Wednesday, 11 September 2013

'It's A Dead Parrot' - And a Cooked Goose

First of all, a report from the front lines: my Verizon connection to the Internet has been down for at least the last 106 hours, if not longer.  I tried to log in on Thursday just after noon and it was down then, and is still down as of 10pm Monday evening.  I have called the Verizon Help line twice during this time, and both times it gave the same recorded message: something about its link with California being down "due to an outage…our engineers are working on it…"  So: May be.  But it shows how vulnerable We the People are/the nation is to takeover by those determined to do that very thing.  Who do exist.  And have been, for some time now.  And are getting away with it beautifully, in their step-by-step approach to what in Eastern Europe was called Der Tag - the communist takeover, outwith the normal political procedures; which are too 'nice' for the blood of such totalitarian types as want to run every aspect of your lives - as, to say, we have in power now, in the executive branch of the still but barely federal constitutional republic that is the still but barely United States of America. 

So I decided to jot down some of my recent thoughts on this subject, in case we are indeed up against a tight timeline on this matter.1  And there is no better a source to do it from than the monthly hardcopy newsletter of The Judicial Watch, 'Verdict'.  Their August issue is full of real eyeopeners, for those who have eyes to see.  Just to pull out some highlights:

* a cover story, titled 'JW Uncovers Shocking DHS Illegal Immigration Secret as Amnesty Bill Moves Forward', publicizes how the Obama administration's DHS has abandoned background checks on illegal aliens - and not just on the 'cleanskins'.  (As the author of the article says: "So how can the Obama administration be trusted to implement any of the new security measures, weak as they are, in the new amnesty legislation?"  Indeed.)  

* An inside article, titled 'Is the Obama Administration Collecting Confidential Credit Card Data from American Citizens?', particularly boiled my blood recently when I first came across the story (from another source).  It turns out that JW obtained records relevant to the story pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request they filed the day after the April 23 (of this year) Senate Banking Committee testimony of the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Richard Cordray, drew some attention to it.  There's a cover story for the policy, but the bottom line is that the federal government is tracking "daily consumer habits of select individuals without their awareness or consent".  This is damning, even obscene stuff, in a constitutional republic.  Even more obscene is that they can share any information they come across with any other government entities; say, the IRS, who have already been found to share anything they come across with third parties, like, say, liberal-type groups, looking for dirt on their "enemies".2  

As if all this isn't bad enough, how's this for a crowning act, and blow to the Republic, which is almost - almost - no more:

* In an article titled 'Obama administration's Secret Email Scandal' by the president of JW, Tom Fitton, he notes:  "And in May [of this year] we learned of a new scheme employed by federal officials that allows them to continue to operate in secrecy and beyond the prying eyes of investigators."  The Associated Press got the story, when they started looking into what all the Obama administration has been doing regarding keeping tabs on their reporters.  It's a whole shadow email system.  The covering story is that their official email sites get cluttered up with too many "unwanted messages," responded White House spokesman Jay 'Carney Barker' Carney, under questioning on the matter.  But the possibility then of hiding communications away from FOIA requests?  And Congressional committee investigators??…

As Tom said earlier in the article: "And to make matters worse [than that "the District of Columbia is drowning in a cesspool of corruption"], the president who promised to make transparency and the rule of law the 'touchstones' of his presidency has employed every trick in the book to avoid coming clean on any of these scandals [which he had just listed]."   

This, incidentally, is a sign of a sociopath.  It is also a sign of a 'true believer' in the Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' book of such tricks.  The philosophy of the Marxist radical is 'Whatever It Takes.'  'By Whatever Means Necessary.'  The end justifies the means.  Lie, cheat, steal.  Whatever it takes.  For the End of your political pursuit is the only morality involved.  That.  And the means employed to achieve your revolutionary end.

These are not the qualities of a soul ready to move into the 4th Dimension. Let alone the 5th.  What is needed now is a repudiation of all this sort of thing.  And a setting to rights of the scene.  So that it can reflect the qualities that will allow Humanity to move up, now, to another, higher level of consciousness.  

Which we are faced with.

As we speak.

So.  What needs to happen is that:

 Congress is recalled, by The People, for having been - in its constitutional role of oversight of the executive branch - rather, an accessory to the fact of Obama's ineligibility for that particular federal office (for which some of them, more guilty of related crimes than others, will need to stand trial in a - legitimate - court of law; including the officials of both the Democrat and Republican parties who engaged directly in the subterfuge involving Obama's rise to the highest office in the land);3

Obama - or whatever his real, to say birth name is - and his administration are booted out, immediately, for having committed numerous crimes (for which they need to stand trial in a - legitimate - court of law); and an Officer of The People installed, to clean out the Augean stables of the federal government, and oversee new elections within a time certain - if The People choose to continue down that path, of the Drama that they have involved themselves in;  rather than take 'the high road'' out of this mess that they have gotten themselves in (Crisis, however, affording Opportunity). 4   

If you choose me as your Officer, I will:   

* do a thorough job of cleaning out all the executive-branch departments; especially including the FDA and the CDC, and installing citizens who have proven their worth in these areas.  To do this, I will rely on the best advices of such stalwart professionals as Drs. Russell L. Blaylock, Mike Adams, Joseph Mercola, and Jonathan V. Wright  - and Phyllis Mullenix, who did her best to alert her superiors to the dangers of fluoride (and was fired for her efforts), as just one specific example of the cleansing that will take place.  With the operating mantram of Truth.

Or in its longer form: Let Truth Prevail.  

For this is a universe of Justice, and Truth.

NOT of lies, and deceit, and chicanery of all sorts, that is the operative mode of the day.  

As embodied so well - so craftily - in the Usurper of the American presidency.  Who needs to be removed from that office immediately.  Before further rot sets in under his command; and the best-laid plans of the Cabal behind the scenes, running this show, get dangerously out of hand.  

For the Cabal's -  the Illuminati; call them/it what you will -  last hurrah.   Before it is assigned to extinction.

Or a change of heart.

Their choice.

As always. In a universe with a Purpose. 

A transcendent Purpose. 

The transcendent Purpose:

To become One again - in total Unity - with our Creator.

Having long before then been (karmically) forgiven of our sins.

For having been able to get that far.  Up the long long road a'winding.  To

our common Destiny.

For being; and Being - as I say:


Until then - that is to say, that consciousness End to the process unfolding - we have some work to do, to set things right.  And the first of these pieces of business is to clear all aspects of the presence of the Usurper out of the Oval Office - of his illegal time in the presidency.  Everything that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama touched in terms of the office is tainted.  Every piece of legislation that he signed into law is null and void.  The same for every appointment he made, every E.O. and P.D. that he issued - the lot.  It needs to be as if he never set foot in that office; and everything regarding the office reverts back to as it was before his (tainted) swearing-in on January 21, 2009.  

Now, I acknowledge that the Bush Jr. administration committed its share of crimes; and that administration will be subjected to the workings of the Light of Truth as well.  But first things first.  Everything that this man - whatever his real name and parentage is -  this Usurper, this liar and cheat and thief, left his imprint on is to be hereby rendered null; as if the last nearly five years had never been, in relation to this disgraced and dishonored office of the presidency of the United States of America.  Which I would have hoped would have ended on a better note than this.  But that's karma for you.  

As to this larger picture of things; of the best-laid plans of mice and men.

Americans have the choice to continue on on the path of the historical Drama as it has been, or join the general raising of consciousness going on to the next, higher level of consciousness, moving to the 4D-5D level of Reality (out of the 3D level of Illusion).  Where we will start verging on Unity consciousness; and have manifested such abilities as telepathy and teleportation, and replicators, and such.  (Look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about, there.)  If you choose to stay on this lower, 3D level of consciousness, for more of the illusory, dualistic world of karma balancing,5 you can see that scenario out - but I need to let you in on a little secret (apparently, for many).  And that is, that things will never be the same as they were.  Take the voting process.

It has been characterized by deceit for a long time; which has been an insult to, and a defrauding of, the honest voter.  You can choose to go back to forms as they were before this whole stage of  consciousness-raising - this exercise in Awareness awakening - came into being.  But I need to make it perfectly clear:  If you choose me as the Officer of The People, There will be no elections until the electoral rolls have been purged of all ineligibles (including the dead), and all aspects of the voting process are cleansed of anything that is tainted of corruption and by untruth.  

The play-acting is over.  It's time for The Real Thing.

And if that is true - as it is - then: why wait?  Why continue on in the Drama, the evolutionary stage of make-believe, in this 3D matrix?? If we're going to enter a New Era, why not go into it all the way; into that Golden Age of long repute. Which is in fact not just an Age; but a new, higher dimension, of consciousness.  Why not join the rest of your brother and sister souls, and move up to the beginning realm of true Reality???            
For you see, we really can't wait.  Because

it's time.

P.S.  Oh - and for the sticklers for details amongst you, wondering how I expect to accomplish all of this as your Officer, if any of my cleansing brush touches outside of the given parameters of the Constitution, I have two things to say:

1) Now you're being a stickler for details, when there area so many that you have allowed to be overlooked already??  As in the ineligibility of the Usurper for that particular office, according to the intent of the constitutional Framers.  And as in this outrageous business of what has come to be known as 'anchor babies' - non-citizens hustling - and being hustled, by political prostitutes  - into the country to have their babies, under the mistaken impression that the 14th Amendment gives them automatic American citizenship.  IT DOES NOT.  And a lot of the people behind this scam know it; and are counting on their political power - including over the mainstream media - to stifle any movement of protest to the caper; and

2) I don't take my orders from the Supreme Court of the United States.  I take my orders, and guidance, on matters of Justice and Truth, from a higher office than that.

An Office that you can tune into, too.  

And check me out on. 

To see if I am just a sorehead, angry about how things are going in my country.  Or if I am a sorehead - aka full of righteous indignation - angry about how things are going in MY country. 

And you would be, too; if you were the same as I.  

Which, as a matter of fact, you are.

So: time to close that gap, in awareness.

That We may All be One again.

As We are already.



1 I realize that in my last blog I indicated that it  would indeed be my last one.  But events have intervened, to speed up the Last Days process, and I have been made to realize that I want to continue to have contact with My People, as we go through the changes necessary for The Shift to take place.  I am not happy with this business of feeling cut off.  So: herewith. 
     P.S. In the event, my Internet connection was down until Friday the 6th, when I was able to get through to a live Verizon person, at the 'Technical Support' prompt site, who talked me through a reboot of my system.  No explanation ever of what caused me to have lost connection, for going on nine days...   

2 And you do get the ramifications of this, don't you?  As in finding out those citizens to put on an enemies list, for their donations to conservative-type causes; and to take their guns away first, when Der Tag comes down???

3 I hope it is realized that Obama could not have gotten away with this Constitution-trashing, rule-of-law-trashing caper if it had not been for complicity by the Republican Party in the act.  For their own reasons.  Undoubtedly, of wanting their own candidates not to have to adhere to the letter of the Constitution regarding a 'natural born Citizen' only qualifying to run for the office.  Especially after both parties found out that it was not going to be an easy matter to get the Constitution amended on the issue; as they both tried, for a total of eight times between 2003 and 2008 - and didn't manage to get such an amendment even out of committee at any of the attempts.  So, they - it is alleged; and the truth will out in a court of law, and in the akashic record - just conspired to do an end-around play on the Constitution, and the American people.

4 And I own my part in all that as well.  For, We Are All One.  And I am therefore a part of you just as much as you are a part of me.  And I therefore care for your outcome; as a twin does of its other self.  For, in fact, there is no Other.
     We are sparks, fractals, facets, points of view, divine aspects of the One - Our Creator Source.  And therefore, As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  

5 No inferior qualities - like lying and cheating and stealing - can exist on the levels higher than this present illusory one, for not being part of the One Being of Reality.  It's only in the initial stages of the climb in consciousness that individual souls can experience the full-on effects of free will.  That's why I call it the Drama.  
     Or the Classroom.  Take your pick.  

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