Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Hours - Are They Desperate Yet??

The American people need - almost desperately, now - to recognize something:  The people in power now in the federal government don't plan on relinquishing it (that power that they have gained in large part by deceit).  It is not in their natures to.  They are ideologues.  This is war, to them.  A revolution.  Away from capitalism, and into socialism, if not outright communism.1  


* the DHS, and all of its manifold measures in preparing for major 'crowd control'.  (Including a number of  recent such measures in relation to FEMA Region III by October 1st; Region III includes Washington, D.C.;)2

* the IRS, and its targeting of certain groups for auditing harassment, and demands for their lists of members and donors.   This includes nonprofits filing for tax-exempt status with words in their titles such as 'tea party,' 'patriot,' 'conservative,'  'Christian,' 'pro-Life,' Constitution,' and - get this: 'liberty'.  With left-wing groups - with words in their titles such as 'pro-Choice' - routinely waved right on through the IRS vetting process;

* the NSA.  I don't think anything more need really be said, as to their octopus-like tentacles into all of our communications with each other;    

* the NRC and the EEOC.  I can do no better in addressing these two regulatory agencies than by reprinting here an article from the Center For Individual Freedom's website.  By Timothy H. Lee, it was posted there, under the title 'Two Humiliating New Judicial Defeats for Obama Administration, in Remarkably Harsh Language' on August 15:

“The President and federal agencies may not ignore statutory mandates or prohibitions merely because of policy disagreements with Congress.” 
That rudimentary truth, familiar to any freshman political science major, should not be necessary instruction for a former professor of constitutional law like Barack Obama.  The fact that it is necessary underscores the depth of lawlessness to which his administration has descended. 
On a more optimistic note, however, two new judicial rebukes this week, notable for their harsh terms, show that he remains subject to some degree of adult supervision. 
In the first decision, quoted in part above, the nation’s second-highest court commanded Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission to cease “simply flouting the law” by refusing to rule on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depository in Nevada.  The governing 1983 statute mandates that the Commission “shall consider” applications and “issue a final decision approving or disapproving” within three years.  Here, however, the application in question was filed in 2008, making it more than two years overdue. 
That is no accident or innocent oversight, but rather deliberate delay in violation of federal law.  Obama had promised during his campaign to stifle the project, so his appointees to the Commission just refused to take up the application. 
Exacerbating matters, in 2011 the same D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals had directed the Commission to complete the procedure post haste.  “By its own admission,” however, “the Commission has no current intention of complying with the law.” 
Accordingly, the Court issued a rare writ of mandamus, which amounts to an extraordinary order compelling performance of a ministerial act when all other judicial remedies have failed.  In so doing, it felt compelled to address the broader issue of the Obama Administration’s habitual lawlessness: 
“This case has serious implications for our constitutional structure.  It is no overstatement to say that our constitutional system of separation of powers would be significantly altered if we were to allow executive and independent agencies to disregard federal law in the manner asserted in this case by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Our decision today rests on the constitutional authority of Congress, and the respect that the Executive and the Judiciary properly owe to Congress in the circumstances here.” 
In a second case this week, a federal court rejected a lawsuit by Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against a Dallas, Texas, employer that used criminal background checks in its hiring process. 
Back in February, CFIF detailed a new EEOC memorandum informing employers that they may be sued for screening job applicants for criminal convictions.  At that time, we detailed how over 90% of surveyed employers use criminal background checks, often at the specific instruction of their attorneys.  After all, employers may be held liable for the violent or illegal acts of their employees against third parties or fellow employees.  Moreover, background checks help prevent such things as theft, fraud or other misconduct against the employer itself. 
Additionally, courts across the country have specifically ruled that employers are within their rights to refuse employment on the basis of criminal conviction.  In fact, the EEOC itself uses criminal background checks. 
Nevertheless, the EEOC announced to employers that, “criminal record exclusions have a disparate impact on race and national origin.” 
Dismissing an EEOC lawsuit against Freeman Company, which employs approximately 30,000 people, U.S. District Court Judge Roger Titus was having none of it: 
“The story of the present action has been that of a theory in search of facts to support it.  But there are simply no facts here to support a theory of disparate impact resulting from any identified, specific practice of the Defendant. 
"Indeed, any rational employer in the United States should pause to consider the implications of actions of this nature, brought based upon such inadequate data.  By bringing actions of this nature, the EEOC has placed many employers in the ‘Hobson’s choice’ of ignoring criminal history and credit background, thus exposing themselves to potential liability for criminal and fraudulent acts committed by employees, on the one hand, or incurring the wrath of the EEOC for having utilized information deemed fundamental by most employers.  Something more, far more, than what is relied upon by the EEOC in this case must be utilized to justify a disparate impact claim based upon criminal history and credit checks.  To require less would be to condemn the use of common sense, and this is simply not what the discrimination laws of this country require.” 
Of course, common sense and faithful execution of the nation’s laws have never been the Obama Administration’s North Star.  From illegal “recess” appointments to Environmental Protection Agency overreach to ObamaCare revisions contrary to the law itself, this is an administration that considers itself above the law. 
Alongside Obama’s plummeting approval ratings, this week’s judicial branch rebukes offer a rude rebuttal to that belief. 
"…criminal record exclusions have a disparate impact on race and national origin."
We have entered Wonderland.
 And speaking of the playing of the race card in that way:

* the DOJ, under AG Holder, trying to block meaningful voter reform all around the country, by arguing that requiring a photo voter ID card 'would have a disparate impact on the poor, who are in large part made up of minorities'.  The stench of hypocrisy has reached to high heaven.  They will get their 'standing' majority by hook or by crook.  And according to the look of things, that tactic consists mostly of the latter; but moving on:

* federal taxes.  Now being used for a 'redistribution of the wealth' scenario, in taxing those who have fled to the suburbs to give to those 'caught' in the cities.  
     As part, as well, of a larger scenario, involving the US becoming subservient in sovereignty to the UN, called Agenda 21, whereby people are being herded back into the cities; ostensibly to 'save the environment'.  From such as Global Warming; which is nonexistent, and being proven to be so, after a period of scaremongering; so the name has been changed to 'climate change'. Which is not due to human activity, but is, rather, a reflection of changes in the solar system as a whole.  But no matter: whatever works, to get the people back into the cities -
     and under better control, there.  Where they can't be so independent of the state, as to grow their own food.  Particularly not to be independent of the centralized food supply and its treated produce.  And where the state will even reach onto the windowsills of the workforce, and outlaw any foodstuffs separate from centralized control.  'Supply,' as dictated by the state…
     Did I say 'workforce'?
     Oh yes.      
     Pack'em and stack 'em.  Manhattanize America.  As part of The Plan to prepare them for the Brave New World, of not only being under the total control of the state, but being "ready for the workforce".  Consider this reference; from an article in the August 19 issue of 'The New American' magazine entitled 'Common Core: A Scheme To Rewrite Education':   
     "Common Core proponents continually use vague language about 'excellence' in education, 'raising the bar,''  and getting America's children 'ready for the workforce' as the reason the standards should be implemented…
     "Among the most common criticisms leveled at the English and Language Arts Common Core standards is the emphasis on reading dry, technical writing - government documents and technical manuals, for example…"3 
     No more 'useless eaters in this Brave New World…
      And did I just talk about "being under the total control of the state"?  Surely I am being paranoid??  Not in America; the land of the, er……how does that go again???
     This is how it goes, in the 'modern,' current America (and then I'll rest my case.  For this blog):  

* building on the total-surveillance-state aspect of the work of the NSA is this little gem: bringing into our picture of total control, and takeover, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)l.  As I said in an email yesterday to my Congressperson (and posted on my blog site; but it bears repeating):

     'Dear Rep. Lowenthal,

     ' It has just come to my attention that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has spent millions of dollars for the warrantless collection and analysis of American citizens' financial transactions, specifically credit card transactions!

This is incredible.

They will SAY something benign about it.  But on top of the NSA total-surveillance program that has been revealed, and so much else that is going down these days, this is too much.

Question: Why isn't this grounds for Obama's expulsion from the office that he occupies like a potentate, and his arrest?  

He is committing crimes, against the Constitution and the American people.  DO something about it, Congress; dammit. 

Very sincerely,

'Stan' Stanfield'


I'm not sure that anything more really needs to be said.  So I'll just wrap this up, in summary.  With a  word of warning.

They will want to reel us in now, while we're still on the hook.  They could use a little more time - try to get some more of 'their' voters on the rolls for the mid-term elections in 2014, to take over the House, and thus have an open field to their goal - if it just weren't for those pesky varmints, the Patriots.  But no actual worries.  'We've got them pretty much isolated in the larger public's mind, as 'extremists' and 'birthers' [not even needing the likes of 'wacko birthers' or 'nutcake birthers' any longer; the word speaks for its programmed self] and - the most lethal card in our deck -'racists'.'  

Well, have I got news for you, Lefty.    

We're not going to wait for you any longer.4  To make the first overt move, so as not to give you the excuse that you want for The Usurper to declare Martial Law, and put the last stage of your putsch into play.

We're going to bring the battle to you.

For, make no mistake: this is a battle; and not just between political parties of a two-party system.  But it is the battle.  Between the Light and the Dark.  

And the Light wins.  Because it is the Light. 

With the Dark being just a shadow, of its former Self.

But there are elements of the Dark on both sides of the current battle line.

Just as there are elements of the Light in both.

Because we are talking about a realm of Polarity.  Where 'it' - life, as we have known it, in this 3D matrix - has been a bit of a game.  Wherein we have all taken different sides, at different times, for the same purpose:



And now that we have grown up, as far as we need to, in this realm, and its experiences, of lesson-learning -

we can leave it behind. 

And get on with Life at the graduate level.  


we have earned it.

Well done, everyone.


those still caught up in the drama.

Ah well.  To each its chosen.

But the slow learners aren't going to hold back those who are reedy to move on, any longer.


We have promises to keep.

And miles to go before we sleep.

And miles to go before we sleep.

The sleep of the United


fully into the One again

of Whom we are a Part.

And a particularly beloved Part at that.

For having been so willing to brave the wilderness - as explorers of the Creator on the far distant shores of the 3D material Earth - and make our way back

Home, again.  

Before we blow it.


And have to start all over.


And again.  And again………

…now to break the Cycles

at this key time, of Time.

Of wheels within wheels within wheels.  Of rebirth.  Driven by the Law of Karma.  

Now to give way to the larger - the largest - Law.  

Of Return.

If we choose it.

If not…

Your choice.

As always.

In this Creation.

Where there is no 'State' to make your decisions for you.  

Sovereign soul that you essentially Are.

So, come.  Realize your sovereignty of Being.  

And join the Exodus from this realm, of essential Illusion.  Into the Light, of true Reality. 



1 And away from the Judeo-Christian tradition, grafted onto the roots of Western civilization, and their mutual attitude of/emphasis on the primacy of the individual, to the (generally speaking) 'Eastern' philosophy of the primacy of the collective; also including Islam, as a battering ram to knock down the formerly firm wall of the Judeo-Christian 'traditional' principles in the West.  ('Liberty' now needing to give way to 'equality,' e.g.)   
     But, but, your mind may be spluttering around now; communism has always had a lot of Jews involved with it; why would they support an Islamic takeover of their own religious tradition??  Answer: Because the Jews behind the rise of communism were not in it for the religion.  They were in it for the power.  And anyway, many Jews today are not religious; they are secular.  And many are not even Jews by blood.  They are descendants of the Khazars, a mid-European extended clan of Turkic origin who were converted en masse (with pockets of ongoing resistance) to Judaism in the 8th century by their king.  The Ashkenazi Jews in leadership in the modern state of Israel are not really religious Jews.  They are political Nazis.  See the attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty, for one appalling and atrocious example.  And list goes on.  Including a hand in 9/11.
     'The Jews' would do well to boot these bandits out of power over the Israeli state; and put in some real Jews; who can start living in harmony with their neighbors.  Doing to them as they would have done to themselves.  

2 This could be regarding some anticipated natural disaster, granted.  If so, it would behoove the people in that Region to start making emergency preparations for themselves; for the DHS/FEMA is not going to be able to be of much assistance to any more people than, say, the elected representatives of The People in Washington, D.C., and the federal employees living in the surrounding catchment area.
     Region III consists of: D.C., DE, MD, PA, VA, WV.  See:, 'FEMA Preparing For The Worst in Region 3i- Why? (Video)' -  posted Aug. 17; orig. sent out Aug. 13.  
     And, it could be a hoax.  Disinfo, designed to get some patriots shooting off more than their mouths, and thus giving Obama the excuse he wants/is hoping for to declare Martial Law, and accomplish consequently: the Takeover.  Also known - from Eastern European history - as Der Tag.
     But don't let all that spoil you dinner.  After all, it's only speculation.
     So then, after dinner: back to the tube.
     Before we go down them.  And your country is stolen from under your nose.
     'And what did you do in the Takeover, Daddy??'
     'I was, er, picking my nose; so I couldn't see what was going on, right under it.'...      

3 article by Alex Newman.  Well worth reading, for getting a handle on the Common Core 'new national education standards that the federal government is bribing and coercing states to adopt'.
     As for the general subject under this item, of the use of taxes for both the 'redistribution of wealth' and for the herding of Americans back into the cities, I am indebted for some insights into the phenomenon from a video of Fox News ('America Live') anchor Megyn Kelly interviewing conservative commentator Stanley Kurtz, regarding a new book of his on the subject, of the Obama administration's attempts to stop the tax honey pot moving out to the suburbs and moving 'it' - meaning the people behind the taxes - back into the cities, under the 'Regionalism' push of the UN's Agenda 21.  An attempt to give the UN sovereignty over US citizens, and make them instead - by force - citizens of 'the world'.
     There is rather an irony here, for me, inasmuch as I worked, many years ago and for a short time (actually, about a year), for an NGO - out of Manhattan itself; and right across the street from the UN building, as a matter of further fact - called Planetary Citizens.  Our job being to try to help humans see themselves as citizens of the planet, as well as their home nations.  Raising their consciousnesses to that level of interaction, with each other, and with our common 'commons'.  But what has developed from those days (this was in the '81'-'82 time period) was not what we intended.     Not without a spiritual component to it as well, at least.
     And now, lo and behold - we're here.  But that's all another subject.  
     Sort of.

4 I realize that I'm speaking to a generation who won't know some of the expressions or references I use.  In this case, briefly: 'Waiting for Lefty' was/is a play by Clifford Odets about. essentially. the far Left's push in the '30s for control of the unions, up against simple desires by working-class Americans for what is called in our day 'social justice'
     Although that term has been co-opted by the far Left to mean more than what it sounds like it  means.  But not to get into that at this time and in this place.     

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