Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I AM With You…Always

I realized, from my last blog, that you, dear Reader, may not know quite what to think of me.  Have I gone 'round the bend?  Not - at least - from everyday life, as 'a spiritual being having a human experience'.   

Just acknowledging 
How I feel.
                     I AM
A big proponent
Of the free speech principle
For example.  As for
The leadership thing,   
I hadn't meant to
Go that far 
When I started 
           the blog 
But I found myself wanting 
To lay my claim, and take
Responsibility -
Responsibility -
For it.
So, there
IT iS.

As for a possible question in your mind: Can you trust me?  My answer (just off the top of my head):

I recommend that you read my blog postings over the years.  They will - that will - give you a good indication of where I come from, and who I am.  I am one of you.  In, but not of, the world.  And realizing that.

I've had to hold these feelings - and 'that' feeling (the Leadership thing) in particular - all these years; awaiting 'the call'.  Not knowing what that might be, might entail.  But I certainly know now:

It's about opposing total despotism on the planet - but in a way that doesn't just create more reaction, thus being a false Synthesis stage of the process; just another step on the ladder, of the raising of consciousness; out of the relative darkness, and into the full light of a New Day for humanity.  The vaunted New Age that some have talked about.  Thus, its not being just another new 'thesis,' which - by the 'law' governing such things - would merely generate another antithesis, for the process to continue unfolding. But the Full Monty, as it were, now.

Consider.  The dark Cabal is about to fasten a Total Information Blanket over the whole of humanity, whereby all that we will know is what our erstwhile Masters want us to know.  If ever a total historical response was called for - a concluding of The Process - this is that time.     

As for this specific business, of (erstwhile) Masters over us:

With Lincoln, As I would be a slave to no man, I would have no man be a slave to me.  

And thus, why I am such a big proponent of the 'free speech' principle.*  

And as for my being in this right along with you; and clarifying any possible misconception on the issue:

            I AM
A Christian.
I don't believe
In that story.
I'm just operating
On what I know
And feel.
          I can still,
Good example, 
         get angry
              a sale
That I was counting on
To come through
My supermarket's
Cash register
It up.  
A bummer of
A trip
That is.

And the time when
I worked at
An aircraft assembly
In a summer
Going back
To university
And my work site
Wasn't up
To snuff
In not giving me
To do
And so 
         I went
And got in trouble
For it.
Did I get angry
The injustice
Of it??
             No, I
Did not.
       (And fook
My punishment
           for it
Under the wing
Of a female
Time, who took
A liking
To me.
            But that's
To tell
Is serious
And now
For now.)

If I had known then
What I know now
I might have said
(Or been tempted
To say): 
'Give me something
To do, Man.  
          I'm wasting
My time
Here, Man.  
      Let's get on
With lt, Man.'
                But I
Did not.
ly.  Or I 
Might not
Have made it
To today;
The Right
To say
I have
And Now
In our
    as we leave
The Darkness
Behind us
As the grist
For the mill
That it was. 
And note
That tense
For, All


So.  My message to the leaders of today:

Stop treating adults like children; and they will stop acting like children. 

And I will show you how.


* That doesn't mean that there should be no limits whatsoever to 'free speech'.  Clear incitement to violence against persons or lawful authority is a fair limitation, for example.  But such control should not be allowed to be fudged.  As masters of the art have already engaged in.
     For example: I  became active in a 'free speech' organization in Australia, where I lived for some years, which I began to realize was being taken over, or at  least neutralized, by proponents of anything but.  First, they - the steering committee, on which I ended up sitting - chose to denigrate a woman who rose to some prominence at the time by being a spokesperson for 'the rednecks,' they would be called in the U.S. - your basic average Joe & Jill Citizen, invested in the fundamental values of their Western upbringing.  (The specific issue around her was regarding her outspokenness over the state treating the Aborigines like a privileged class, in a bending-over-backwards, preferential-treatment show of liberal white guilt.  Much like what is happening today in the U.S. with the black community there: being used by Marxists like a battering ram, to install their desired socialist 'equality' system in the U.S.)  It's okay to oppose someone's point of view - and in point of fact, that's what life in a dualistic/polarity environment is all about - but to attempt to stifle them?  And by a Free Speech Committee, of all intentioned groups of people??  It wasn't on.  
   And then came a really big one: A professor wrote to us for support against the Australian authorities who were trying to nail him on 'he equivalent of 'incitement to violence' charges because he was questioning the given story about gas chambers in the (so called) Holocaust, of Jews by Hitler/the Nazis in the Second World War.  (The issue of the phantom 'six million' is another such issue out of those circumstances.)  He even went to Europe to check out the concentration camps named in 'history' - i.e., the record given to us by our erstwhile Masters for simply and dutifully swallowing - for such atrocities, and produced a video showing the results of his in-situ research.  (That there was no evidence for such charges 'on the ground'.)  He was being hounded by the authorities, not for 'the truth' of anything, but simply for going against the zeitgeist (i.e. in this case, outlawing speech that merely 'offends' somebody).   Would we help him? he asked us.  Answer: None.  
   I left the country just at that time, and so didn't have a chance to follow up on the issue, with the membership of the FSC at large, either through our (sometimes) newsletter or at the AGM.  But it was 'a sign of the times': Even a body calling itself a Free Speech Committee was being sidelined, on the planet.  By people who don't really believe in free speech.  But in The People being subordinated to the power - and whim - of The State.    
   Hear it, O Moloch the Magnificent: I for one will not be so cowed.  Go find yourself a sacrifice to your power lust somewhere else.
   That's not the way to change people.  Fool.
   Education.  Not indoctrination.
   Draw out from within.  Not impose from without.  The latter Way lasts only as long as you can maintain the imposition.
   We are not robots, simply subject to programming.

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