Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Party Games

Speaking Of Games…

l, The Republicans

Let’s take, oh, say, baseball.  Runner on first base, itching to steal second.   The pitcher goes into his motion to pitch, pauses, keeping an eye on the runner; then makes a move to pitch the ball to the batter at the plate.  The runner dashes for second base - bur the pitcher turns around and throws him out at second.  The first base umpire calls a balk.  But the home base umpire overrules him, saying, ‘It was only a little balk.’  The first base umpire objects to the ruling.  But the home base umpire says, ‘I’m the chief umpire here, and what I say, goes.  That’s the ruling.  Play ball.’  And the game continues.  (Or not.)  

Or how about basketball.  A player shoots a free throw, and misses.  But the referee rules that he made it; saying, ‘Close enough.’  

Republicans: Your player, Ted Cruz, doesn’t even come close.

2. The Democrats

‘Boss, we’ve got a problem.’


‘They just won’t bite.  Illegal aliens up the gazoo, amnesty E.O.’s, sanctuary cities, no border to speak of, laughable screening of ‘refugees’ from, er, ‘freedom fighter’ territories, running them in here under cover of darkness but still obvious enough to be reported on, bringing the UN into our cities, - you name it.  The idiots won’t bite.  Must’ve gone a little too strong with the stuff in their drinking water supplies.’

‘Or the EMFs into their neighborhoods.  Can we cut that shit back a bit??  Until - you know…’

‘Could.  I’ll talk to the crew.’

‘Do that.  And don’t bother me until you have something solid to report, that I can take to the bank.  As it were.  Now, I’ve got to go practice my free throws.’

‘Why.  All you have to do - ‘

‘Yes yes.  But every once in awhile, we come up with an honest man, who can’t be bought.  And you know how messy that can get.’


‘Gotta do this right.  They need to make the first move.  Well; the second.  So that we can make the third.’

‘Gotcha, boss.‘

‘And what have I told you about calling me that.’


‘That’s better.’

The other just wasn’t close enough, you see.  Sometimes, ‘close enough’ isn’t good enough.

It all depends on who’s calling the shots.

As it were.

Now, about that other little such matter, regarding the security-breach criminality of Hillary…… I wait for the political scene in this country to catch up with reality.  So that we can get on with things.

With the little matter of a Golden Age.  Just waiting.

For The People to do more than just call 'em as they see 'em.

But as they really are.

For example: Do you know - really know - that you are a "threat to world peace" if you are opposed to insufficiently vetted 'refugees' being embedded in our cities and towns; and that you can be 'detained' and held indefinitely, without trial, under powers granted to, and unilaterally assumed by, your current Dear Leader if you become too much of a troublemaker in this regard - i.e., a "Far Right Extremist"?  Who says so?  The UN, and BO's administration say so, via the (so-called) PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, E.O. 13603,* and the 'Strong Cities Network' Trojan Horses in America.  You must know your place in the coming New World Order.  And that is on your knees in front of your Massa.  'Yessa - nosa - two bags full, Massa - coming right up!'

(Do I qualify yet, you denizens of the dark??  Seeing as how the only honorable place to be in such a  kingdom is in its prison.  In a prison within its prison.

A government that can define a 'natural born' citizen any way it wants can most certainly define a 'domestic extremist-cum-terrorist' any way that it wants.  Especially if it listens to the Southern Poverty Law Center. As this one does.  But don't let me keep you from your ball game...)


* by which Obama gave himself absolute power and control over all means of communication for any reason, including in an 'emergency' - at his call.  This includes TV, radio, cable, Internet, and all cell phone communications.  Plus the drones that he has ordered over the skies of our once proud nation, now at the mercy of a would-be dictator.  And actually, not even would-be any more.
   Ah - but this is all 'business as usual,' doncha know  Nothing to see here, folks.  Move right along.
   Now, about that bridge in the Arizona desert that I have to sell you...

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