Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tyrants In Your Midst

I have recently had occasion to react vigorously online regarding a couple of socio-political issues.  One is vaccines.  The other is gun control, with an ideological agenda at work, of, ultimately, confiscation.  A word on the underlying issue in both cases: The Law, and its unfair application.

Take mandatory vaccines.  Actually, my position is: Don't.  Certainly not just because the state requires them, for your children to enter the public school system.  It's a long story, about individual vaccines, and their relative safety, and 'informed consent,' and so forth.  To cut to the chase: When I wrote that the law could be an ass, was I advocating the breaking of the law, and speak up please, so that the jury can hear your answer??  My answer: "Yes - with a big If."

If the law is a nefarious law - don't abide by it.  Break it; don't let it break you, to the will of the would-be tyrants in our midst.  Do your homework on the subject.  And if there appears to be an agenda at work, where things are not up-front, don't buy into it.  (In this case, vaccines are not only a huge money-spinner for the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex, and the creator of side-effect conditions requiring more of the drug companies' products; but most insidiously: are the vector for 'people control' as a bioweapon.)*

And the same with gun control legislation.  There can be some reasonable measures involved in this subject.  But beware of the surrounding circumstances.  In this case, I consider most of these measures that are coming down the pike in our day to be the mark of intended tyranny.  'The state' is trying to cow the citizen into being a cow - into submission to its overriding will, at a time of ideological war going on, between, ultimately, the individual and the New World Order Elite, wishing to rule the world and run it as a giant plantation.

Defend the Constitution, and your rights under the nation's Constitution.  At all costs.  Or you will end up helplessly, defenselessly in the hands of people who have an agenda: to control you, without your legitimate consent.

The bottom line: If the law is a nefarious and/or unjust law: the law is an ass.

Just make sure of your premises.

And that's my sermon for today.

And I'm sure that Thomas Jefferson had something to say to this whole issue as well.  So I feel that I am in good company in this regard.


* And e.g., there are other treatments for the Ebola virus that one can take, other than the vaccine that 'they' are cooking up for us to have to take  I REPEAT: DON'T BUY INTO THEIR MACHINATIONS.  'They' are not the friend of The People that they pretend to be.  'They' are our erstwhile Masters.  And population cullers (to more manageable numbers).
     You are paying at least SOME attention to what's going on on Planet Earth in your time, aren't you???
     (Clue: Vitamin C in huge amounts (the Ebola virus depletes the body of all its vit. C).  See:  Also: ozone/oxidative therapy.  See Dr. Robert Rowen.)

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