Tuesday, 25 November 2014

On Practicing Discernment

from wnd: 'Despite Obama, I'm On A Spiritual High' - Joseph Farah - Nov. 25 
("I’ve just spent the last two weeks retracing the steps of the prophets and Jesus and breathing the majestic air of Jerusalem and Galilee and the Judean desert…")


(Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND.)

I have absolutely no doubts about your sincerity, Joseph. And you're obviously a good man, judging by your life's work, and your work in particular here on wnd. But according to many researchers on the subject (including Ralph Ellis and D.M. Murdock in particular, to my mind), the New Testament story is just that: a fabrication, handed down mostly through Roman hands, to make them look (relatively) good, and keep the populace pacified.
Discernment in all things. If that's not the first commandment for a discriminating mind, it should be. Practice unceasing discernment.

Life is full of snares. So much so, that even the [very] elect may be deceived.

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