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Sticking It To Whitey

...or Why I Hate The Left (The Perverted Mentality Of, That Is)

Time was that people came to America from all over the world to take part in the 'land of opportunity'.  But now, hordes of them are - an army of them is - coming here for the freebies.1  And it's not all their fault.  They have been seduced into doing so - including coming in by illegal means - because of the mentality of the Left in America; wanting to use them, to storm the ramparts of The Way It Has Been, and take over, for installation of The Way We Want It To Be - 'We' being the deep-dyed denizens of the Left.  

About to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, and have it for dinner; mistakenly thinking that that's how it works.  'It': the deal.  The Golden Opportunity deal.  

Well, actually, it isn't, and doesn't, gang.  Nor does your dreamed-of Way work, in its place.  

A saying comes to mind: He who refuses to learn from history…

A little history here.

In 1955 I left university, before graduation, in order to go search out the Truth of things.  Specifically the truth, or not, of the Bible, and, in particular, the New Testament thereof.  My intention was to go search out - hopefully in "the largest public library in the Western world" (a sort of modern-day equivalent of the Library of Alexandria); which I presumed to be in New York City, and so that is where I headed; all the way on the other side of the continent  - reference to copies of the original gospels (and scholarly commentary on them).  Because something about the Christian 'story', as it had been handed down to humanity over the centuries, didn't feel right.  Didn't ring true, to my inner ear.  In short: the pieces didn't add up.

Having found out, not what I was specifically looking for, but at least enough, I concluded that that story, as handed down through the ages to humanity, was false.  Was a mishmash of other such stories of the time, of other astro-theological, mythical figures, Egyptian and Greek and so on.  And so - having accomplished at least the basics of my mission - I got on with the rest of my life.  It got me, at one point - not too long after that mission across the country - to North Hollywood, on the edge of the San Fernando Valley.  The valley of 'Valley Girls' fame.  A scene with which I had nothing to do whilst living there.  (So I can't comment on its authenticity.)  I was just 'coming down' from a walk (this time; and mostly) across the continent, this one to Washington, D.C. - the central political seat of my carrying culture - "to see the president and draw to his attention that the way to rid ourselves of all our aches and evils is to do away with money,"2 and was just 'recuperating' - trying to feel my way into my next steps on this plane of existence.  When one fine day, in looking for some place or other (I can't remember what), I happened to ask a young woman passing by if she knew where  'it' was.  Her answer stunned me.  Or to say, her lack of an answer did so: for she 'replied' - indicated - that she no speaka da English.  Though not in that Italian pidgin-English way.  In a Mexican way.  

What I encountered on that street in North Hollywood (North Hollywood!  Not just the Mexican-American enclave in east L.A., for heaven's sake) in the early '60s, opened my eyes to a whole phenomenon that I wasn't, really, aware of at that time: the 'movement' for the Hispanic takeover of California, and the states of the Southwest ('Aztlan' to the La Raza crowd), as the first steps in the takeover of the United States as a whole, in order to turn it into a socialist 'paradise', free from its founding 'values', and its mainstream culture, which some Americans - Jews amongst them - found to be stifling.3

And so to the crux of the matter.

It has, then, been clear since at least the '60s that the country was being inundated with immigrants, legal and illegal, who weren't being assimilated properly into the prevailing culture (like the 'melting pot' policy/tradition of 'old'); and yet the Republicans, for the most part, it seems, just got on with their money-making lives, apparently, in the main, oblivious to what was going on around them - not caring sufficiently for the life of the nation.  Since at least the surfacing of the Cloward-Piven Strategy in the '60s, they have known the Democratic Socialists - and other socialists, and even - of course - the flat-out communists - have had designs on the nation.  And where has their loyalty been??  To themselves, as individuals; not to the needs and wellbeing of the country.  They have even hired illegal aliens to do the dirt work, knowingly; and thought that was cool, to get work done on the cheap, and many of them, in hiring such people en masse, making good money in the bargain.  Well, guess what?

Actions have consequences.

And now here we are, with Sharia law taking over in our judicial system, and the leftist attitude of 'multiculturalism' championing the continued Balkanization of the nation, into ethnic enclaves having little to do with each other; with our voting system being forced to go along with it all, by the federal government's demanding that the ballots and info sheets be printed in umpteen different languages.  

Why aren't new citizens required to learn the language of the nation?

There isn't a language of the nation??          

But there should be.  This is an English-speaking nation.  -

Ah.  And there is an insight into what is going on.  To say: English is not legally defined as the lingua franca of the nation.  And the Left fights tooth and nail to keep it from becoming the official language of the United States.  


Because the United States is being groomed (by both the hard Left and the hard Right, actually; another story) to collapse.  Because minorities - minority blocs - are the Left's ticket to takeover.  And designated as minority groups.  For corrupt political purposes.   

Not 'corrupt,' of course, from its point of view.  

Rather, simply The Way Things Are.

Have been manipulated into being.

For a grand purpose.

The bottom-line:

The nation is being changed - attacked - from within.  For purposes of takeover.4

And I will stand at the pass - with the modern-day likes of the relatively handful of Spartans at Thermopylae, standing against the millions of the mighty Persian army in those days - and say, quietly but firmly, "GIve me my free will - in the working form of a federal constitutional republic, securing for me my individual rights, as against purely majority rule - back.  Or go to hell."

Figuratively speaking, of course.

Well…let's look into this general subject area a bit.  Of, that is to say, 'heaven' and 'hell'.

There is a fundamental life issue here; not just political concerns.  The Left doesn't believe in free will because those denizens, by and large, don't believe in a God (from which basic rights derive; not from the state).  They believe in 'democracy' - as long as they are in charge of the resultant polity.  

Same-sex marriage is fine (and to be encouraged; further breaking down the stranglehold of  'the nuclear family' idea on the mentality of the populace, and thus releasing females to make the most of their lives in the, er, male world.  And that attitude will certainly go as well, in the new, socialist Order of Things) and 'correct'; but not debate about homosexuality.  That is to condone, and foster, 'hate speech'; which is totally incorrect.  

Any criticism of the politicization of homosexuality is considered, and called, hate speech, which will be herewith - that is, with the Republic-overthrowing takeover of the Left - not only declared anathema, but will be disallowed by law.  The same way that any criticism of Obama and/or his policies has been labeled 'racist'.

The buzzwords of the Left; and, unfortunately, they have been made to stick thusly in the minds of many citizens.  

'Oh, you don't want to listen to them.  They're birthers; didn't you know?' 

'What's a 'birther'?'

'It's a nasty racist.  It's a pejorative word that we use to ridicule and sideline our political enemies.' 

Sorry; I made that latter part of the correct 'position' up.

But not its truth.

That stands on its merits…

Let me be clear (as I draw this particular blog to a close; having gone on long enough in it).  I am not a Christian.  (I subscribe to no religion.  Just 'spirituality': the position - the awareness - that there is 'something more than Man'.  That life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.  That there is Plan in and Purpose to the whole shebang.)  But I will defend to the death anyone's right to hold beliefs, and have values, that can be debated in the public arena, and that run contrary to the majority take on ideas.  That's how we learn things, for heaven's sake. 

For the sake of heaven, indeed.           


1  To get something for nothing.  The taker mentality; not the maker mentality.
     That's other people's money, people.  Not 'the government's'.  'The government' is not an income generator; people are.  To take from Peter to give to Paul is theft; pure and simple.  Taxes are to be used for 'the general welfare' - roads and parks and libraries and police departments and fire departments and public schools and public transportation systems and administration purposes; that sort of society-wide thing.  Not to be put in someone's personal pocket.  That's 'redistribution of wealth' by stealth.  And I for one won't stand for it.
     A hand up is one thing.  A handout is another.  You do no one any favors by making them dependent on you.
     Stop the dependency mentality.  And then people can support each other freely, in the making of a truly 'conscious' society.
     Of Abundance for all.
     That's the key.
     Or as the Founding Fathers of the American Republic called it:
     Essential liberty.
     Otherwise - i.e., functioning by the use of compulsion - you generate a spirit of resentment, all 'round.  On the part of the makers, for not having been given a freewill choice in the matter.  And on the part of the takers, for being made to feel like a 'taker'.
     They have some pride, too.  To say, a sense of dignity.  And resent being made to feel like a beggar.
     For after all, they are a son or daughter (in current incarnation, in this realm of duality) of our souls' Creator.
     The same as you.
     Just the same as you.  
     So may we all treat each other with the respect that we deserve.
     And a fundamental facet of that is to understand that no one is 'entitled' as a matter of right to the earnings of any other person.
     As I say:
     With respect.
     Treat each other with respect; and all will be well.
     Don't.  And there will be hell to pay.

2 Having satisfied myself that the New Testament story was false, I was no longer bound to leave the 'salvation' of humanity to someone else; some other soul; could act on my own inner promptings in life.  They led me to some interesting places.  On the planet.  And within myself.
     Another story. 
     In any event, as to this one: 
     a) I left my message off at newspaper offices along the way (Ihe southern route);
     b) I didn't expect that humanity would 'rise to the occasion' immediately, in opening its collective mind to consider what a world without money would look like, to say, feel like; operate on; portend.  At one point, when I was hitching rides back across the continent to my home state of California - and to whatever remained on my life's path there; or wherever else from there.  My life was an open book to me; being created as I went along -  and I got talking with the man who gave me a ride close to the edge of the town about what I had been up to, he opined that I must have been hoping that something would happen immediately.  No, I found myself replying; continuing, that I was into 'education', and figured that 'it' - the consciousness - could take, say, around thirty years to 'gestate'. 
     it has now been fifty-two years since that insemination time.  
     Fairly close.
     Especially as these things go.

     P.S.  My mission never, in fact, got accomplished.  I did make it to the White House; was interrogated at a side checkpoint gate by a Secret Service fellow about what I was up to; was then told that I wouldn't be able to see the president; passed on to him a copy of my letter; and left.
     That was pretty much what I figured would happen.  But I wasn't really into thinking ahead much; had no expectations.
     A pretty good way to live one's life, I figure.

3 The 'Jewish' thing is a bit surprising, inasmuch as the prevailing culture in America was founded on a Judeo-Christian base.  But Christians over the centuries have given the Jews a hard time, over their perceived 'killing of Christ;' and many Jews have suffered under that yoke.  Some, to the point of getting involved in overthrowing the hated prevailing, majority culture where they ended up.  A 'chafing' that had resulted in their being kicked out of any number of Western countries over the centuries, as subversive agitators.  And ultimately resulted in the so-called European Holocaust during WWII.  I say 'so-called,' because the figure of 'six million Jews' killed during the Nazi era is a political figure, not a genuine historical one.  
     Ask an honest Jew who has researched the matter.  But also be aware that you may not have a very long time in which to be able to do that.  Because such overthrow-minded Jews, along with other socialists and leftists in general, are close - very close - to making 'political correctness' the law of the land.  Upon which time, one will not be permitted to question The Masters.       
      So now to the issue of the undercutting and overthrowing of the prevailing culture in America, by the Left, and its congeries of 'classes' - in particular a welfare class predominately made up of blacks, with a 'class' of single moms (and thus the deliberately created pressure for the state to take over the raising of the children, thus rendering them more susceptible to indoctrination than the old 'nuclear family' concept allowed for) as a somewhat recent addition to the 'team', along with the recent coming-of-age of the well-groomed LGBT contingent; plus the under-30s socialist-indoctrinated student 'class' - which have been welded together for just this purpose.  
     And a long time coming, in the minds of many amongst its numbers; Jews only one such 'class' involved in this beady-eyed plotting, of souls unhappy with 'bourgeois' tendencies.  And such frivolous concepts as 'essential liberty'.  When all they want is cattle to be culled, and sheep to be sheared.  

4 We were warned about it.  Just never really got it, at the time.  Got, what Obama was referring to, when he said, in the closing days of the '08 election, to his adoring followers, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."  
     And encountered a glitch in his, and their, best-laid plans in the 2010 elections, with the rise of the Tea Party movement, leading a conservative backlash to his increasingly obvious, flat-out socialist ambitions for the nation.
     No wonder his acolytes pulled out all the stops to steal the 2012 election for him.  They have been on a roll.  And needed to keep the momentum going.
     Losing sight of what life is all about in the process.  
     And that ain't political games. 
     Read on.     

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