Friday, 13 September 2013


(based on the article in the current/September issue of Judicial Watch's Verdict monthly newsletter entitled 'Judicial Watch Files Brief with High Court in Support of Michigan Affirmative Action Ban') 

Don't tell me
What you nation wreckers have come up with
                             In the name
 Of sophistry:
The point of the 'equal protection of the laws' clause
Was to make everybody equal in the sight of the law -
de jure;
Not some being more equal than others.
All being equal before the law.
Which is what 'affirmative action' amounts to
             Who's kidding whom
In this regard??

"The broad public dislike 
Of affirmatives action" -
Of some being more equal than others
In the sight of the law
(And whatever happened to the images
Of Justice being blindfolded 
           anyway; Justice
Or the Law
Or God
Being no respecter of persons??) -
"is spread evenly
Among America's racial groups"
             we are informed
By a fighter for the right 
Of individuals to be treated
On the basis of their achievement 
            on their merit 
on the basis of their color
Or sex, or ethnicity, or national origin.

Granting preferential treatment 
To someone on the basis of their group identity
Is the height
Of stupidity
Leading them to think of education
For example, as just another entitlement
The personal achievement that it
Or at least
Can be
Should be.

             And speaking of shoulds:

You should have nothing to do with it.
We should have nothing to do with it.
        before the law
And our Maker
As One
Striving for Perfection
On our own recognizance.

Let us therefore pray
For Enlightenment
On this, as on other matters
Of our evolution, as souls
Having a human experience

And about to leave that stage
Of the operation
Of the Wheel of Rebirth
For what il is worth

If You would be so kind
As to recognize it
For what it is:

Ascension time
For all who have earned it
By their own merit
Not that of others.

So be it
As it ever was.

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