Saturday, 1 November 2014

…There MUST Be A Pony

Received in the mail today, and just watched, a feature-length documentary produced and put out by the Judicial Watch group, a bipartisan watchdog for The People in Washington.  Titled 'District of Corruption,' I have two things to say about it, and what it conveys:

1) I repeat: I refuse to have anything to do with the voting scene in this country as it is constituted today.  No election in this country is a legitimate, valid election, as things stand today; but

2) the fact that this documentary was made, and that there is such an organization as Judicial Watch, is a sign that somewhere in this country, there is a valley where hope can grow again.

And I'll leave my (pre-election-day) comments at that.  I'm too dispirited to say more.  Except one word:


(Late addition.  Couldn't resist.)

2) from 'Will Non-Citizens Determine Outcome of Midterm Elections?' - Tim Brown - Nov. 1

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 1)

It's the weekend before a major election and this sort of article and these sorts of comments are coming up NOW??????

El Gringo es el loco.

Rhonda Miller · Top Commenter · AB Technical College

Let's put it this way, if they try voting and they are undocumented the need to get arrested and put in jail w/heavy fines for Voter Fraud. Every American need to be at the polls watching all that is taking place. I will be working the Polls Tuesday and I will notice if there is any voter fraud. America rise up and do your part to get the Conservative people elected, so we do not get anymore ILlegal Immigrants, Taxes, money going to every country except the US and we have had with this gang and Congress needs to step up to the plate and get every last one of those evil corrupt morons out of the WH immediately.
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  • Stan Stanfield
    · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 1)
  • Rhonda, good for you for planning on going to the polls on Tuesday and keeping an eye on things there. But most of the heavy-duty illegality has already been engaged in by then, with the voter reg rolls full of names that should have been stricken from them BEFORE the elections. The People of every state should have demanded a cleansing of the reg rolls, including verification of citizenship to be able to be on them. 
  • People, people: It's no good trying to close the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Follow · Top Commenter · Urbandale, Iowa

This is EXACTLY what I'm afraid of--that ILLEGAL votes will give the Democrats BACK the House (Speaker Nancy Pelosi 2.0) and STRENGTHEN their majority in the Senate!
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  • Stan Stanfield
    · Top Commenter · Stanford University (Nov. 1)

  • So? You're afraid of this NOW??????!!!!!!!!!………
  • What did you do to get your state's (county's) electoral rolls cleaned up BEFORE the election, and make it MANDATORY that voters show a photo ID????????? 
  • 'True the Vote' and Judicial Watch are two groups that have been working to these ends. Have you even ever HEARD of them, let alone given them a hand?????…..
  • Freedom is not free. You have to work at it - AND keeping it.

…and this, before calling it a night:

3) from 'Former CBS Reporter Releases Video Showing Feds Hacked Computer' - Nov. 1 (orig. posted at Oct. 31)
("Former CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson — who claims the government hacked her computer, TV and phone while she reported on the Benghazi terror attack — has released a new video showing what could be evidence of the government taking over her computer…")

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University  (Nov. 2)

I want to appreciate Sharyl for following up on this experience of hers, and enlightening the public as to what's going on in this country at the highest levels these dark days.

She's one of the 'good ones'. It's a shame that she's not still in a major position to do her excellent investigative journalism thing. But they wouldn't have let her go after the real stories for much longer anyway. She was getting too close to the real sources of power. Let's hope that she continues to keep her eye on things for us, wherever she is. She is what the Founding Fathers were talking about when they talked about the need for a free press, to keep the government honest, and the public informed. Without which, we are at the mercy of venal hypocrites and tyrants, whom power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Speaking of our current Dear Leader. Who's in that position of power illegally anyway. But that's another (such) story.

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