Thursday, 20 November 2014

On Gauntlets

1) from 'Obama To Shield Nearly 5 Million Illegal Immigrants From Deportation, Taunts Congress Along The Way' - CK Howard IV - Nov 20

The die is cast. It's time to take the battle directly to the Usurper.
Either we are a nation of laws. Or we are a fiefdom of an Overseer. Take your pick.


2) Blast faxes via GrassTopsUSA: 'Emperor Obama Just Had His Say On Amnesty… Now Have Your Say' - Nov. 20

("UPDATE: Barack Hussein Obama Just Declared Himself Dictator Of The United States By Issuing An Unconstitutional, Lawless And Imperial Amnesty Proclamation... A Proclamation That He Has No Authority Or Power To Issue... Are You Going To Let Him Get Away With It?…")

My response:

TO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership Of The United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives:

RE: If You Fund Obama's Dictatorial Amnesty Decree, Then You Are COMPLICIT... PERIOD... END OF SENTENCE!

The Architect of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, obviously isn't the only elite in Washington who is under the idiotic impression that the American people are stupid.

Can you please explain how some elected officials can castigate Mr. Obama for threatening to issue an unconstitutional "Executive Amnesty Decree" on the one hand and then quietly push to give him taxpayer money to fund it on the other?

To use the words of Senator Jeff Sessions: "Why would any member of Congress who opposes executive amnesty provide President Obama the funds to carry it out?"

Make no mistake, if you do not stop funding for Mr. Obama's unconstitutional and lawless amnesty decree, as far as the American people are concerned, it will not be a failure on your part; rather, the American people will consider you to be complicit.

Stopping Mr. Obama is simple. The American people are not simple. Moreover, the American people are sick and tired of your phony promises, your duplicitous actions and your weasel words. You were given your positions of power to stop the radical Obama agenda. Stop it now


Duane Stanfield
P.S. When Obama the candidate said in 2008 that "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America," We the People had some excuse not to understand that he meant "…into a dictatorship".  We no longer have the benefit of that excuse, in guiding our actions from here on in, in ridding the nation of this despot - and outright Usurper, as it has turned out as well.

Do your damn job.  Or get out of the way.  The People are coming. 


3) from 'Rush: Obama actually IS an Emperor' - orig. Nov. 19; posted here Nov. 20

Michael Leinbach · Top Commenter · Bel Air, Maryland (Nov 20)

But the truth is..... REAGAN DID NOT DO IT! Reagan absolutely did not give blanket Amnesty to anyone!

Reagans Law was the Immigration Reform and Control act of 1986 and it GAVE NO ONE Amnesty!

In fact, The law made it illegal for a Company to knowingly hire an Illegal Immigrant. 


The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Pub.L. 99–603, 100 Stat. 3445, enacted November 6, 1986, also known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, signed into law by Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986, is an Act of Congress which reformed United States immigration law. The Act[1]
required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status;.
made it illegal to hire or recruit illegal immigrants knowingly;.
legalized certain seasonal agricultural illegal immigrants, and;.
legalized illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously with the penalty of a fine, back taxes due, and admission of guilt; candidates were required to prove that they were not guilty of crimes, that they were in the country before January 1, 1982, and that they possessed minimal knowledge about U.S. history, government, and the English language.

At the time, the Immigration and Naturalization Service estimated that about four million illegal immigrants would apply for legal status through the act and that roughly half of them would be eligible.[2].

(So, have those pre-'82ers ended up applying for, and receiving, citizenship???…)


4) What do I think of Obama's latest move?

I can only guess
That he is tired
of the job
And has figured out
A way to get out
               of it
With at least
some people
Giving him credit
For his time in it.
And now,
he can ditch
     Michelle -
 who is merely
      a beard
 for him anyway
(and the children
    but window
     dressing) =
And get back
To his true
And drugs.
Oh; and

That job
Must have been
Really hard
On him;
Great Pretender
he is.


…and a final thought for this day, in the countdown time period to Breakthrough, from the Illusion that we have been living in; for long enough, now (and a final gauntlet to throw down, right now):

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'AP Impact: 'Vaccine Court' keeps Claimants Waiting' - Nov. 20  (orig. posted at Health and Nutrition - Nov 17)

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

I am not happy with this report from the AP. Although it does give both sides of the issue, it does not do the ‘anti-vaccine’ case proper justice.

I have studied this matter for many, many years; and the bottom line is that ‘the system’ is totally and arrogantly corrupt. Yes, some plaintiffs’ lawyers game the system. But the system just makes them play the same game, for being so unfair. And as for The Great Justification for these dangerous shots: There are all manner of natural substances that can do the job, of protecting children from the childhood diseases, that don’t have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have. And the vaxes weren’t the major reason for the lowering of the ch. diseases over the years anyway. The stats show that those mortality rates were going down BEFORE the advent of the vaccines for them; through better sanitation, nutrition, etc. (Including illness/disease conditions that don’t have a vax ‘attached’ to them; like typhus.) This whole thing has been fueled by matters of cupidity, and power. (The latter aspect including the fact that vaxes are now being used as clandestine infertility agents; and worse. Another story.)

This vaccine ‘business’ – and I use the word deliberately – will be exposed as a particularly sad, even disgusting chapter in the history of humanity, when The Truth outs. As it will.

As – it – will.

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