Sunday, 4 August 2013

...And While On The Subject...

to the Heritage Foundation website - Aug. 4
(under 'Video: Jim DeMint Says Defunding Obamacare Is the Best Way to Stop It' by Katie Nielsen)

Stan Stanfield - August 4, 2013

It's all very well to 'talk the talk,' Jim.  But I have been disturbed to find out that the Heritage Fdtn has come out against Nullification initiatives from several States.  Your take on the matter would make the creation superior to the creator.  That is surely not right.  And Madison in Federalist Paper No. 46 even spelled out the correct take on the matter (as to how to thwart any potential "schemes of usurpation" [on the part] of the federal government).  

Yours doesn't sound like the position on the matter that an organization like yours SHOULD be taking - an organization that paints itself (e.g., in your little 'Board Challenge to Members' leaflet) as understanding "the Role of the People...(in living) up to our responsibilities in order to maintain the Founders' vision for America". 

As for "usurpation" matters: I also take exception to the position one of your key spokespersons in the past, Edwin Meese, has taken on the definition of a 'natural born citizen'.  Surely the constitutional Framers meant that to mean that a candidate for the office of the presidency - and that particular office only; which person is also the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - should have no conflicting loyalties or allegiances - as a dual citizen would have, i.e., someone not born of two U.S. citizen parents.  What gives with the Heritage Fdtn's failure to honor the position of the Framers on THAT 'little' matter as well??? 

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Concerned in California
(and coming from this state, with its current representation to the federal government, I have every good reason to be VERY concerned about what's happening on the federal level of government in and for the nation...) 


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