Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Point

"Do you like them?"

" - uh - what? - uh - what??"

"My breasts. You were staring at them."

"What??  No I wasn't.  I was - just - uh - …ye-e-es.  I guess I was.  Sorry about that."

"Not to be.  It's okay.  It's a compliment.  I grew them myself."

'Uh - what??"

"My breasts.  I grew them myself.  They're really mine."

"Uh…I…don't…doubt that…...one bit."

"Thank you.  I''m enjoying having tits.  I'm not used to them.  In my last life, I was a man.  And I didn't -  "

" - uh - wait - uh - wait.  Hold on.  You what??"

"I said, in my last life, I was a male.  That one I know about.  I'm not sure of whatever I was before that.  And before - "

"Wait a minute.  Hold on.  You're talking about…"

"Reincarnation?  Oh yes.  And I'm really enjoying being a female this time.  And that little jiggly thing I can do with my butt when I walk. It's neat."

"It's… - so - you - really, believe, in, that sort of thing?"

"Oh yes.  Of course.  It's the way things are.  It makes all kind of sense.  You're a male one time, and say a female the next - like me - I mean, the way I did it.  Or I mean, the way it happened to me.  Whatever - and maybe something in-between the next time.  And then you're your own parent, and then - "

"Wait, wait, wait a minute.  Hold on.  What?"

"The different roles we play.  Now a child to somebody, next their parent, and so forth.  It's neat, I say."     
"It's neat."

"Sure.  Don't you enjoy it??"

"Enjoy - it.  Enjoy - what, exactly."

"Life.  The fun of it."

"The fun.  Of it."

"Sure.  All this role-playing we engage in.  As I say, It's neat, I say."

"But - if it were true -   "

"And it is.  Buh-lieve - me.  I can remember my last life so well.  I was - ."  

"Right.  So, as I say, if it were true…what's the point?"

"The point.  The point is to have fun.  What else." 

"Well - there has to be some point, to it.  If that's how things really are.  I mean, what's……"

"So you're having trouble just living."

"Hey - I'm not - knocking it.  I just…don't……get it.  The - point.  Of it.  Your way."

"It's not my way.  It's our way. It's the way.  It's just the way things are.  What's so difficult about that??  Geez Louise.  You're really an uptight kind of guy, aren't you."  

"Um…well…...yes.  I guess.  I am."    

"Well, this is my stop anyway.  Goodbye.  Nice talking with you.  Oh - my name is - "

"Uh - actually…I don't really…want, to know."

Because really, what's the point.



And maybe discuss it as well under the title:

On Enslavement.


P.S. On this closing note:  I have been reading recently the notion that the Matrix that we are embedded in - captured, as it were, like flies in a web - has been spun by a malevolent demiurge, and we need to escape from it.  Well, yes, and no.  I get that we need to escape from the Wheel of Rebirth; that it - 'desire', as the Buddha called it; or 'attachment' - is keeping us from the Real Thing.  And I certainly have had a hard time adjusting to life in 3D, and can hardly wait for Ascension.  (What i feel that I came here for, specifically.  To assist in the process of as many of us as possible 'making it,' on this particular Grand Wheel go-'round.  Another subject.)  But - as my response to the conversation on the 'point' (ahem) put it - without duality/polarity, even if it is only seeming duality and separation, there would be no growth, no space for consciousness raising.  And in any event, it has its purposes, in and for itself.  Without it, e.g., I would never have heard/experienced George Shearing, or the Dave Brubeck Quartet,* or the Glenn Miller 'Big Band' Orchestra; let alone Beethoven, Bach, Mozart.  Or have lived long enough on this level/plane of existence  to have had the exquisite pleasure of having heard, and seen in concert, Jackie Evancho; there alone, living proof that there is a God, and a loving God at that, beyond the confines of our present prison, which, nevertheless, births such beauty.  And the list goes on.

This 3D realm, to say, has had value.   And then, yes, indeed, the 'point' comes for you - you, soul; you, individuated spark of divinity - you 'piece of the Continent, part of the Main'  - to move on.

That's all.  That's all.

* the interplay between Dave on piano and Paul Desmond on alto sax alone is a thing of beauty.  They were aesthetically made for each other.  Probably a pre-incarnate contract at work.  Or to say, better perhaps: at play.

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