that that alone would have been a problem.  There are plenty of good black men around.  But they elected the wrong man.  What ensued in its wake: bloated public employee wages and pensions (called 'unfunded liabilities' to the financially astute).  Tax policies targeting the affluent whites; which just drove them away.2  With their tax money.  

The two go together, gang.  Hadn't you cottoned on to that fact??  Haven't you yet???3  

The bottom-line: Blacks, and other minorities, have caused Inner City blight, and bankruptcies, because of their policies.  The 'something for nothing' mentality at work and play.  Idiots.  Fools.  Corrupt jackasses.

And now it's your turn for a finger pointing, Whitey - a turn in the community stocks -  in your bankers' role.  You couldn't be content with just helping families in their daily-life needs, and small-business operations - the economic and moral backbone of the nation - could you.  That wasn't enough for ambitious critters like you.  Oh no - you had to get smart-ass, and finagle your way politically into using the savings money of the commercial arm of your banking system to finance your 'investment' arm, aka casino banking.  Especially with your having come up with such arcane 'financial instruments,' such cutesy capers, as CDSs, and CDOs, and the most impressive of the lot: 'derivatives'.  Derived from greed.  Insatiable lust for more, and more.  To prove your ability to gamble with the best of them - with other people's money.  And lives.                 
Or the likes of the hotshots who did a pirate's job on California's power system some years ago, to make a buck.  Forget the economic and social impact on the people.  What do 'people' matter?  They're only people.  All that matters, really, is money.  'People' are a mere means to that end.
Idiots.  Fools.  Corrupt jackasses of a different kind. 

Message to the lot of you:

You all asked for a crack at the realm of free will; and you're blowing it.  And now, since a lot of you have chosen to stick around down here on the lower level of The Process, and since you are part of me, I have to suffer the indignity of part of me ignoring the call of our Parent - the All That Is - to come home: the whole POINT of the exercise.  I just wanted to say, to that unfortunate circumstance, and part of me:

Damn you.  (So to speak.)

And catch up as you can.   

I - We - will be waiting for you.  And will rejoice at the Reunion.


P.S. Just to note, for the record, my attitude about such sharings:
     I have a right to have my say.  I've lived in this dense environment long enough - endured it long enough - to have my say.
     With only brief moments to have made it worthwhile.  Like a personal interaction with a Right whale in the waters just off the southwest coast of Australia.  Like the music of the likes of Beethoven and Puccini and Rachmaninoff.  And like the voice, and presence, of Jackie Evancho.  It's little gems like that - like her - that have made time spent in this far-flung outpost not only bearable.  But blessed.  
     Thank you, Jackie, for being who you chose to be, here.  And helping to light this old man's way Home.   


1 because of a magazine I'm reading:whistleblower, from; their August issue, titled 'Urban Warfare,' subtitled 'How The Left Has Destroyed America's Greatest Cities'

2 Apparently, some news to some of you Get Whitey types: America isn't a prison.  (Yet.)  You can't force people to stay where they don't want to stay.  
     'Hey - come back.  We're counting on you .'  
     'We know.  And we don't like your way of counting.' 
     And so, instead of learning the lesson inherent in the dynamic, they're working on plans to counter the moves of a free people.  One is to try to stop such people from being able to incorporate their (relatively safe) suburbs as towns, paying property taxes to their own communities.  Another is to agitate for Obama to do something.  (On the order of the black female Detroit city council member, who said, in the wake of the (utterly fraudulent) 2012 elections: "Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president, and there ought to be a quid pro quo."  You can't make this stuff up.)  

3 Maybe it's a matter of more fool me, because apparently Obama is 'doing something about it': by targeting federal taxes to go back to the Inner Cities rather than a fairer distribution including the suburbs.  
    It's called 'redistribution of the wealth'.   And by any other name, it would smell as corrupt.  And un-American.
     Socialism?  Oh sure.  Par for the course.   Stealing from some to give to others.  But I digress.  A bit.  Into a pet peeve.    
     Hey.  I'm an old man.  Let me be humored, in my rants.  You'll have your time.

     P.S. Don't I feel that black Americans have some 'case' for the way that they have been treated by the majority white class in America?
     Sure.  But two wrongs don't make a right.
     Or hadn't you noticed...
     Grow up.  Be bigger than those crackers were, to you and your forebears here.  Break the chain, of action-reaction endlessly.  Return love for hate.
     Or bear the consequences.  
     (I'm hoping that you will realize that you have an inside track to quicker advancement up the spiral staircase of spiritual progress than others who don't practice such lessons, if you do.)           

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