Monday, 3 November 2014

Life In My Kingdom

First of all, to clarify:

My kingdom would be God's kingdom, because it would be in perfect alignment with God's will; as far as we humans, with our limited receiving sets, can determine such an obviously august thing.  But with a mind clear of all 'static,' distraction - and with the help of beings more advanced than ourselves on the spiral stairway to the heavens, with our current, 3D level of  consciousness - we should be able to do a pretty good job of at least approximating that interpretation.  And I would take good advice in my aligning process wherever it comes from.  So for example, the maxim, 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' makes good sense, whatever its source.  And so does the advice to 'Judge not, lest ye be judged' in a purposeful and just universe.  As this one obviously is, as indicated by the Law of Karma, which notion has been validated by all manner of 'travelers' beyond this realm of space and time, who have given us the benefits of the knowledge they have gained thereby, about how things work in the grand scheme of things.1      

So, to the subject of this blog; for today's sermon, as it were (late as it is).

In my kingdom (taking America as a first step), I would, first of all, set things right, as a base to build a more solid and sacred structure on.  That would involve such purifying measures as:

* having federal officials fan out through the nation, like a horde of benevolent locusts, double-checking that the voter rolls were being cleansed and purified by the self-responsible actions of the citizenry 'on the ground', in their respective states;  

   a) the Democrat Party being particularly remiss in aiding and abetting voter fraud, out of the immoral attitude that the end justifies the means;2 and  

   b) the Republican Party, as the 'opposition party' of record, being remiss in not championing a cleaning-up of the voting process in this country.  (Undoubtedly to keep hidden from view its own transgressions in this regard.)

* sending illegal aliens (hereinafter to be referred to as 'i.a.'s' in this article) back to their home countries, as the responsibility of their home countries;  

   a) Legitimate refugee applicants being another matter.  And that is to say as well, not merely economic refugees.  We have a regular immigration system to take care of all that sort of thing (which will be cleaned up as well; in the general 'cleaning' of the Augean stables of the American government that will be engaged in at this time);

   b) This process to be aided and abetted by such people not being allowed to take advantage of taxpayer-supported 'welfare' measures, intended for this country's own citizenry.  And this measure alone, with the lid thus being put on that honey pot, will cause many of them not only to leave voluntarily, but not to be drawn here in the first place. 

   c) "That" honey pot, meaning that there is another one drawing these queue jumpers here, too; that being the 'promise' of work.  
     Especially with this country's own citizenry facing a large unemployment problem, we cannot sustain this immoral discrepancy any longer.  So the lid to the honey pot of employment of i.a.'s  will be closed as well, with prison time and/or heavy fines for employers knowingly taking on i.a.'s.
     (Note: Special visas for short-term field/harvest workers to be reinstated.  And closely administered and monitored.  Meaning business - and not 'funny business' - this time.)

   d) As for the question regarding the children of i.a.'s born in this country.  That is a problem, yes.  Most of the weight of that problem falls on the shoulders of their parents: It is their responsibility, ultimately, as free-willed individuals making choices in life.  But since i.a.'s were lured here by various actions of governmental people in this country, the matter is not one that the parents are solely responsible for.  
     This quandary should be taken care of by my final point coming up in this listing of the facets of my kingdom.  But first, a final point regarding the two subjects of i.a.'s and voting:

* English to become America's official language; and immigrants needing to learn to read and speak English in order not only to become a citizen of this country but to have the honor (and responsibility) of voting in this country.  That they may have been able to keep up with the social and political scene and culture of this country.  Not to try to transform it into the culture of their home country.  They would be, after all - by their request - American citizens by then.

And lastly (for this partial report), but far from least:

* championing a total reform of the world's financial and currency system, by 

   a) a Jubilee, of all outstanding debts (as having been fraudulently imposed in many instances anyway);

   b) the elimination of interest-bearing, and, therefore, debt--bearing, money (which is supposed to be simply for ease/convenience in the transactions of goods and services, not collecting it as an end in itself);  

   c) the creation of a simple, straight-forward system of credits and debits, as in a LETS system, merely writ large.    

And thereby comes the elimination of poverty, which has been a by-product of the current system, of 'economics'.  'Economics' no longer to be a feature of life anyway, in an Era of Abundance (read also: free energy devices).

The Abundance of a universe created by a loving Source.  Whose principles we are now returning to.  The long sojourn in the desert of our making over.  For those who are ready to graduate, and move on from this classroom; this dense dimension, in comparison to what awaits us, outside of/beyond these long-standing confines of 3D 'reality'.  Illusion, really.

But more on that, another time.  

And Enough of this report, on the 'changing of the guard,' for now.

The 'changing of the guard': from lower-consciousness leadership and being, to higher.3  

As will be the features of leadership, and life, in

my kingdom.  

Recognizing, that life has a Purpose, beyond just in and for itself only, on a speck of dust in an ultimately purposeless universe.

Live in such a place if you want, and by its 'law of the jungle'.  But if you want your life to have some true meaning, join me.  I'm moving closer to it.

'It' being The All That Is.

Hallowed be Thy unfathomable, and unutterable, Name.    

In summary.

I have heard a lot about an 'open border' policy, whereby the United States of America will simply be melded into a region - already designated by our erstwhile Keepers as the North American Union - of a (totalitarian) New World Order, and people will be 'free' to gravitate to wherever they wish to, to find employment, and everything will be just hunky-dory.

It ain't going to happen.  And the sooner you s.o.b.'s behind this move leave it behind, the better.

Let me close with a little story about countries, and honor, and such.

If ever the honorism, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant,' was earned, it was by the likes of General George S. 'Old Blood And Guts' Patton Jr.  The man - vitally instrumental in the liberating of the European continent from the yoke of fascist statist oppression (and warning about the continued threat of communist statist oppression from the extreme on the other side of the political aisle) deserves a special mention in the honor rolls of this nation.  Which honor rolls are long, and deserving of deep respect; going all the way back to the nation's founding, by a special group of incarnate souls, obviously raised up for just that occasion: that freedom - 'essential liberty' - a proper exercise of Man's free will, and thus of his dignity; not a mere automaton of the almighty state - might not perish from the Earth.

As for the despicable, putrid excrescences on the body politic - these immoral, can-kicking, sorry excuses of responsible politicians that are most of those currently leading this nation, into such a disaster being deliberately planned for it - both men and women, and in-betweeners - I guess the less said, the better.4

Just to say, that I wouldn't follow a one of them into battle with the enemy.

For, for the most part, they are   

the enemy.

Them, and their New World Order.  The reverse image of

the real thing.

Which is my kingdom, as proposed.

And in which, at some point, I will have to honor these execrable incarnates, who, after all, are just playing a part, in the Drama that is about to come to an end.  

That point being when they realize that they are not the part they are playing, for the purposes of the Drama.  And come over to the side of the Light.

Or not.

Their  choice.



1 And thus, I do not come from the point of view of any particular religion, per se.  There are 'human fingerprints' all over the Bible, e.g. - in both the Old Testament and New Testament -  so that it is impossible to know what is 'valid' and what is not, except as various 'sayings' from the Bible make good, common sense.  And even, at times, pure wisdom.  

2 and including such states in particular as Colorado, where state law, under the Democrat Party partisanship control, is aiding and abetting voter fraud in a big way; and whose opprobrious law regarding this matter would be nullified, at least for federal elections, for allowing non-citizens to vote, and thus effectively disenfranchising American citizens, for allowing, and even encouraging, what should be considered 'illegals' from voting.  
     The Left appears to consider that no one is an "illegal" person.  To the point of saying, by their voting laws: 'Step up, step up, all you merely residents of this state; come and vote for your 'entitlements'.'      
     People are not only 'illegal' sometimes.  Sometimes they are bitches, and sons of bitches.  For example: when they are bent on destroying their country, as is, and turning it into something else; a process that can't be controlled, on that level of consciousness.  When it is appropriate to consider, that A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…

3 Speaking of 'being': As Gandhi said: 'We don't live in order to eat and sleep.  We eat and sleep in order to live.'
     There is a higher purpose to life, than just in and for itself only.
     Let's get to it.

4 On the subject of 'in-betweeners': there is, for example, considerable evidence of a secretive gaggle of lesbians and 'gays' who have carved out quite a nasty criminal enterprise for themselves in the 'halls' (hells??) of government.  That will be cleaned up, closed down, and exposed, as well.
     When the Truth outs, it outs.
     (See the Abel Danger guys for more info on this appalling subject.) 

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