Monday, 10 November 2014

On Communication

from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Word Magic "Lightly" Decoded for the Beginner, by Bradley Loves' - Nov. 10
(A short treatise on the spoken word and how its vibration can cause an effect on our reality: "By the very words we speak daily, we cast vibrational changes into the fabric of the magnetic hologram, which then reflect changes in the REALITY that we are seeing…What you need to know is that sound and vibration are all part of the magical creation of our planetary 'reality'…So be careful of the words that you use, because each word 'spell' casts a very different vibration!…")
kibitzer3 says:
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Fascinating stuff. Reminds me of when I [first] came across a video on how the Hebrew alphabet is made up of the forms that twisting light beams make. (I don’t know how they decided to put which sound to which form.) Also, of how scientists are now understanding that the universe is crystalline in nature. (David Wilcock is getting into that subject in his Wisdom Teachings series on gaiam tv.)
Good stuff coming out, as we awaken, out of our long slumber. And ascend, because of that awakening. (Or ‘just’ because it’s time to???)


(the last, parenthetical comment meaning that these 'things' come in cycles.  And you catch it.  Or you don't.  Like a wave.)

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