Friday, 7 November 2014

Mythology Vs. History - Or…???

from 'New research exposes hidden relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist' - D.M. Murdock - Nov. 5

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (Nov. 7)

Excellent article and research, D.M. Keep up the good work.
Whatever is true, will ultimately out. Nothing shall, or should, be hidden. Especially in the light of the new day dawning; which will bring all things together, into One. For humanity to proceed from there, into the true kingdom. Not this pale copy, reverse image of a New World Order planned for it, by the Dark forces; which have ruled on Earth long enough, now. Their time having come to relinquish their hold on mankind, and either reclaim their post-separation Light side. Or perish. Nothing being capable of withstanding the full force of The Light, as it shines on us, and in us, in our New (cosmic) Era.
That 'time' (actually, circumstance) having come. And I would add, with a personal note of satisfaction, and relief: 'At last.' The Completion of The Play. When mythology merges into and becomes history.

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