Tuesday, 8 March 2016

With A Terrible Swift Sword - Or Its More Peaceful Equivalent

On rickwells.us. today posted as for March 9:

"Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, AZ, has some news which is stunning for many reasons, chief among them the vacating of sections of desert, turning it over to human traffickers, smugglers, illegal aliens and most probably terrorists. It represents a complete abdication of responsibility for the protection of our nation and its citizens by the Department of Homeland Security. Terrorists, cartels and smugglers can now operate freely through an avenue of lawlessness, Border Patrol no-go areas mandated by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. They have effectively created sanctuary deserts, safe operating zones for illegal and threatening activities.

"Under the outlaw Obama regime, the lawlessness has progressed from the nullification and refusal to enforce immigration and other laws to disciplinary action including termination for Border Patrol agents enforcing the law. Now DHS is creating safe zones for trafficking and smuggling. There seems to be no end to the levels to which our national security will continue to degrade and deteriorate under this Obama cartel..."

Could it be any plainer?  The Usurper is trying his best to take this nation down, for his masters; among the ways for which is to infiltrate it and then overrun it with terrorists - to bring war to the Homeland - and, for the long haul, to dilute its citizenship with votes for socialism, but more precisely, for the New World Order, planned for humanity for a very long time by Dark forces.  He and his minions have been going slowly slowly, step by stealthy step, but it almost looks as though he is now attempting to trigger a backlash, by 'patriots,' that will allow him the Crisis he needs and wants to declare a state of national emergency, and its subsequent declaration of Martial Law; and thereby, the eliminating of the one thing standing in his, and their, way -  the Constitution - in one fell swoop, rather than by the death of a thousand cuts that he has been administering to it for years now.  It is, then, all coming to a head. 
And forget the jaw jaw about 'impeachment'.  Neither the legislative-branch way, nor the judicial-branch way, is needed as the way to go to get rid of the Usurper anyway.  As for 'everybody' hoping for the judicial branch to rule on the issue:  What can they say?
'Yep.  That what it says.  Next case.'
'But, your Honor; could you take a closer look at the matter.'
'A closer look at it?  Well, let's see...Mm hm...mm hm.... born in the country to parents who are its citizens...  Well; I don't see how I can get a wedge in there, to try to pry it loose a little, as you are attempting to get me to do.  It's quite clear. Next case.'
'But your Honor, if you could just look a little closer, here...'
'Are you trying to bribe this court?  I will have your head next time.  Move along.  Next case.'
'But your Honor; what if I make you an offer that you can't refuse.'
'What's that?  What's that??  - Oh.  Oh.  I see...Well; in that case, let me take a little closer look at that original eligibility re - er, at that definition.  Maybe this court can come up with something a little more, um, creative...'
As I say:
Next - case.  For this one has been made.
And in spades.
So; what do we do?
We arrest the Dark side forces in a comprehensive, lightning-swift  sweep - with the same sort of motion that the Usurper was planning on using against the Constitution.
And it's checkmate.  Because
God is great.

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