Friday, 18 March 2016

Masters of Deceit

Another of the worthy causes that has hit me up just now along the same lines of the Pacific Legal Foundation, i.e. regarding the at-least displacement of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, is Larry Klayman's Freedom Watch, who has asked his supporters for a special contribution to cover the costs of sending a couple of expert private investigators to Texas to check out the mystery of Scalia's whatever.  I am signaling my position on this matter; and to say, I really don't think that they are going to come up with a true answer, there.  I think he/they need to dig deeper, into what actually happened.

Oh, there is the business, reported at some sites, of how the good judge was a pedophile, and was killed by his 'date'; and thus, why the family was so willing to hush the whole thing up.  And how Obama had the goods on him anyway, showing him material 'they' had on him, just before the Usurper went his way to the West Coast, and the good judge made his way to his rendezvous with whatever in the back of beyond in Texas.  But I'm going to cut to the chase here, and say that I feel that the true answer is signaled - and for those who have eyes to see - by the business of a pillow being reported as having been seen/found over Scalia's head.  (Or pillow case, depending on your story source.)

What am I  talking about.  I'm talking about a ritualistic death.  And being born again.  As in a Masonic ritual.  And the good judge very possibly having been 'spirited' away, alright.  To some faraway country.  Where the likes of the 'dead' San Bernardino 'event' people are likewise possibly living now as well.  And maybe even some of the characters in the Sandy Hook Hoax 'exercise'.1

I am saying, that something over one's head like that is a hoodwink.  As well as in saying that: we have been hoodwinked.

And that's why the judge's family elected to have no autopsy: the body is elsewhere, than in a grave.

It is all Illusion.

Like 9/11.  Where there may well not even have been any real planes involved. 2  And certainly not in the attack on the Pentagon, and in the field in Pennsylvania.  Where neither site yielded anything resembling a real passenger jetliner.  Oh wait - a piece of a real passenger airliner may, indeed, have been 'picked up' on the grass outside of the hole in the Pentagon.  Traceable to a crash on another day.  Kept, for just such an occasion - opportunity - as this.3

As I say: We are up against masters of deceit.

And some of them are even from Hollywood itself  And as in 9/11 having been signaled in advance in cartoons.  And the Illuminati having been 'advertised' in song videos.  And...and......and..........


So.  The people behind the push for a global takeover.   Practitioners of dark arts.  Of arcane Mysteries.  Deliberately perverted; to be found out.  And resisted.  Or not.

It has all been a test.

Let me at 'em.  And I will demolish the structure that these Dark forces have assiduously been engaged in erecting, of a totalitarian New World Order, run by Force.  And replace it with a similar structure, though this one made of Light.

Not of darkness.  Of, in reality, illusion.

Rather, of the very fabric of the very universe:

the Light, and Love, of our Creator Source.

Thus completing

the Play.  And setting us up for

the Real Thing.

For, we have been engaged in an Initiation.  One of the key stages of which is Forgiveness.

Learning it.

And asking for it.

An initiatory rite.  Of the highest Order.  For, it is - has been - a rite

of Passage.

To the next level.  Of our Unfolding


In order to be able to move from Light.

To Love.

The Ultimate


When the hoodwink comes off.  And we see


into the Heart

of It


The real

Master of Deceit.

Aka the Architect of the Universe.

Having 'crafted' The Play in which, and by which, to 'catch our consciences'.

Which we authored ourselves.

That, the greatest of all

the Mysteries.


So.  I, for one, forgive Obama.  He is, after all, fundamentally, just playing a part, in a Drama of our mutual making.

But it's time to stop him from being - and thinking of himself as being - a law unto himself.  This cannot have a good ending, if we don't step in, and play our parts properly.   Before those Dark forces who don't understand that they are, after all, just playing parts, take their parts too seriously.

And bring the whole stage (this 'stage' of our unfolding) down on us all, in ignorance of the larger reality of which this is just but a part.  And a 'staged' part at that.



1 One of which kids 'died' a second time later, in a Pakistani school mass killing.  And the 'crisis actor' call for the San Bernardino caper; at least one of which 'victims' signaled to her family that she would have to be going away...
   And just what was that all about when we saw Obama saying goodbye to Steven Spielberg after a friendly visit of the illusion meister to the Oval Office, shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombing 'drill'?  Are they hiding in plain site??  Making fools of us???  Or is that sort of thing something that the Dark forces have to do, in order even to be able to practice their nefarious arts on us uninitiated lot of easily fooled dolts????

2 Did you know that there is evidence that a plane was 'tracking' the image that people saw of a plane going into the second building, on a parallel course some distance away, unnoticed??  Which could have been projecting that image onto our screens; and the screens of our senses at best anyway...
   with the Israeli 'art students' having had access to the buildings beforehand, to set their charges......

3 'Never let a good crisis go to waste,' eh Rahm.

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