Friday, 23 August 2013

And Another Thing...

While I'm on my soapbox - here, in my own blogs - here's another thing or two.

Item.  Some cockamamie judge back East released a Muslim man from a charge of raping his wife because Islamic law requires a wife to obey her husband.  What?!  Not in America, you don't get away with that sort of argument.  And I suppose we're supposed to allow female genital mutilation in this country because it is part of Islamic culture as well?  Non effing sense.  These sorts of things are matters of civil rights; and in this country, we go by American jurisprudence. not Sharia law.  You can take your Sharia law attitude and shove it, Judge.

What the hell has happened in and to this country?? I go away for some thirty-five years and come back and 'you' are practicing all manner of 'foreign' attitudes.  I recently heard, e.g. - and speaking of 'legal' attitudes; rather to say, jurisprudential ones - that some 'legal scholars' were arguing - pontificating - that it doesn't matter what the Constitution says about the president needing to be a 'natural born citizen' - rather than either a naturalized or a dual citizen - because we're a multi-cultural nation now, not a monoculture, and have people from all over the world, and of all religions, living here now. 

Well, do tell.  I was under the impression that 

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.  That America has always been known as 'the melting pot' of nations.   -

Oh.  I get it.  Citizens are not supposed to become American citizens now.  We old-time types of American citizens are supposed to accept people as they are.  Let them live in their own little enclaves, in an increasingly balkanized United States (with no consequent loyalty to the Whole).  But get freebies from the federal government nevertheless… 

…the endless largesse of the sorely put-upon American citizen, dutifully paying his or her taxes; for - what, precisely???…           

This balkanization of America that is going on1 answers a question I posed recently to the U.S. English, Inc. people (fighting to have English declared the official language of the United States - which should have happened long ago; and a consequent stop put to this 'multicultural' nonsense.  Or at least, a roadblock).  I asked them via e-mail earlier this month to hep me understand something:  If it was true - as they said in a letter they sent me recently - that there was an English-language requirement for new citizens, why were ballots and voting info being required to be printed in a huge number of languages??? 

Their answer, essentially: It's happening because it's happening.  

And therefore, all the more reason to suspect that a lot of non-citizens are voting in our elections.

Which I would put a stop to immediately - if I were put in a position of being the Officer of The People, to take the place of the disgraced and deposed Usurper in the Oval Office at this time.

But to move on.  And speaking of fraudulent voting practices; and more: let's take the case of The Fresno Four.  

This story is from the Summer issue of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund's newsletter 'With Justice For All'.  It will pay us (trust me) for me to report it in full:

In their section called Case Updates, this one is entitled 'Justice Department Retrying "Fresno Four" Case'

"The trial of four officers from Fresno, California, who were charged with violating the civil rights of a man who had beaten, stalked, and threatened to kill his girlfriend, has resulted in a hung jury.  Unfortunately the politically motivated Justice Department is preparing to retry the case.2  [The four police officers] each face possible 10-year prison sentences if convicted in an incident. 

"In 2005, the four Fresno policemen had responded to an urgent 911 'crime in progress' call from a  single mother who said her ex-boy friend, [name given], was trying to break down the door to her apartment and was threatening to kill her and her children.  [Name], who had assaulted and beaten her the previous day, fled the scene when the police arrived.  It took the four officers plus a police dog to capture and subdue him…He was eventually apprehended and booked on five charges, including stalking, battery, making a criminal threat, burglary, and domestic violence.  He was convicted of the first two counts later that year, served his time in prison, and was deported as an illegal alien.

"Five years later, however, a federal grand jury indicted the 'Fresno Four' with nine counts of civil rights violations relating to the arrest."              
What?!  And who laid the charges??  It turns out that it was the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.  Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department.  He of 'Fast & Furious' fame, and assorted other charges of injustice.  

This is, simply, spite; getting even with Whitey for past injustices.3  But no; it's more than that.  

It's war.

Is actually part of a larger picture: to get those illegal aliens (and their extended families) on to the voting rolls eventually (by hook or by crook); their presence in the country a pressure for an amnesty deal, and ultimate takeover of the country for the Left.  To say: for socialism.  The Left having discovered that they can vote themselves money out of other people's pockets; and the more, therefore, the 'redistribution of wealth' merrier.     

All simply conjecture on my part??  Well, consider:

AG Holder says that illegal aliens have that status as a 'civil right'.  What?!  Is this some sort of Monty Python sketch??  'That's a dead parrot!'  'No it's not.  It's just stunned.'   To say: THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS!  They need to be tossed out of the country at the first opportunity - and given harsher treatment if they come back in!


Very pragmatically: it is about the Obama administration's looking for all the votes he can muster.

For the Left's takeover of America…  

AG Holder needs to be removed from his post - and fast.  He is a danger- a mortal danger -  to the Republic.

'No he's not.  He is the voice of the future of this country.  The day of the White Man running things - of the exclusively European culture running things - is over.'

As I say, when I am calmer: 'You want to change the Constitution?  Okay.  Here's how you go about it.  First - ' 

'Silly man.  WE are the law now.  What we say, goes.'

Right over my head.  And over my dead body.

'Well, we can arrange that.'

I bet you can.  - Hey -

you already are. Aren't you.  With all your FEMA coffins, and such, scattered around the country…

Shall we cut to the chase here??  This is no mere difference of political opinion in a two-party system going on.

This is takeover time.  By the socialists.  

Or I should say: 

attempted takeover.

Because it ain't gonna happen, boyos.

Not while I, and millions of other patriots like me, are on the watch.

Got it?

Not on our watch you don't.

What you will get is our quiet, but firm warning:

Molon labe.

And if you want to make that a lethal warning:

Your call.



1 as part of a strategy for taking down the Republic and replacing it with a dutiful part of a region - already given a title, of the North American Union - of a New World Order.  A utopia, where you will obey the Ruling Class - or else.
     The total-itarian state.  At your doorstep.  Well actually, right in your house...     

2 On the taxpayers' dime, of course.  The endless source of money for the endless prosecution of politically motivated trials.  The bottomless pit of other people's money
     Whose civil rights are being abused here, again, did you say???… 

3 It turns out that the statute of limitations on the case was about to run out.  And the Civil Rights Division vigilantes weren't about to let that happen.


P.S. And this evening - like most evenings - the phone rings, and when I answer it, the other end hangs-up.  The FBI, checking to see if I am still here, and haven't left, to go somewhere in the country and cause some mayhem???  
     Don't worry, boyos.  I'm not the type for physical damage.*  I happen to believe that Love is the answer.  But if provoked - and especially by people trying to take over MY country - you never know, what even a mild-mannered old man might get up to...   

* although I did throw a brick through a window once, in a solitary protest.  So, you never know… 
     What was it about?
     Another story.  Although I can say it was about this same subject: 
     the despotism of the government over the people.
     And some things don't grow old…

P.P.S.  What would I do about the 'illegal alien' mess??
     Until the New Order of Things can kick in - the proper New Order of Things; not the Dark side's New World Order versions - I would eliminate most of the honey pot drawing them here.  Obviously, America is a natural draw for economic refugees.  But prospective immigrants can wait their turn, like those already in that line.  (They are the ones in this whole story who have my sympathy.)  As for the illegals (and don't give me your leftwing crap about them being 'undocumented workers'.  They are illegals.  Get used to such truth-telling):  No jobs for illegals.  Any employer caught hiring them will be fined severely, and possibly imprisoned, depending on the severity of the case.  No health care access, including to hospital emergency rooms (which access is being abused anyway, with illegals coming in for less than emergency treatment).  No access to public schools.  (These are illegal people; got it???)  And NO ANCHOR BABIES. 
      What a nonsense that is.  That is due to a total misreading of the 14th Amendment.  Quote:  
     "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens…"  That means that they are here legally, and are subject to the State laws in which they are residing, and the federal laws of the United States - are NOT subjects of a foreign power.  So there will be no reason for illegal aliens to come here in order to have their babies on U.S.soil;those babies will NOT get U.S. citizenship.
     It won't wash, in a climate of Truth.   
     I embody the energy of Limitless Love.  But I also embody the energy of Limitless Truth.  In which the Love is, often, tough.
     So, the illegals would go back to where they came from.  Except, of course, those illegals who are here for infiltration purposes.  In those cases, they will be caught, and tried, in a court of law.  
     And at the appropriate time, I would help bring in that New Order of Things, where all this Drama stuff is put aside, for life in the real arena, of What It's All About, to kick in; and for all of Humanity. 
     But first things first.  The proper attitude must be cultivated, in order for that which is a result of  such an attitude to manifest.      
     We're talking spiritual Laws here.  Which trump human laws.   
     Which have served us.  But they are tattering; and are about to give way.
     And instead of their giving way to despotism - as the Dark forces have planned for, with malicious glee, and much rubbing of claws - they will give way to a Higher Law. 
     The Good Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise.     

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