Tuesday, 18 November 2014

On Benevolent Despotism…Sort Of

In my last blog1 I talked about the U.S. being the base for humanity's Next Steps, which includes moving out into the cosmic space around us.  An example of what I meant: the Internet, vis-a-vis the American Constitution; and its importance, not only to us Americans.  But to the world.

Today I finally got around to opening one of the many letters I get from many 'worthy causes'.  This one was from Senator Bob Smith, writing for an organization called Frontiers of Freedom, on the subject of (the Usurper) Obama's intending to turn over control of the Internet to the UN/"stakeholders";2 and it contained such informational and doomsday comments as:

"Though the Internet connects the entire world, it is an American national treasure.

"The United States invented the Internet…

"And it's only because the United States oversees it that the Internet is a place where freedom of speech, freedom of commerce, and freedom from oppressive Internet taxation flourish every day.

"Oppressed people and dissidents of tyrannical regimes across the world look to the Internet.  It's their hope and connection to freedom.

" They also know that the Internet undermines the vicious and brutal dictatorships they live under…

"From the creation of the Internet, the [U.S.] federal government has always had final say on the DNS [the 'phone book' of web sites, aka the Domain Name System] and has always stood up for freedom…"

And what happens if the U.S. federal government joins other tyrannical regimes - in a totalitarian New World Order, planned for the planet by an elite crowd of muggers known as the Cabal - and decides to block websites that it doesn't tike???  Then we have trouble in River City, my friend.

I jest.  But barely.  It is, indeed, a worry.  And a warning.

Among other things: that the Obama administration - regime. really -  is now well into going too far.

And needs  to be deposed.  Just as soon as possible. 

For a 'regime' of freedom - 'essential liberty,' as our (enlightened; and overlit) Founding Fathers called it -  to take over the running of the good ship America. 

For the world.  In the construction of a New World Order, alright.  But of the right kind…3

While reading this letterer - which contains a DON'T SURRENDER THE INTERNET petition to Congress; which I encourage all Americans to followup on, with your congressional representatives - I was reminded of the end of a screenplay I wrote many years ago.  I have talked about this before in these pages, so I won't go into the details of the story here; just to say, that at the end of all of the 'drama,'  the conclusion reached was a meeting between a representative of us Humans and a contingent of representatives of humanoid species from 'outer space,' having just landed and embarked from a UFO, at the site of a city being built by humans, under the auspices of the story's protagonist.  An American named Ray.  A nickname.  Short for…

well.  That detail doesn't really matter, in this telling of that story.  My essential point, in and for this blog:    

Before we Humans are going to be allowed to venture into space,4 we need to get our act together.  And that means that we need to 'go in peace'.  Having demonstrated, in our organizational structure, that we mean it.  

Under my command of Spaceship Earth,  we Gaians will fly the heavens from a base of cooperation and goodwill.  Not a base of aggression, and intention of Power Over.  We fly a flag that says, in effect:

'We come in peace.'


'I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.'  - Voltaire.  Under me, change that to read: I guarantee it.  

For, we are, in our essence, souls.  Not slaves. 



1 which I wrote last night, but which I see was posted right at midnight, so that it is posted as of today's date.

2 echoing a short article in the May 2014 issue of The Phyllis Schlafly Report, which I just received and read recently; to give her due credit for being on top of this extremely important issue as well

3 "…(F)or the first time [under "Obama's plan to surrender the Internet," it] will not have the protection of the United States and our strong First Amendment protections for speech and free commerce…
   "Surrendering [control of] the Internet would immediately lead to a massive worldwide crackdown on free speech…"

4 further than we already have.  Another blog, perhaps.  But Hint: We have already ventured 'out there'.  Putting a toe in the waters.  And needing to be very careful as to how we proceed, into uncharted territory.
     By us, at least.

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