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A Bridge Too Far

from GrassTopsUSA & 'Obama Refusing To Deport Illegals Who Engage In ID Theft' - Chris Carmouche - Nov. 12 - orig. posted at - Stephen Dinan - Nov. 11
("But just wait until you hear the reason. You won't believe your eyes…")


To Obama, for an illegal alien to steal an ID isn't a serious enough offense to get kicked out of the country? What kind of Looney Tunes world are we living in?? Being an illegal alien IN ITSELF is a serious enough offense to get kicked out of the country.

This nonsense has really gone too far. The Usurper needs to be frog-marched out of the Oval Office by Oathkeepers and held for trial, on a huge number of charges. And the sooner, the better; before he can do any more damage than he already has to the federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.A.

And speaking of things having gone too far (or at least, far enough)…

I was taking the time this evening to listen to an online ad for a product designed to counteract a poisoning of the populace that has been going on for some 50 years.  The name of the product is immaterial to the purpose of this posting.  The purpose of this posting is to draw attention to something that has been going on for long enough; and what to replace it with. 

Item.  A substance called BPA - for bisphenol A - in plastics, canned goods, etc. etc. - extremely widespread now in our environment.  It is a synthetic estrogen, and is causing a feminizing of males (including low testosterone levels, and low sperm counts), amongst other deleterious physical conditions.  When studies started coming out about its adverse properties, the industry first tried bribery - to get researchers not to publish their findings, and to look the other way - and then resorted to outright threats, and then to hiring their own 'scientists' - hired guns - to publish deliberately contrived studies, hiding the true facts.  Which includes the fact that this substance is now even further widespread, via the public water supplies.1  And speaking of that vector:

Item.  The Pill.  Being flushed into the water supplies, in a time frame precisely shadowing the lowering of testosterone levels, and the raising of allied problems, in the human male.  But to movie on to a major, sinister source of what is called 'endocrine disruption' (aka 'estrogen mimics'):

Item.  Atrazine.  A pesticide that turns male fish into females.  And on and on and on, in that vein.  

And I could go on and on and on, in this vein.  But to cut closer to the end point:  

Why isn't 'the government' doing anything about all this?  Because 'the government' is in cahoots with The Powers That Be that WANT all this sort of thing to take place.  They keep the corporate world happy and online, with their lovely profits. (Which includes the pharmaceutical industry, for all their drugs to counter all the side effects of these deleterious substances.)  And they get to a) lower the world's numbers, with the demasculation of the male population, and b) lower the potential reaction to their best-laid plan, of takeover and control of the world, by feminizing the males into just enough weakness, of body and mind, to keep them from mounting an effective opposition to their takeover. 


So, it is an Endgame.  For, with The Human Drama having reached the global level, it calls for a global response to such best-laid plans, of PTB who want Power Over others.  Not Power With others (as the  spiritual beings that we all are in our essence).  As we bring in now the end result of this whole dialectical historical process:

the kingdom of Heaven.    

Which, I assure one and all, does not run on the engine of' 'profit'.  But on the energy of the very universe itself:


And so, with the Dark side having taken over control of the American government, in the form of the Usurper, Barack Hussein Obama (he of a number of other names; in this incarnation alone), and he and his Marxist minions having raised the 'ante' to the global level - in, as I say, the dialectical (i.e., action-reaction; culminating in a, and finally the, Synthesis) dynamic of historical evolution that powers the process, of consciousness Unfolding - I'll take over now,

draw The Play to a close,2 and

bring in The New:  

The capstone to the edifice that we have built.  But absent - cleansed of - its corrupt aspects.  For, The New will NOT be erected on a corrupt foundation.

It cannot, be.  

Not if it is to last.

And last.  And last.  And last.    

Until even its time is done.

On this 3D level, at least. 

As we start to move Up, in earnest. 

One dimension - vibration - frequency; density; degree of consciousness- and awareness-raising  - at a time.

The days of Forgetting - of Who We Are really - over.  

Having been for the lessons learned thereby.

And growth obtained.

As we grow closer to our Creator.  And that potential.

Back.  With gifts to share.  From our wanderings in the far lands of our imaginations.

In this Dream World - this Matrix; this holographic projection - that we have called - for lack of a proper understanding, of What It Has Been All About - 


As I have discovered, too,

Why I Am Here.

At this time.

This wrapping-up time.

For, I am not here at this time to waste my time.

I am here, to put the capstone in.

And make sure of its fit.


1 as if Fluoride and lithium weren't bad enough in that source, of our contamination.  

2 For, how long can you care to keep just playing parts when you know that all that it is is a Play?  As we do now, with all the evidence that is in, in our time - through studies and books and videos and such - of the truth of reincarnation.

3 Perhaps better to call it Strife…

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