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They'll Be Back

Many years ago - more years ago now than I care to think about, frankly ('How long, O Lord, how long??') - I went to Stanford University - which I was to discover had a reputation for being a very, shall we say, liberally inclined educational institution - and dutifully took their Freshman-year required course in Western Civilization (while starting right in on my pre-med major).1  Some years later - after I had left there abruptly before the Finals end of my Junior year, due to 'a spiritual experience,' and started out on my learning path in life in earnest (to find out the answers to The Big Questions: 'What is this all about,' and 'Who am I, really,' and 'Why am I here???') - I found out that my alma mater had discontinued that course (or at least as a required course for its Freshmen).  In reading further on the matter, in the publication that I received as an alumni, I found that the reason given was that, since they had students from all over the world, they didn't want to impose their 'beliefs,' or that specific point of view, on others…...  It seemed to me to be a flimsy excuse then; and it is all the more so, now, with the battle between 'the individual' and 'the collective' raging just as much as it ever did, at the height of the Cold War.

I was reminded of this today when, in my retired years in the sun, I was down on the beach near where I live now (in my former home town, of Long Beach, California; after many years living in a 'spiritual' community in the north of Scotland, and including a hiatus of over seven years living a retired life in a 'committed relationship' Down Under, near Sydney; complete with the New Year's Eve fireworks off the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and learning the differences between Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Australian Football), and got around to reading further in a longish article that I had started some time ago, and put off to finish another day.  This day - post-Election Day as it is - seemed a good time to do that .

Titled 'Chaos Theory,' it is the leadoff article in the August 2014 issue of Whistleblower magazine - the magazine of the World Net Daily people; a conservative news organization2 - by its Editor, David Kupelian.  Its subtitle says it all: 'How Obama and the left are transforming not only America - but Americans.'  It goes into the various 'fundamental transformations' going on in America, under the aegis of Obama and the the far Left, by the likes of the Cloward-Piven Strategy and its handmaiden the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), and "Overloading More Than 'The  System'" in terms of using - creating - all manner of Crises in order to manufacture Opportunity for themselves, with the overriding intent being to bring down the federal constitutional Republic - with its Constitution standing for the rights of the individual as over against the power of the state -  and turn the U.S. into a 'democracy' run by themselves, from their perspective on life.

What is that "perspective"?  As Kupelian says it:

"Recall Sargent's admonition3 that political 'brainwashers' often rely on promoting 'anxiety…a sense of real or imaginary guilt, and…a conflict of loyalties, strong and prolonged enough to bring about the desired collapse.'

"The 'desired collapse' in this case would be the 'collapse' of traditional Judeo-Christian (biblical) values -- the very same values that have undergirded Western Civilization for millennia…"    

Leaving aside the accuracy of that statement - i.e., that it is, quote, "Judeo-Christian" values that do said undergirding4 - it is true that very Western Civilization itself is at stake, with its emphasis on the individual, as opposed to the state; individualism vs. collectivism.  And we need to know that, and recognize that, as we debate such questions as the creation - the deliberate creation - in this country of a welfare state, and the flooding of the nation with illegal immigrants, for the collectivists to vote themselves into permanent power, in the creation of their desired global New World Order; and so forth.5   

And - fittingly enough - just today I received in the mail a t-shirt that I ordered from an outfit called Patriot Depot, with a bumper sticker thrown in on the deal.  They both say, simply:

Molon Labe.      

And if you don't know what that means, and where it comes from, I encourage you to have a little Western Civ History lesson, and find out for yourself. 

Your individuated self.  Your soul-incarnate self.  Your 'spiritual being having a human experience' self.  For the lessons to be learned therein.

Chief among which is the lesson of learning, and owning, your true nature.  

P.S. Another subject herein is how the 'nuclear family' has been deliberately sabotaged by a number of means, including that of deliberately letting gender-skewing environmental factors be put in place and kept there, in order to break down the gender identities of individuals, for the state to take over the raising of the children, and putting them to its employment.
     Another time.  This is enough for a reasonable person to assimilate for now.
     With the added proviso - to end on - that it is all 'grist for the mill'.  To say, part of The Plan.  Whereby we keep changing, and exchanging, parts in The Play.  To become well-rounded in the process.
     The process, of growing our Selves.
     And therefore, and thereby, the Whole. 
     And don't you just hate one of the parts sometimes………  Not while playing it yourself, of course.



1 My personal experience in that matter - of having a deliberately, politically skewed education - was mixed.  (I went there for its reputation as being a top-notch educational institution, period.  'The Harvard of the West,' it was known as.  How was I to know that Harvard was itself 'known' as a very etc.)  My Western Civ instructor, though basically even-handed, in my estimation, in the treatment of the subject of History, proved, towards the end of the school year, to be at the very least somewhat left-wing oriented, in, e.g., trying to get us to get involved (or at the least, interested) in a communist-inspired educational issue at nearby San Jose State College.  (He got no takers; out of our class, at least.  Stanford, being a private university, and, with its reputation, rather exclusive, is populated mostly with the children of the wealthy.  Very status quo, in other words. )  But my other subjects - as a pre-med - were rather straightforward, in their scientific orientation.  And even my Psych 101 class was even-handed, politically speaking, I can report.  Sociology and History majors, of course, would have a different perspective on this issue from mine, on the educational 'slant ' at Stanford, if any, in the mid-'50s.
     It took the Vietnam War, in the decade later, to surface, and generate, radicalism at Stanford, when, e.g., a left-wing firebrand student (Stanford did go out of its way to encourage, and perhaps even recruit, such enrollees) ruined the lifetime work of an 'innocent' scholar, by torching the building housing his office.  Not a good way to go about getting people to listen to your perspective on your cause, Ayers & Co..
     The Vietnam (No-Win) War definitely needed some 'teach-ins'.  But there are ways to promote your point of view, and then there are ways.
     (N.B. There is an interesting, and distinct, irony at work here, in that Stanford, for all its leftward slant, is also the home of the Hoover Institution ("on War, Revolution, and Peace"); what some would call a right-wing think tank.  (I'm sure that it thinks of itself more as a rigorous  scholarly site.)  Named after, not J. Edgar, but Herbert - an alumni of Stanford - it is housed in the landmark Hoover Tower near the edge of the campus (nicknamed, by generations of Stanford students and grads, and especially for its design, Hoover's Last Erection), and has historically significant materials, especially regarding the Bolshevik Revolution.  As I understand it, Antony Sutton did some of his research there.
     And if you don't know who Antony C. Sutton was, or have not read any of his books, you should.  You are alive at this time on planet Earth; right???
     And Note that it is spelled Antony.  Not Anthony.  Even some very knowledgeable-like people get that wrong.  And after all: details matter.)            

2 called, by its leftist detractors, the World Nut Daily.  Hey, if that's the best you've got...  

3 That's William Sargent, M.D.; "pioneering British psychiatrist and author of 'Battle for the Mind: Physiology and Conversion of Brainwashing.'"
     One of two very interesting-sounding books that Kupelian refers to, and quotes from, in his excellent article.  The other: "Veteran forensic psychiatrist" Lyle Rossiter, M.D., who "crystalizes the underlying psychology of all this in his book, 'The Liberal Mind'".

4 This 'Judeo-Christian' thing news further elucidation.and investigation.  Yes, the Old Testament is 'founded' on The Law as handed down by Moses, from whatever source; but Judaism is primarily Talmudic Judaism, and thereby is totally 'out of character' with Christianity.  Another subject; but I couldn't let it pass, in this context, of expounding on America's 'traditional values'.  
     Those are best referred to in the terms of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution - the spirit of opposition to a controlling entity, be it Church or Royal or Despot or Oligarchy.  America stands, above all, for the rights of the individual, as a sovereign entity in his/her own right.  Not a mindless automaton, cipher of the state; to do its bidding.  Or else.    

5 America - with its 'traditional values,' of the nuclear family, and the notion of private property/free enterprise and so forth - needing to be broken to the saddle of the almighty state, and become but a part of a region of said New World Order.  Known - to both extremist camps of the political process, the socialists/communists on the far Left and the fascists on the far Right  - as the North American Union; simply to be a trading 'zone' of the totalitarian NWO.  In their eyes.
     In your dreams, you denizens of the Dark.      
    That is to say: For now.

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