Tuesday, 4 November 2014

And Even Bluer (In A Sense)

In getting to some of yesterday's snail mail, I see that I have been invited to become a Juror on something called the Task Force To Impeach Obama.  I have failed to open a lot of this sort of mail over the past couple of months, from more than one source, because of a reason that you would know about by now.  But since this, on its very envelope, indicated that the subject was getting really serious now - complete with 'Analog Classified Documents' and addressed to me as 'Juror' of said Task Force -  I opened it.  And perused the contents, dutifully.  And am still of the same opinion as before.  Which I shared with the Director of said Task Force, thusly:

Nov. 4

Dear Matt,

As much as I appreciator your initiative, and that of the FRC, in this matter, I cannot, in all good conscience, support you in it, for the reason that:

Obama is an illegal occupant of the office to begin with (let alone guilty of dereliction of duty while in it), for not being a bona fide 'natural born' citizen;* and thus, an impeachment process implies something that is not true: that he is a legally sitting president, and thus legally subject to that process.  It acts as a cover for the real truth of the matter; that being, in other words, that our nation has been hijacked.

Now, if you, and the FRC, were to mount a campaign against that state of affairs…  count me solidly in.



* i.e., one born on the soil of 2 U.S. citizen parents.  So that the person in that office - who would also become the Commander-in-Chief of the nation's military forces - would not have any conflicting LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like a naturalized citizen.  And like a dual citizen.
     Like, er, Obama.


P.S. Voting Day?  Regulars here will know how I feel about that.  But even they don't know the latest on that score:

I asked my (L.A,) Country Voter Registration center how often they cleaned their Voter Registration rolls; and they failed to get back to me, on my legitimate request for information from them.

This state as well only requires of a person showing up at the polls to vote to simply sign a name against a name on their reg roll.  You could be anybody.  Plus, with no cleaning of the reg rolls themselves…

I have nothing but contempt for this state's voting system; and - as I have said before in these pages - I refuse to take part in a charade and thus, in effect, lend my consent to it.  I flatly withhold my consent to this nation's voting process, as it has become.

This nation has descended into a level of corruption that can quite accurately be labeled a Circle of Hell.

Yes, the Republican Party has engaged in such corruption as well.  But not to the degree that it has been taken by the Democrats.

I wonder how the politicians at the top of the Democrat Party feel, knowing that they are sitting on the top of a huge mountain of voter fraud.  How do they live with themselves??

Well, I know the answer to that.  In this Circle of Hell, the answer would be:


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