Sunday, 6 March 2016

You've GOT To Be Kidding!

(with a tip of the hat, for the title of this blog, to John McEnroe)

In my last blog I referred to the likes of the EPA's arrogant extension of the remit of the Congressional intention for those laws, and regulations in pursuance thereof.1  Getting some reading in at my local park today, in the sun but with a cool breeze blowing through - like the fresh breeze I aim to blow through this country - I read some more in an article (in the February 22nd issue of The New American) on this very subject.  One segment of the article - titled 'Profiles of Victims (subtitle: 'Through no fault of their own, farmers, ranchers, and landowners are finding themselves jailed, fined, or otherwise penalized by government - with nothing they can do about it') - talked about the case of  Ocie & Carey Mills, a father and son in Florida who cleaned out an existing drainage ditch on their property and filled it in with sand, in preparation for building a dream home there.  Ocie, the father, had complied with state and local permit processes, "and his building plans presented no danger to the environment or 'waters of the United States'".  What are such 'waters'??  The Clean Water Act  says waters of "wetlands...navigable waters".

I wonder if you are already aware of what is coming next?  Hint: It's the same ignoring of qualifying adjectives as in the eligibility requirement for a person to be president of the United States.  There, the requirement is for the person to be a "natural born" citizen.  Here, the adjective is "navigable".  But not so's the EPA and United States Army Corps of Engineers would notice: for pertinent example, they took the Mills's to court on doing their heinous deed to the "waters of the United States".  Well, of course, their charge was thrown out; right?  Wrong.  The first (federal) judge to hear the case agreed with the feds, and the Mills were thrown in jail - for 21 months - and fined $5,000.

And not content with that miscarriage of justice, the feds tried to tack on further charges against the Mills when they came out and attempted to return the property to the likes of the assholes from the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.2  Because this is not about Clean Water acts.  This is about power.  Naked power.   With the U.S. government, under the Usurper, trying to take over the country, and bring it to heel under the boot of the New World Order crowd; in this sort of instance, via the UN Agenda 2012, updated now to its Agenda 2030 - for the federal government to take over                            
 control of huge swaths of the land of the North American continent.  Ostensibly to protect the wildlife therein.  But really, to corral us formerly free humans.

And cull us, as they see fit.

And this is precisely what the dirty business in eastern Oregon was, and is, all about, with the Hammonds.  The feds are trying to drive ranchers and farmers off the land; and they don't care how they do it.  By hook.  Or by crook.  Including crooked judges...

I think that's all I want to say to this sordid subject, at this time.  Except just to remark on the sociopaths ruling us - attempting to rule us - these days.  And some shading over into outright psychopaths.  Some of them must think that they are doing good business, in eliminating us humans from the land, for the sake of the desert tortoise, and such.  But some really enjoy what they are doing.  And most of them are just the puppets of their controllers.  Who feed them, and give them power.

And will cull them, too, when their time comes.

Which it will.

Which - it - will.

Either way.  

By the forces of the Dark.

Or the forces of the Light.

And if I were them (and a part of me, as I have indicated in the footnotes, is), I would choose the latter Way.  For, the outcome that Way is far more satisfying, then the 'justice' of the Dark path.

Rough justice as it is.

And just deserts as it is.



1 i also referred to the 'evolution of the Creator'.  I was, of course, referring to the spiritual evolution thereof.  And hinting to the evidentiary fact for that state of affairs being that as we thus evolve - to higher degrees, levels, of consciousness; aka dimensions - so, logically, does the Creator, since we are a part of the Whole, and the Whole, being made up, at the very least,  of the sum of its parts, necessarily reflects those parts, just as they individually do the Whole, in a hologrammatic form.  And thus we are as well each other; at the very least, parts of the One Holy Being.  (And thus, As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - literally.)  But I won't argue the point.  We are individually on an initiatory Path.  That's all that matters presently to us.

2  a) Yes, a harsh term.  I am very angry at individuals who sell out their 'birthright' - their innate, intrinsic status, as facets, fractals, aspects of the One Holy Being - so easily.  And, they make it harder for the rest of us as well.  Which is part of the classroom exercising, I accept.  But, can't we move up a notch or two, in our lesson learning??  An advanced degree or two???  Actually, we're going to, anyway.  Ready.  Or not.  For such individuals...
     b) Fortunately, the second time around a more sensible judge heard their case, and sided with them; citing the feds for "the disturbing implications of the expansive jurisdiction which has been assumed by [said rogues] in a reversal of terms that is worthy of Alice in Wonderland."
     Sign that man up.  Now, there is a judge worth his salt.
     Would that there were more like him.
     Not appointed by the Usurper.
     Who is, after all - like them - just doing what he, and they, are being paid to do.
     By the Powers That Be behind all this.
     Who are now going to become The Powers That Were.
     Mark my words.
     And deeds.
     We're going Up, folks.  As I say: Ready.  Or not; individually.

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