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On Learning Lessons

1) from ‘Gingrich: Establishment Scared of Trump Because He “Didn’t Belong to the Secret Society”’ - March 5

I was really sure that John Kasich is a standing member of the establishment, but I hadn't suspected that he was a member of a Secret Society. No wonder that he seems to be rooting for a borkered Convention. He must have been promised something. Maybe even the Presidential nomination. I reeally cant stand that guy and his endless droning bragging. The sound of his voice is almost as irritating as Obama's.
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Nancy Christoforo Cuseo And these same polticians are the ones that attend the CPAC meetings. CPAC has existed since the mid 70s. I know I attended the 1st or 2nd mtg. in Washington. Our Nation has not benefitted from them because they may be conservatives , but they become controlled . Reagan was an outsider,, but he was not free of being controlled. Why do you think George H. Bush was picked by him to be his VP. Bush is one of the biggest establishment elite insiders. Reagan gave us Bush and Bush gave us NAFTA . He did the work getting it set up and ready to sign into law by Clinton as soon as he became president. There went the Jobs to Mexico. Both Bush Presidents have us set to lose our sovereignty to The North American Union. That is why our borders never were securred. TRUMP WILL CHANGE THIS IF THEY DO NOT KILL HIM. VOTE FOR TRUMP
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Travis Keeton Everything you said about NAFTA is absolutely correct. It's all part of the New World Order scheme, however, I'm not certain we can trust Trump either. There is something skectchy about him that I can't put my finger on. He's a loose cannon, with a liberal past. I know people can change their minds, but Trumps change of mind comes off phoney, and like an afterthought to please the electorate. I'm not at all confidant that he will keep his word, especially after stating in an off-the-record interview that he had no intention of building a wall. but even before I heard that, my inner gut tells me NOT to vote for Trump. I trust Cruz more. Too bad about Carson; he too was an outsider.
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Also Trumps change of mind about the H1B1 visa's that allow foreignors to take good paying jobs away from Amerians, like the Tech jobs that Disney replaced with non-citizens. Trump has hired a lot of foreigners for jobs over the top of American. I don't like his record on that. He might promise to bring back jobs to America, but I suspect they won't be filled by Americans. It's ironic how Trump calls down Rubio, when Rubio is the very Senator who has pushed H1B1's and F1's. Rubio provided Trump with those visas, they should be on the same side.
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Sylvia Keiser Never trust a lawyer, and Cruz is one.
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Earl Powers: And a particularly shifty one at that. For being a supposed constitutional law expert and believer at that in 'originalism' - the belief that the Constitution should be interpreted on its face value, as its originators intended it to mean; like the contract that it is - he well knows that he is ineligible for the job, for not being a 'natural born' citizen (details too many to include here). So, he is somebody's sock puppet. And dollars to donuts that that 'Somebody' is the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power that slipped Obama in there too [on the same basis], while The People weren't paying enough attention to the machinations going on in their country. 

Marry in haste, repent at leisure.


2) Another request for my financial support, this one not into the waste bin.  (I can't cover all the worthy causes that come my way.)

Glenn Spencer is an American citizen, living down on border country, who has taken it upon himself to be a doer, in the form of pouring his own money and eliciting support from the public into a campaign to monitor the border by a) flying over it, personally and via drones, and b) creating a Sonic Barrier, "that can detect illegal aliens before they cross the border - and then count them if the U.S. Border Patrol doesn't stop them".1  His latest 'report' contained the following information, new to me:

"President Obama is an enemy of securing our borders."  [That part is not, of course, new to me.] "While government spending has skyrocketed across the board, he's slashed funding for border fencing."  [How did Congress ever let the Usurper get away with not doing its express wishes?? The executive doesn't decide spending matters; the legislative branch does.  But then, this is the body that hasn't acted on his illegality, as well...] And the money the government does spend is wasted.  It costs the government $12,000 per flight hour for their drones.  Do you know how much it costs to fly ABP's drones per hour?  $4.  FOUR!  And we monitor the border better!"...

I am just totally bowled over, and exasperated.  This is patently and pathetically unacceptable.  This is like all those reports where military spending results in huge charges for like, say, a hammer. 2  The gravy train of Big Government.    

But let me stay on main message here: this border business.

Do we have a worker problem that people coming here through the front door can't help us deal with?  Or have a minuscule unemployment condition?  No?  Then a) Deport all illegal aliens (or let them self-deport when the rest of the campaign kicks in); b) fine employers of illegal aliens (or jail them as well) until they give up doing so; and c) Build the damn wall.  Congress authorized the money a long time ago to do so.  DO IT. 

ENOUGH of all this nonsense.  And including putting up with a Usurper in the Oval Office.  ENOUGH, I say.  And of his EPA extending the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act out of all proportion to their Congressionally intended remits.  But then, what does the Usurper care about intentions; as in 'original intent'.     

And speaking of, and as for Cruz.3  What kind of silly shyster lawyer thinks that they can play a shell game with the eligibility requirement for the office of the president of the United States - and think to get away with it - without a constitutional amendment to the effect?  Listen up, rubes: There is no change in the eligibility requirement itself, no matter what games sophists may try to play over tune with the term.  

What are we to these people, chopped liver??  

And to clarify: It is not just Jewish Zionists who have been behind this agenda for years, to do in the United States, and use that overthrow to hammer home a NewWorld Order of totalitarian intent and proportions.  There are plenty of gentiles involved in this caper as well.

Including Jesuits.  Some of whom are Jews.  Some of whom are Iranians.4  And all of the above being but actors on a stage. The stage of material life.  Where we have been acting out a Play, in which to 'catch our consciences'.  Give us choices.  In order to have us grow, in consciousness.  Or not.

Our choice.   

Vouchsafed us, by a loving - and wise - Creator.   

As we now approach

Graduation Day.   

But before The Day:

This business of thinking to bring down the United States of America must stop.


Because I won't have it.

Nor will a lot of other good, patriotic Americans.

Like Glenn Spencer.

Glad to give you a hand, Glenn.

Keep up the good work.

Until we don't need it anymore.  When we enter a

New Era.

That does away with all the money crap that has been going on.

For long enough.

For far, far,

long enough.

And just to clarify further: As we move out of an era of Scarcity into an era of Abundance: Please understand, that you need to leave old attitudes behind, in order for the New Era to take properly.   Yes, there will be 'plenty'.  As long as we don't think, in an old, Service to Self way, to 'vote ourselves money out of other people's pockets'.  To say: We still may have a teething period, adjusting to the New Era, before we can get rid of such training wheels as electronic credits and debits altogether.   And let our higher consciousness levels take over totally.

Which helps our Creator be engaged in - be served by -  the evolutionary process, as well.

Another story.

That one, not fiction.  Like this one, that we have been engaged in.  As I say:

For long enough.

P.S. And did i say a/the New Era.?  Let me be more clear about all this; about where we are, on our  evolutionary path.  Not just a New Era.  But:
     Nova Earth.
     And thus, those - and only those - who can resonate with Her.
     The rest?
     Ah, well.  Another story.



1 Some results from their work:
     "(I)t was through (American Border Patrol's) aerial observations that we discovered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was counting vehicle barriers as actual fencing in their reports to Congress.  The result was that the DHS was forced into actually building secure fencing - but not enough!..."  

2 In a system that requires wars to create affluence.  And deliberately creates ill people (think cancer; think heart conditions; think toxins deliberately added to vaccines...) in order to have a healthy economy.    
     A subject all its own.  But just to say.

3 Forget Rubio  Send the boy out for sandwiches.

4 As per the research of Leuren Moret.

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