Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Bottom Line

subtitled: We Come Now To The Supreme Court & System

First, some background.  Take this email that I sent to a relative last night:

On Horse Races 2):* 

Don't get me started on the Republican Party one.  I am so disgusted with the Republican Party's attempt to make two wrongs make a right, with their putting up ineligible candidates for the office of POTUS - ineligible for the very same reason that Obozo is a Usurper in the office.  For which he needs to be arrested -   by Oath Keepers, current and retired - and held for trial, on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason, and this nation returned to its rule of law - its Constitution.  But it's not just him, and the Democrat Party; and it's not just a matter of 'trying to make two wrongs make a right'.  The Repubs knew PRECISELY what they were doing when they acquiesced in the Obama nomination, and have known PRECISELY what they were doing when they tried to make larger that hole blown in the USS Constitution with the Obama nomination and election: Both parties are involved in the New World Order caper, of those Powers Behind The Scenes who are trying to fasten their totalitarian state on the nation, and the world, by first cutting the U.S. down to Third World size, and making everyone submissive to/dependent on the almighty state.  Trump is the only candidate standing up to that satanic scenario.  He isn't perfect, as a constitutionalist conservative would go.  He's a businessman, a dealmaker, and would do deals with the devil if it advanced his cause.  (As he has done with dealing with the likes of Hillary.)  But he's like a breath of spring air in the fetid swamps of Washington, D.C.  

What actually needs to happen is: Obama is arrested & held for trial, as I indicated; Hillary is arrested & held for trial, on a whole host of her own charges (particularly as regards her unsecured emails when she was SoS); both the Democrat and the Republican Party authorities are hauled into (a legitimate) court on RICO-statute charges, tried and found guilty for being the criminal enterprises that they are, especially as regards the presidential ineligibility racket they have cooked up between them, and dissolved; the Oath Keepers need to hold the federal space while a) the sitting Congress is dissolved as well, for having failed in their constitutional duty to rein in a rogue executive, and b) the Western monetary system is taken down, for being so intrinsically corrupt, and is replaced by real money - not fiat currency; to say, currency now - as a first step to [our] becoming a moneyless society (another detail) - to be backed by gold/precious metals.  And we enter a New World Order, alright.  Just not the one that the Dark side has envisioned. 

I could go on.  But you get the picture. 

The picture of an old American, dreaming his dreams......for his country.  And his world.  


* [the reference was first of all to some fun that my nieces and nephews had as summer visitors to their grandparents on my deceased brother's side of their family]


Other aspects of the New Order Of The Ages to come in:

+ No more elections in the country - at the least until the voting system is cleaned up from the atrocious condition that it is in.  And that includes the hackable electronic voting machines.  
     The U.S. is an embarrassment, to itself and the rest of the world, for the sleaze and corruption involved in its voting systems, state and federal.  Kudos to James O'Keefe and the Veritas Project team for all their good work in exposing said corruption; and such other organizations as Judicial Watch and True the Vote and American Civil Rights Union for their attempts at bringing into being Election Integrity measures around the country.  At the minimum, no state's votes for federal elections should be counted until the states pass rigorous certification procedures by an independent certification body.  (I would say 'bipartisan,' but not to assume that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party will rise from the ashes of their dissolution.  There would need to be whole new alignments.  If any.)  So - a clean sweep.  By the same broom that is to sweep away the corruption in the federal executive-branch agencies and departments - if not some of them outright.
     All you erstwhile Bolsheviks in those departments: Your days are numbered.  Get on the Right side.  Or lose out completely.   
     And we come now to the question of

+ The Judicial branch of government.  
     One of my many letters yesterday, which I have just gotten around to looking at today, is from a 'people's advocate' nonprofit - one of a number in the country - that argues court cases for people who can't afford to take on the authorities on their own.  The Pacific Legal Foundation is particularly concerned now.  Let me let their president tell about it, in his covering letter to their donation request:

"The sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has left our Constitution in grave danger.

"Justice Scalia was someone the American people could count on to honor the original intent of our Founding Fathers and defend the Rule of Law.

"Now that he is gone, the Supreme Court is evenly split, with four 'conservative' justices and four 'liberal' justices."  

[This isn't the way that a judicial system should be tailored; they should all be chosen for their proven fealty to the rule of law.  But to continue.]

"Without a doubt, Barack Obama is going to try to fill Justice Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court with another liberal...someone who believes that Obamacare is protected by the Constitution, but owning a gun is not..." [emphasis in original]

But the 'liberals' on the Supreme Court don't really believe "that Obamacare is protected by the Constitution....'  This is all just politics anymore.  (And undoubtedly what got Scalia killed in the first place.  If he actually was.  See an upcoming blog, on a larger subject that that is part of.)

The bottom line:

What good does it do for someone like the Pacific Legal Foundation to spend a lot of hours and money* preparing to argue the Constitution's original meaning and intent - i.e., the law of the land; i.e., by, and for, the rule of law - before judges who do not believe in the Constitution's original meaning and intent, but rather in their 'right' to 'interpret' the law simply as they see fit?  According to their personal socio-econo-political propensities??  Where the judicial system, like the political system, and the voting system, is all - has become, since the beginning of the American grand experiment in self-government - just a game???

Ladies and gentlemen:

The party's over.

Get ready for

the Real Thing.

Because there is Truth and Justice in this universe.

Contrary to apparently widespread belief.

And they both will Out.

And in our time.



And apparently just in time.  Before the Darkness fully descends on and envelops the country.  And, with its passing - and thus no body left to save essential Liberty; as has been America's role in the past - on the world.


* "It usually costs $250,000 or more to argue just one case before the Supreme Court..." - Rob Rivett's letter.

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