Thursday, 6 November 2014

Speaking Of...

…'The Way To Get There' (as I did in my Tuesday's blog)

from'Will Republicans Impeach Barack Obama?' - Nov. 5 - orig. posted at - Paul Joseph Watson - Nov. 5
("...What’s best for the United States in the 21st century is the impeachment of Barack Obama. But that’s not what’s best for the leadership of the Republican Party over the next 24 months.
Which is why impeachment is a forlorn hope, and an ominous example of why the two party monopoly continues to cause great harm to everything that America stands for.")
Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 6)

There likely will BE no election in 2016 if Obama the Usurper is allowed to stay in the office that he and the Dem Party hijacked, thus making of the Constitution literally "just a damn piece of paper" and putting us under but the rule of men, rather than the rule of law. Which he could easily cement in place at any time, with the help of his enablers, by creating a false-flag opportunity to declare a national emergency and thus Martial Law, and putting the nation under lock and key just - like - that.

He is, in other words, not to be trusted a moment longer than it is necessary to get him out of that position of such power. Which can be accomplished by Oathkeepers, both retired and current, quietly making a deal with the Secret Service, to avoid bloodshed - and with a multitude of Patriots having their backs in a show of support - and going in to The People's House and arresting him, on a multitude of charges (the key one being his ineligibility for that office in the first place; which we can blame the establishment Republican non-opposition Party for as well), and holding him for trial. At the same time, arresting the officials of the Democrat Party who engaged in this illegal act (which includes both Pelosi and Biden), and the officials of the Republican Party who are highly suspected of colluding with them in this crime against the Constitution/rule of law of the nation. And in fact, to suspend the Congress itself, for not doing its constitutional duty in this sort of matter. Said Oathkeepers to appoint an Officer of The People to hold the Executive space [while] said Person calls for re-elections; and in the meantime, cleanses the executive branch of government of the nest of vipers that has been allowed to proliferate in those departments over the years.

And the nation is thus returned to the rule of law; and thus kept from moving from a Republic into an Empire, and all the dissolution and moral enervation that that entails, from our knowledge of, and learning from, history. And then - once the Nation has been thus set to rights - let there be what is to best be on the other side of that - this - watershed point. Which would include an overhaul of the nation's, and, inevitably, the world's, financial & monetary system. 

But, first things first.

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