Friday, 11 March 2016

And Speaking Of Justice Being Served...

subtitled: The Great Divide

1) from ‘Anti-Fracking Lawyers Accidentally Let Something Slip - This Changes Everything Forever’ - Daily Caller - March 10
(It turns our that there is no proof that fracking fluid is appearing in the water; the anti-fracking push is because of the anti-'Climate Change' agenda, with Americans contributing to it via too much use of fossil fuels, and thus the need to cut us down from our Middle Class, First World lifestyle, into more responsible members of the world's planned feudal system...)

Stan - March 11
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Thanks for this report. I didn’t know that there had been no evidence for groundwater pollution from fracking. There may still be a case for land subsidence from the technique, but I will now keep a closer eye on the subject, given this outright falsehood about drinking water being exposed.

I guess I should have known, that the watermelons would use lies to push their agenda, about AGW oops, excuse, about Climate Change on us, to further their cause, of bringing down the U.S. and turning it into an obedient Third World country, governed by the UN oops, excuse, by TPTB behind the whole shady scenario going on.

Not hard to tell Who’s Who even without a scorecard these days…

2) from ‘Putin Exposes Vaccines’ - Dane Arr - March 5

how about polio and dr Salk who saved many lives and will continue this way and than measles and the list of llife saving vaccines is endless and many more to come.v

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  • kibitzer3
     March 11, 2016 at 4:24 AM | Reply
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    Having read about a dozen books on this subject, and kept an eye on the Internet for many years regarding it, I can say with some authority that we have been terribly misled by TPTB regarding this modality. Not only are vaccines dangerous because of their known side effects – from their toxic ingredients, and to the baby’s immature immune system, not ready to handle such a shocking load to their systems – and because of their not-commonly known ingredients, such as (deliberately included) infertility agents, and, more recently, actual killing agents (TPTB having figured out how to cull us without threatening themselves in the process). But they are not necessary. There is a whole range of natural substances that can handle the childhood diseases – and more – without having to resort to the vaccines, with their damnable side effects. Besides clean water and good hygiene and nutrition (the morbidity rates of all of the childhood diseases – and more – were going down before the advent of the vaccines for them, for these environmental reasons), there are: large doses of vitamin A for measles; large doses of vitamin C for polio (& every other disease); colloidal silver for the DPT triad; the list goes on. 

  • Vaccines are highlighted because of a) money, and b) power. Power over humanity. By power-lusting people, who will do anything – anything – to corral us and cull us at their whim and will. We are, then, up against dark ‘principalities and powers’, that must be stopped in their push for total control over us in/by their New World Order; a totalitarian state of control, that The People of the world must shrug off, before they accomplish their dastardly deed, and for us to get to the better outcome awaiting us, on the other side of this great challenge that we have been given, to awaken to, and overcome, by mature use of our free will.

  • It is all about consciousness raising. And to separate the sheep from the goats. May as many of us as possible be on the side of the angels in this separation going on. For, there is a far, far better world awaiting us, than the dystopian vision that also awaits us. If we don’t rise to this occasion.

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