Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Some Things Change...

I've been under the weather for a few days and haven't been online.  When I got back online today (actually, now, yesterday/Tuesday eve), I saw that some things change, some things stay the same.

1) from ’Trump Scores Major Wins As Kasich Takes Ohio’ - Chelsea Schilling - March 15/16
(‘Rubio announces suspension of campaign for president”)


I disagree. But Cruz is playing a bigger game. He doesn't just want to be president, though that'd be nice. He wants to remake the party ala Reagan. And he hates the establishment. Which is why there's no way he'll let them steal the nomination at the convention.

  • Ah yup... He hates the establishment so much that his wife is an exec. at Goldman-Sachs.
  • Must be working to take down the system from the inside..
  • NOT!!!

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    • eklektos44 . Public_Citizen an hour ago 

    • Where his wife works is irrelevant. What he's done is. He's been rock steady on what he wants. Those are lefty talking points, not Republican ones.
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      • kibitzer3 eklektos44 . a few seconds ago (March15)

      • How's this for a very Constitutionalist "talking point" against Cruz: He isn't constitutionally eligible for the office, and needs to drop out because of that, and stop pretending to be a constitutionalist scholar.

      • It's actually quite clear, once a person gets beyond the obfuscations of both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party on the issue: a 'natural born' citizen is a person born in the country of parents who were its citizens at the time of the person's birth. (That's what makes it 'natural'.) The TERM may have gone through some permutations since the constitutional Framers put it in their contract as an eligibility requirement for that particular office, but the eligibility requirement ITSELF still stands, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary. And that's why neither Cruz nor Rubio are eligible; and why Obama has been a Usurper in the Oval Office, and needs to be removed - or allowed to resign - just as soon as possible, and held for trial, on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason. And we get back to the RULE OF LAW in the country - its Constitution. And stop playing the game of trying to make two wrongs make a right. Which is just getting us deeper into the darkness of the error of our mistaken ways.

      • Time to set things to rights in this country.


2) from  tea ‘RIGGED: RNC says Delegates Not Bound to  Primary Votes’ - March 14/15


Stop listening to Cruz Lies! Cruz shouldn't even be running for POTUS, he is NOT 100% Native Born! There should be No questions reguarding citizenship! Zero!
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Leeann Ford Many of us do not care about your god or any god, as long as it isn't allah with their own Islamic laws they THINK should supercede our Constitution. The only two candidates who were not part of the corrupt "one party, two party, same party Old boys & girls club" was Ben Carson & Trump. Trump is our only bet to get back in line with the Constitution and tax companies working outside of the U.S. back to America so those jobs are here for Americans. Cruz is just another politician who says what the religious right wants to hear.
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Florence Pinkard A company owned by george soros counts the votes!!! How else can the democratic oarty win!!!!!!!
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Karen Seeley: True. And it's a shame that you are misunderstanding the difference between a 'native born' citizen and a 'natural born' citizen. A 'native born' citizen only has to have been born on the soil of at least one citizen parent. A 'natural born' citizen is a person born in the country of parents who were its citizens at the time of the person's birth - totally 'natural'. (E. de Vattel, 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.) It is a stricter requirement than either a 'native born citizen' or a naturalized citizen. The whole point of that requirement having been put in the constitutional contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY, for its special nature, of the occupant being as well, then, the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces (John Jay's letter of 7/25/1787 to G. Washington in his role as Chair of the Constitutional Convention proceedings) - was to make sure that the occupant had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES, ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S. 

Unlike Cruz; Rubio. And Obama. Whose nomination and candidacy wasn't properly challenged by the Republican Party, as the opposition party of record. Obviously, for their own purposes: to try to build on the illegality themselves. Trying to make two wrongs make a right. When whart it did do, was make them eligible for a court case against them, on RICO-statute charges, and being found guilty as the criminal enterprise that it is. Along with the Democrat Party. As both of these criminal enterprises are dissolved; the Usurper is arrested and held for trial (on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason); all of the legislation that the Usurper signed into law, and all the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all the appointments that he made, go with him, into the dumpster. And the nation gets back to THE RULE OF LAW. Meaning, its Constitution. With a clean sweep of the miscreants out of office.

That's how serious this particular election TRULY is. When We the People wake up to the Truth of the matter. The whole truth. And nothing but. 



I'll say it again: No Untruth advances from this point on.  We are entering new territory.  Where Truth not only prevails.  No Untruth can exist in this field of resonance, that we are entering the far reaches of. 

It is a Ring-Pass-Not.  Deal with it.  Or fail in this go 'round.  This graduating class.

I've said it before:

Life is a school.  The purpose is to graduate.  

Not get lost in its snares and delusions.


...and now well into starting to have had enough:

3) from ‘Limbaugh: Kasich, GOP Establishment ‘Truly Delusional’’ - Joe Kovacs - March 16
(“This operation is theirs.  It has been their life.”)


We are being governed by criminals in their club. All of them - on both sides of the (presumed) political aisle - OUT. And We the People take back our country, from the toadies and minions of the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power that has been ruling this country, and the world, for long enough.

All of them - OUT. A total clean-out of the Augean stables. These worthless wretches, who have sold their souls for a mess of pottage - and forced us to be sold out with them in the bargain. Well, no more, you gang of thieves, you denizens of the dark. You've had your day. The Light takes over now.

And just in time, it would appear, from all the crap that is being thrown at us, from chemtrails and chemwebs, and poisons in our food and water, and all the rest. OUT!!!


Make no mistake, America.  You are being had, by people who are not just involved in the old liberal-vs.-conservative political gamesmanship.  Yes, there are those.  But the real players, behind that screen,* mean to do the federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.A. in - mean to corral you, and cull you, like cattle, subject to their whim and will, no longer to 'the rule of law,' which, in the case of the U.S., means its Constitution.

Why else do you think they slipped a half-black man in on you, against the law of the land, that Constitution that you are allowing to be trashed, by accepting the foot in the door that the Usurper (and his backers) applied, and is using that advantage gained in the war going on for the soul of America to widen the door for more of the same, starting with Republican Party presidential candidates who are likewise ineligible for the job of POTUS, and thus trying to make two wrongs make a right??  and a mockery of the whole IDEA of 'right' and 'wrong'???  Where what is being applied is the Alinsky-method, 'community organizing' technique, of Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  There is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so...

And just so, do you succumb to the sinister machinations of the Dark forces. Who would seduce you off the path to the sunlit highlands, and keep you locked in ignorance in the dark lowlands of the Creation...

But -

Your choice.

As always.

But a word of warning:

Choose well.  Much depends on how you weather this challenge.

And I can really do no more than make - try to mako - that point.

The rest is up to you.   It is, after all

Your call.

As ever.

But please, don't make me be ashamed of you.  You are, after all

my kin.


* and behind the screens of our propagandized reality, to the point now of ludicrous absurdity, CNN, BBC, and others caught over and vote again in disseminating pure BS to the long-duped masses, in order to get them do what their erstwhile masters want them to do: react like Pavlovian-conditioned dogs.

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