Saturday, 29 November 2014

Back Into It

Returning home from having been out of town visiting extended Family during the Thanksgiving holiday period, I got into my snail mail before tackling the monumental stack of emails that I know are awaiting my attention.  One of the first such missives that I got into was from an outfit called the Southeastern Legal Foundation, wherein they proudly announced a win against the Obama regime at the U.S. Supreme Court, and their diving right into the next such case that they are mounting.  This one has to do with Obama's use - attempted use - of his executive-branch 'regulatory' powers to in rather fact tax the American public, and corporations.  The issue is regarding a 'regulatory' tax on fossil fuel energy usage.  The Executive cannot  constitutionally raise taxes on his sole authority; off his own bat, in the vernacular of an American .1  But Congress - the legislstive branch of the federal government; YOU do understand, don't YOU - turned down what is called a 'cap and trade' tax on fossil fuel use.  So did that stop Herr Hitler, who has decided - with the connivance of a lapdog Mainstream Media, and a similarly compliant Congress - that he is a law unto himself?  Not on your Nellie.  He is doing an end-around play on Congress, by unilaterally declaring such a tax.2  

The arrogance of this man seems to have no bounds.  So, groups like the SELF are trying to rein him in through the courts.  And hoping to get a fair hearing in that arena of our federal system of government.  Under relentless pressure right now, by this Marxist who wants to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America into a socialist 'paradise'.  Or at the least, bring it down to the level of aThird World nation; so that the U.S. doesn't live on a higher standard of living than the rest of the world, becomes a dutiful, 'equal' member of the collectivist New World Order3 being put in place, brick by brick. In its way like the Berlin Wall.  

All of which is why, under
Obama, the DHS
Has commandeered 
         literally millions
Of rounds of ammunition,
It has to do with the likes
                 of earthquakes 
                 and hurricanes
And such - is
For 'keeping the peace'.
                   Which is BS.
'It's unfair' - bleat our
Erstwhile Masters -
                'that some 
                have more
Than others.'
             Which is more
BS; piled higher
And deeper
Is all...
                 It's time
And almost past
            that Congress
Its ass in gear
And rein this upstart in
Its responsibility in
Such matters.

"We're fast approaching
A constitutional crisis -
That Obama is provoking!"
Indeed.  it is
On purpose: to
Elicit the kind
                 of response
That he can then use
To clamp down on
Severely, in declaring
       Martial Law
And thereby destroying
The Constitution
    rather than by
    the death
Of a thousand cuts
That he has been employing
Up 'til now.

                     And so, we
Have come
Right down
To it:
          the moment
            that many
Have been waiting for:
     the Showdown
         the Dark
        the Light.

And guess who wins
The End

         …when we inherit
Our highest 
                  And sing
                  a song
                  of praise
            ... and for
                    the fact
                  the long
                long wait
  is over
                   at long



1 "…the Constitution specifies that only Congress and the president working together can lay and collect taxes of any kind (Art. I, Sec. 7=8)."

2  What's the difference between a 'regulatory' tax and a 'regular' tax?  Answer: A bit of spelling.   

3 Which has elements of both a socialist system and a fascist system.  Obama & his Merry Wrecking Crew of socialists doing 'a deal with the devil' in accepting the power of the corporate 'world' behind what's going on; and, presumably, figuring, like the Bolsheviks before them, that they can take over the rule once the revolution has been consummated.  
     At its best.  
     So to speak.  


P.S. As Obama's new Executive Order on illegal aliens starts to fall into place - until the new Congress can rein him and it in in January (by simply nullifying it; having found their intestinal fortitude by then, with the new kids on the governmental block) - and the illegals that will now - again, but in quite likely larger numbers than ever before - start flooding over our porous border (while the getting is good) say, in effect, "Obama will take care of me," I am reminded of a story out of the JFK era, when the far Left also started strutting their stuff, in taking over the high ground in that administration, and trying to instill their socialist paradise at that time (You DO know that they have been at this dream for generations, don't you???).  I discovered that a new primer for children to learn to read from that came out at a that time contained a story about The Little Boy In the White House.  It was a picture story about two squirrels on the tree-laden front lawn of a little boy, sitting in the background of the pictures on the front steps of his white colonnaded house, watching with a friendly smile the squirrels doing their thing; with one of them saying to the other (who was busy gathering acorns): "What are you doing?"
     "I'm gathering nuts for the winter," says the other squirrel.
     "Oh, you don't have to do that," says the first squirrel.  "The little boy who lives in the white house will take care of you."
     Same scenario.  Different players.  But certainly, a payoff from "the long march through the institutions" that Obama's friend Bill Ayers chose to take, after their Weathermen direct-action attempts at overthrow petered out, and they decided to be more doctrinaire about it.

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