Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Pure In Heart

I was going to rake Obama and his administration over the coals again, in growing anger and frustration, based on some more information about their ill deeds that came in my mail yesterday and that I just got around to dealing with this afternoon.

But I have just listened to a CD of Jackie Evancho, with my evening meal.  And I just need to be with its, and her, pure, unadulterated beauty for awhile. And pass on the other.

For now.

And I wish it could be forever.


P.S.  And further in this vein, of 'something completely different'...

(in response to John Smallman: 'Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever!' - Message from Saul -  July 31. 
When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in “what is to come” will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest…

Saul Spanish Translator: (July 31 - at 4:19 pm)
I perfectly understand that you are very tired about waiting [for] some kind of miracle… a total change of the world we all live in. Things are becoming worse and worse… and that´s the good news… the good thing is how bad are things becoming… ( in spanish you say lo bueno que esto tiene es lo malo que se esta poniendo) in some point everything has to change for better. And when this happen everyone will be amazed.
(my earlier comment on this message from Saul via John - on 7/31 at 3:40 am)
Your material resonates with me, John.
Keep listening.

(…and another bit of positiveness at this time; to help dispel the negativeness all around us.  This, posted from PAO - this afternoon at 5:52 pm)
through the founders of the
Ascended Masters Mystery School
Golden Age Leadership
You have waited for the times you are now living in for centuries upon centuries, and opportunities are now before each of you that have not been available to humankind since the last Golden Age of Atlantis. It is not a time to settle for life as it has been, yet rather a time to participate in creating your new Golden Age. The leadership for this Age can only arise out the Divine Love of the feminine domain of the Presence that is encoded within the depths of every heart around your globe ~ in balance with the masculine domain of the Presence.
The Masters in the Councils of the Opalescent Heart
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Part II
You may be wondering if moving into a new Golden Age is really possible given the overall consciousness of those living on your Earth, and we tell you that it is more than possible as enough of you choose to focus your energy and your gifts and talents into bringing your world into Unity Consciousness. Golden Age leadership begins with each of you. Up until now many of you have been focused on trying to be happy or successful, and although events, relationships and the material things in your world can bring you temporary pleasure, they cannot bring you the kind of lasting happiness that you are truly seeking. Divine Joy is a natural part of the Presence that abides within you and when you give the leadership of your soul over to your Presence, that is the beginning of true happiness.
Outer circumstances cannot bring you inner peace or bring you into unity with your Presence, which is your true Beloved. You do not have to work to attain the qualities of your Presence, yet you do need to surrender into them as your natural estate of being. This surrender into Divine Grace holds the ultimate potential of dissolving the opposing forces within you so there are no longer any saboteurs that can divert you from living as your Presence. This involves your willingness to transform the duality patterns that have kept humanity from living in Unity Consciousness for many thousands of years, so you can see their play in your life and remain unaffected by their influences. War within and without can only continue as long as duality and fear are given the power to control humanity’s consciousness.

Your opportunity in this embodiment is to express all of the unifying qualities of your Presence from so deep within your being that others can feel and remember that they also have access to their Presence and that they do not need to keep living in duality consciousness. Focusing on your Presence as your True Self is one simple way you can be a leader in shifting your world into Unity Consciousness.
You are already one with all of life on the essence levels of your being and that essence is now expanding the Divine Love within both the feminine and the masculine expressions of your Presence so the potential to live in Divine Love can be extended into every heart around the world and people can remember that Love is their essence and who they truly are! This cannot become a reality if it is held solely as a mental concept as it must be embodied and felt by as many of you as possible so Divine Love can become the foundation of your new Golden Age.
Remember: Divine Love is the fertile soil in which your last Golden Age was seeded, nourished and supported. It flourished as long as the Divine Feminine was respected, yet as soon as the feminine was placed into a lesser role, and power began to be more important than love, then that once Golden Age failed to sustain Unity Consciousness and this led into the duality, fear-based consciousness that humanity has been experiencing for thousands upon thousands of years.
If you judge any form of life, you lose your connection to this Divine Love that is at the core of the feminine essence of your Presence and you will miss the highlights (the high Lights) that are available to you when you see only the essence of Love that is at the core of all life. This core contains the original encoding from Source. When you become a loving, neutral observer, then you remain in resonance with your Presence where you want not and fear not and only see the essential Self whose consciousness is beyond and outside of all appearances. Your Presence holds your ultimate potential for becoming one with the all-embracing Divine Love and Light of God that is holding all of life together. Your freedom is in that Oneness, and it is in that Oneness that your new Golden Age will be manifested on your Earth.
For more from the Masters, click here
Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose
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Courses from Walk the Earth as a Living Master
The New Golden Age Leadership: Uplifting, Balancing & Transforming Our World
Teachers Certification Training ~~
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WalkTheEarthAsALivingMaster and click on the Menu Course title.
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Facilitators of the Courses and coordinators of the school are Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose.
So, there are positive things happening as well…
And just to prove that I don't dwell on just the negative in life.

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