Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

1) from 'This Map DESTROYS the Left's 'Voter ID Laws are Racist' Myth' - Nov. 4 - orig. posted at - Greg Campbell - Oct. 9

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 5)

An excellent article. Thanks for posting it.

jong 15 hours ago (Nov. 4)

That is why we must when we have the Senate push hard for a national law requiring ID to vote anywhere and a national data base that ensures only one vote per legal citizen and you only can vote in one state. We already have a SS number and we know which ones are real Lets use the tech that is available. If we do not the flood of unlawful voting will over whelm us not every where but in certain key states.

  • kibitzer3 jong a few seconds ago  (Nov. 5)

  • Careful, jong. National data bases are exceedingly dangerous, for all manner of reasons, including gun confiscation by those who would like to take over this country. The same effect can be accomplished by state voter ID laws, and our "tech" can tell if that name is registered in more than one precinct or state.

  • We can't, shouldn't put anything past these people amongst us who would like to take over the country, and turn it into a mere part of a region of their Masters' totalitarian New World Order. Be as wise as serpents, people. There are enemies amongst us. Don't give them an inch. They'll take a mile.

2) from 'Sharyl Attkisson Confirms Obama's "Enemies List": 'I was on it" - Dean Garrison - Nov. 5

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 5) 

I'm glad that Sharyl Attkisson dismisses any labels. The only label that applies to her is that she was, and is, one damn fine investigative journalist, after the truth of things. No matter who gets hurt by it. Because that's what a 'free press' is all about.

Good on you, Sharyl. May you long continue to go after the truth of things. 

As for CBS……...

Freedom? 4 hours ago 

We are the USSA.

It's no secret.



  • Sol_of_Texas Freedom? 3 hours ago 

  • The United Socialist States of Amerika. It took about a century - a little bit at a time - but I       think we have been here for at least a decade. 
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StoopidObama 2 hours ago

Mother Russia would be proud.


  • Paul Mauricio Velasquez StoopidObama an hour ago 

  • This is Bigger than simple "mother Russia", matter of fact, Russia is not a Communist country anymore. Communist, Capitalist, anti Communist, all those labels are irrelevant and fake. Obama is engaged in spear the new world order, and EVERY US president has been, and is in the same agenda, except Kennedy, that's why he was "removed".

  • The fact is the new world order plan has been for centuries, and took the present shape in the 1920's onward. Believe me the visible "enemies" are not the real ones.
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  •  kibitzer3 Paul Mauricio Velasquez a few seconds ago  (Nov. 5)

  • Good point, Paul. And in another "matter of fact," it may well turn out that Putin is a savior of the American Republic, in standing in opposition to the New World Order gang; who want to merge the U.S. into being but a mere part of a region - being called the North American Union - of the Cabal's (totalitarian) NWO. So we need to 'cut him some slack,' whenever the (controlled) MSM tries to demonize him.

  • Wouldn't it be ironic, if Mother Russia turned out to be the savior of the (collectivist-leaning) U.S.A….

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