Tuesday, 1 March 2016

This Isn't Kansas,Toto

Following on from acknowledging The Lesson, and its resolution:

What will the New Age look like?  Besides with its ‘toys,’ of replicators, and telepathic communication, and time travel, and such??

I’ll tell you one thing: It will not ‘look like’ Power Over (Others).  But rather, Power With (Ourselves).  Government of, by, and for The People.

Remember that founding vision?  Invoked - and then generating its opposite, in elitist despotism; coming to its fruition as we speak - by advanced souls incarnated as honorable men and women.  Of their time, yes. But with such a vision!

The United States of America.  Individuals as sovereigns in their own right.  The government to be restrained by a Constitution, like an updated version of the Magna Carta.*  My Country, ’Tis Of Thee.  America, the Beautiful.  Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean…

I had a dream last night/early this morning that, on reflection, spoke to me of how strongly I feel about my home country.  About ‘my’ country, as I often find myself calling it.  Relating to it, and its vision.  And finding myself often muttering angrily to myself about what both the socialists/communists on the far Left and the fascists on the far Right - kindred spirits, in their totalitarianistic thinking - are doing to MY country.  Taking it very personal.  As if - precisely as if - I had had a hand in its birthing process.  Anyway; the dream:

I was in a car (a vehicle; a body) coming to an intersection, where I was intending to turn right, and put on my signal to that effect (the ‘rise’ - the advent - of Donald Trump??).  But I suddenly found that that righthand lane that I was in went under the intersection, rather than to it.  So that I went through that intersection on a deeper level than the surface one.  And came out the other side.  Still in my vehicle.  Trying to figure out which way to go, now.

I don’t know all the details of the New Age that we are deep in the process of entering into.  But I don’t have to know.  Some noble souls, totally dedicated to the Will of The All That Is - not to the little wills of men - will take over now, and help guide us to The Promised Land.  So:  

Ascended Masters and Mistresses: 

As a piece of this continent, a part of this main: I invoke you to

Take Over


And help us live by the qualities of Love and Truth.  

A winning team if there ever was one.


* Signed by the king of the day on the date of my birth, some seven hundred and nineteen years later.  So I can relate to it in more ways than one.

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