Tuesday, 18 November 2014

On The Elections, & The Elected

I realize that I have not said much in these pages in respect to the recent elections.  Let me address that oversight here and now, by saying:

Congratulations to the American people for reacting to the myriad of provocations by this rogue Executive and his rogue administration in a way that did not give him the opening that he has been desiring, and trying to instigate into being; that being to declare Martial Law, and thus eliminate the Constitution in one fell swoop, rather than by 'the death of a thousand cuts' that he has been administering to it. for long enough, now.  A hearty Well Done, then, to the American people, in exercising your right to vote miscreants out of office, and thereby administer change peaceably.  

Now let's finish the job, by simply - in pre-emptive mode (which is appearing more and more necessary) - removing the Usurper from his position of high power as obtained unlawfully, and thus our not needing to do it either by the electoral process or by impeachment, which is for legally sitting presidents.  He is illegally ensconced in that office, which gives We the People the ability simply to arrest him, and hold him for trial, on a considerable number of charges; among them, the felony in its own right of having authorized the posting of a document on the official White House website that he knew to be fraudulent, no. 1, and no. 2, which has well proven, under the detailed scrutiny of several such document experts, to be a forgery.  

The case that it made, for his birth in Hawaii - let me make it clear - not being necessary to his removal from that office in any event: no. 1, its fraudulent nature being in and of itself sufficient grounds for his immediate removal from the office which, no. 2, he illegally obtained in the first place, by not being constitutionally eligible for it.*  

And into the (cleaned-up by then) court system will go as well all those who engaged with him in the conspiracy to defraud the American people - and thereby attempt to move the nation out from under the rule of law - in putting up for the office a candidate who was not constitutionally eligible for that particular office in the first place.  More on said conspiracy to come out, as we go along the path of setting things to rights in this country.  

And let the chips fall where they may in that pursuit and process, of cleansing the country of wrongdoing.  For, corruption will not be allowed, much less tolerated, in the New Order of Things that the American experiment in self-governance was intended to help bring about on the planet.  Not the pale-imitation, corrupted version, which temporal powers have tried to substitute for The Real Thing.  

Which will be the base from which Humanity as a whole will now reach for the heavens; physically, and in spiritual Ascension as well.

More on all of which to follow, from the days that we are now in:

the countdown days, to our rightful inheritance; for all the work that we have put into helping bring it about.

'It': Our release from the 3-D prison that we entered a long time ago - willingly; for the experience, of seemingly being totally on our own, rather than part of a larger whole, and process.  And now, having experienced it, and in spades, as they say, can leave it behind - having earned our wings, as it were - and enter the wider space of our being, and potential, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  And go exploring in the universe at large.

And beyond.

Spatially.  And dimensionally.

For being, in our true, fundamental natures, far greater than we have heretofore given ourselves credit for being.

As a gift from The All That Is that sparked us into being.


* That case, in a nutshell:
   When the constitutional Framers came to the time to look at the qualifications that they wished to assign for the new office of the presidency of the nation that they were forming, Alexander Hamilton proposed that the candidate must be, besides a certain age, simply a "citizen".  John Jay, one of the statesmen of the day, who, however, was not part of the Constitutional Convenntion proceedings (but who was to become the first Chief Justice of the new nation; such was the esteem in which he was held by his peers), sent a private letter to G. Washington, Chair of the Convention, expressing his concern that the person in that position, who would as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, be not required to be just a "citizen," but a special kind of citizen: a "natural born" citizen.  The point - which was accepted by the Convention, over A. Hamilton's proposal - was to make sure that the candidate did not have DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like a naturalized citizen.  And obviously like a dual citizen. 
   The constitutional Framers were of the generation that had just fought a war for their independence, from Britain.  They were particularly sensitive to such issues as the Brits trying to sneak back into power in the fledgling Republic.  We can, of course, amend the Constitution to our own interests and sensitivities along these sorts of lines.  And in point of fact, both current political parties tried a total of eight times between 2003 and '08 to get such an amendment going through Congress, to withdraw this particular eligibility requirement for that particular office.  And they failed even to get it out of committee each time; such was the sensibility 'in the air' against eliminating this particular requirement.
   So it is still the law of the land.  
   Which doesn't mean that it can't be changed - survive the amending process, of the constitutional contract (a process not to be entered into lightly; for longevity purposes)  - in the future.   
   But in the meantime, its 'changing' has been an act of tyranny.
   And all those involved in this execrable act of despotism must be held to account for their scurrilous actions.
   Including - of course - the Usurper himself.    
    A former 'constitutional law lecturer'. 
   Oh, really?  Interesting, how they teach such subjects these days… 

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