Tuesday, 1 March 2016

On Having Gone Far Enough

A warming-up post to start with:

from freedomoutpost.com: ‘Explained: Natural Born Citizen & Naturalized Citizen’ - Tim Brown - February 29
(Referencing Publius Huldah’s speech, he quoted Sect. 212 of de Vattel, and David Ramsay.)

As early as 2007 I argued that Caliph Maobama was not eligible to occupy the White House. My position has not changed.

I have been mocked relentlessly as a "birther" for years.

It somewhat amazes me that one of my heroes, Mark Levin, a recognized expert on the Constitution, ridicules the idea that Maobama and Cruz are not natural born citizens.

Since the effort to find the thoroughly despicable and destructive Caliph Maobama ineligible to occupy the White House has gone nowhere, it hardly matters to me any more that a man of principle, Ted Cruz, may not be eligible.



         klesb Beachtennisguy 2 hours ago 
  • "...A man of principle, Ted Cruz...." Shirley, you jest?
    Ted knows he is not eligible, but will violate his oath as Senator to further his own ambition. Well, I will not violate mine.

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  •          SABER
    klesb 2 hours ago 

    • Awesome and agreed!

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  • MikeInMaine
    Beachtennisguy 2 hours ago

  • That's because your hatred for obozo over-rides your mental capacity. Mark Levin AND Alan Dershowitz are both actual experts, and this Publius Huldah is a self-proclaimed "expert". And she is a fat-headed douche-nozzle on this matter.

  • Once I learned that all these ding-bats who keep screaming that Cruz is not eligible because he only had one parent citizen - were WRONG about that, I conceded that - unfortunately... obozo was actually qualified for the same reason. Hey!! I fricken DESPISE the POS oblowhard. But this was NEVER our fight in the first place. It was hillary's team who created that BS. And a registered democrat/ hillary supporter; that friggin' moon-bat Jerome Corsi, who kept that freakin' idocy going.

  • You people are being STUPID to SUCK onto this garbage. I believe that the entrenched, elitist establishment cabal may have even initiated this (and every other) hoax in order to destroy any chance that an AMAZINGLY great patriot and brainiac - especially on everything that has mattered the most to us tea party folks... ever gets to be president, because as anyone with a good brain knows; he would destroy their cabal/ their candy store/ the CRIMINAL system that they have fought so hard to create - the one where they have usurped authority as often as PHUKKING possible with the creation of innumerable new alphabet agencies and oodles of new legislation - SPECIFICALLY so that we would have our liberties so incredibly diminished by the total sum of the gargantuan number of it all... that we can never get our system of government back from them. It would be once and for all insurmountable!! You PIN-HEADS don't see the BIG picture. I know that many of you understand that our so-called representatives are a bunch of a$$phuks who don't care about representing anything other than themselves - at the expense of our friggin' nation and we, the people. But do you schmucks also realize that these sonofabitches are so evil and corrupt that they have devised a total canard, and one that is so incredibly powerful that they will NEVER let it go? And they will actually KILL people in order to keep it??? And much less drastic and radical is that they will put out a very well-thought-out propaganda campaign, created by their GIANT machine? That is so dark and NASTY that 90% of all people can't even comprehend it.

  • If you have a half decent mind, you should look up a dude named Brewster from Texas. He's an operative of the establishment. He's behind a bunch of these "rumors" - which are meant to "kill" Cruz.
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  •          kibitzer3 MikeInMaine a few seconds ago 

  •          Now that you've had your little rant, MikeinMaine, can we go back to the plain
  •          English of the matter?:
    • A natural born citizen, as recognized by the constitutional Framers, is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof. That is the eligibility requirement codified in the Constitution for that particular office. If the term itself goes through some riffs over the years, that says nothing to the original intent of the term, as stated above. The only thing that can change such a substantive thing as the eligibility requirements for the office of POTUS is a constitutional amendment. And in point of fact, that has been recognized by both major political parties of our day, in that both parties tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08, to get just such an amendment starting through Congress - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue. So, THEY KNEW. And know. And so the Republican Party is just as bad - and legally liable - as the Democrat Party in this attempt to trash the Constitution.

    • Without which rule of law in the country, we are operating under the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny. Thank you, no thank you.

And speaking - and damn well Enough! -of arbitrary law, and tyranny; this:

from patriotsforamerica.ning.com: ‘What All Americans Need To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Alleged SAP Compromise (Places America in ”Grave” Danger)’ - posted by Harry Riley - February 29
(An alarming, and most damning, report from a retired US Army Intelligence Officer on the huge crime reported that Hillary had allowed SAP - Special Access Program - info to be on her unsecure server.  This is a national security compromise and crime of the first order.  WE are SAPs to ever let her near such material again, ever.  All that sort of thing is is dollar signs to her, and them, as a Bonnie And Clyde couple of the first order.  A First Couple, indeed.) 

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (March 1)

Thank you for this info and perspectives, Major Coet.

That woman - Hillary Clinton - should never have been allowed to get so near to such information.  Bill and Hillary are a criminal, and a criminally-minded, couple.  Bill sold military intel to the Red Chinese, in exchange for financial gifts for his re-election campaign, and to live the 'good' life.  And then there is the Mena Airport drug-running scandal when they were the First Couple in Arkansas. Hillary has had her own past skeletons, and is sitting on a current such skeleton, in the form of a deal with the Russians for uranium.  How much longer are we going to tolerate these totally corrupt people walking free from their multiple crimes???  And especially the national security.  Which, of course, means nothing to these people, but dollar signs.

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