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It's Now Very Clear: We Are At War

I get so pained at the naivety of some otherwise sensible people.  Case in point: For some years now I have been following the blog site of a middle-aged Canadian fellow who is a very sincere, 'Human potential movement'' guy with a strong spiritual streak, who, however, believes all too easily in 'channeled' material, or at least, the channeled material of sources that he has learned to trust.  And why has he learned to trust them?  Especially when they have been wrong in the past??  I assume it's because they resonate with his own inner sensibilities.  Thus, he is a firm believer that Obama is a high spiritual being, sent to help take humanity into a Golden Age.  When in reality, the evidence is getting clearer and clearer that Obama is sinisterly leading America into a death camp.

Now, a Golden Age can grow out of the dark-side crunch that we are facing, in the creative dance that seems to be behind historical development, of thesis-antithesis-synthesis - the so-called Hegelian dialectic, that some skeptics think is the tool of the Marxists, but which would appear, with some degree of fair interpretation, in my opinion, to be simply the way things work.  And so, Obama & Co., as the antithesis to one scenario about the world's development (without going into those details here, but largely involving human freedom, which some people feel is the cause of all our planetary ills), are bent on the creation of a planetary concentration camp, ruled by Force, which has set the energy up for the response of a 'synthesis' stage of development, but because we are now at the global stage of unfolding, it does not become just the thesis of another go 'round of the historical  process, but the full-blown, completed Synthesis itself: a, the, culminating Golden Age.  So to that extent, Obama can be said to be 'working for the Light'. But he is doing it in a very dark manner indeed.

Two observations.  First, a comment I just made yesterday to a disturbing article about how the Mexican government is mounting a rushed effort to turn as many of their illegal aliens in this country into American citizens in time for our elections in November.  That article, and my response:

from ‘Mexico Rushes to Legalize Immigrants Ahead of Election’ - Shawn - March 21
(“The Mexican government is mounting a rushed effort to turn as many of their former citizens into American citizens as they can ahead of the November elections. Terrified that Donald Trump could make it much harder for Mexican immigrants to wantonly disregard our laws, the country is opening up their consulates in Chicago, Dallas, and elsewhere to permanent U.S. residents who are eligible for citizenship. And though Mexican officials insist that they are not trying to interfere with the internal affairs of a sovereign country, it is fairly obvious that they want as many Mexicans voting against Trump as they can get…”) 


Thank you, Shawn; an important post.

I'm not sure how much more it will take for enough American citizens to wake up to the fact that this administration is at war with them - that this is not just political 'business as usual,' but is the actual hijacking of the American form of government, with the intention to merge the U.S into their intended New World Order - and to engage with the enemy accordingly. Not in a way that will give the Usurper in the Oval Office (a crucial part of this story) the excuse he and his minions are trying to elicit for the Usurper in Charge to call it a 'national emergency' and thereby declare Martial Law, and start the overt stage of their revolution. But in a lightning strike by our loyal Oath Keepers, with patriots having their backs in solid numbers.

And incidentally, just to clarify that this isn't just left-wing Marxists at work. The nest of vipers behind this agenda is primarily made up of fascists, i.e., the 'camp' of those in a corporate-government-complex putsch to take over the entire world, and make of it a concentration camp, run by them; not by a bunch of (intentionally) misled leftist youth, who think they are being bankrolled to do their 'environmentalist' tree-hugging thing by well-meaning people who have Gaia's welfare at heart. These dark-force people behind the scenes controlling it - the likes of George Soros, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the JP Morgans, the Goldman Sachs etc. crowd - have THEIR best interests at heart ONLY. And their interests are not yours, Average Joe & Jill America.

I am saying, that things can't be left up to a - presumed - election in November. The scene isn't going to hold that long. It's going to require a Reaction well before then. But an intelligent reaction. Not just a helter-skelter response. And not just with pleading petitions to our Washington, D.C. reps to 'do the right thing'. You got it yet? They aren't listening. They are part of the overthrow. The bought-out lot of them. Who [may] have been made an offer that they [couldn't] refuse; but nevertheless, need to be turfed out en masse. Along with the Usurper. Presumably the head of the snake. But really, only one of the bought-for minions; being controlled by darker forces than even himself. It's time, that is to say, for action. no longer words. Just words aren't going to cut it any longer.

Next, an excerpt from Judicial Watch's monthly newsletter Verdict, for this month, in a 'Message from the President', Tom Fitton, on the subject of how 'Congress And President Obama Betray Safety And Security Of American People':

"The Obama Administration doesn't want Americans to know about how it places refugees from terrorist states in their local communities.  The fact that we had to file a federal lawsuit to obtain basic information about Obama's dangerous refugee plans should tell Americans (and Congress) that the Obama administration has something to hide about refugees, terrorists, and national security..." (my emphasis).  And a little later on in the article, in talking about "five young Middle Eastern men" apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol in an Arizona town situated about 3'0 miles from the Mexican border, Litton reports the following:

"Of interesting note is that only three of the men's names were entered in the Border Patrol's E3 reporting system, which is used by the agency to track apprehensions, detention hearings and removals of illegal immigrants.  E3 also collects and transmits biographic and biometric data including fingerprints for identification and verification of individuals encountered at the border.  The other two men were listed as 'unknown subjects,' which is unheard of, according to a JW federal enforcement source.  'In all my years I've never seen this before,' a veteran federal enforcement agent told Judicial Watch..."

Can you say, 9/11 all over again???

I won't belabor the point.  Let me cut to the chase:

The Jesuits are involved in all this shady crap as well, with their Pope mouthing platitudes about poor underprivileged people being kept from affluent America unfairly, and the U.S. should throw open its borders to the world's needy.  All crocodile-tear stuff - and possibly even Reptilian in nature in very fact.  But the real perps in this matter are the Khazarian Jews, aka Rothschild Zionists, with their ambitions to control the world.  'NeoCons' - dual Israeli-American citizens - under the Bush Jr. administration were responsible for 9/11, in order to give them the ''New Pearl Harbor" incident that they knew they needed in order to get the U.S. to be fooled into going onto a war footing in the Middle East, to support the NeoCon's agenda for hegemonic control in that area, and to support the concept of a Greater Israel.  Presumably the same camp - call it, 'tribe' - is operating within the Obama administration, as a follow-up to the 'security' clamps brought down on the American people under Dubys's administration, and via the new Department of Homeland Security; which was developed by a former Stasi master agent, and which has been heavily manned by Israelis, under the guise of dual citizenship Israeli-Americans.  But these are not really American citizens  They are Israeli citizens, first and foremost, out to conquer the world.  And to that end, they are masters at creating (Hollywood-style) false flag ops, and using Muslims to do their dirty work for them - who are only too eager to go along with the scenario, because their religion tells them to.

I'm getting disgusted with the whole thing.  

The bottom line: We are up against masters of deceit.  We need to recognize that fact.  And do something about it.  

And, like, quickly.

And that requires, first of all, Oath Keepers to do their damn job, and make the first moves for us American citizens to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

And yes, indeed, there is to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - a Golden Age.

But under the proper management.  Not these erstwhile masters, of demonic stature, and even origin. They have had their day.  And yes, they helped us get here.  God moving in mysterious ways, as sometimes happens.

Now we - those of the Light - take over from here, thank you all the same.

And that means that Obama goes too.  Because he is occupying that thus-dishonored office illegally.  To say: contrary to the Constitution - the rule of law in the nation.  And that is NOT the kind of thing that a being of Light would be involved in.

But rather, one basically of the Dark.

Various highly respected (in some circles) channelers to the contrary notwithstanding.

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