Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Day

Sitting having my somewhat daily sunbath on my more-or-less regular bench today (Tuesday), I found myself, for whatever reason, musing about things that get me angry.  One such subject was the terrible financial hole that America has gotten herself into - or rather, that her people allowed her to get into; and how the Left is already painting those responsible souls who are trying to wake the nation up out of its torpor, by refusing to let the debt get any larger, as 'irresponsible meanies' and not only taking candy from babies but throwing them out of their strollers onto the sidewalk and kicking them to the gutter.  I refer - hyperbolically, of course - to how the conservative Republicans have tied the definancing of (the budget-breaking) ObamaCare package to the governmental financial-operations authorization for the next year.  When what should really be taking place is sterner stuff: the clear message that the federal government is broke - and only the minimum of its domestic and security responsibilities should be covered, as it digs itself out of its financial hole.1  

Oh meany meany heartless soul I am.


Listen carefully to Truth: You have been seduced by the Democrats on the one hand and the representatives not of the people but of the military-industrial complex and the corporate-banking cabal on the other hand, into living beyond your means.  It has been irresponsible of you to go so deeply into debt.  You have jeopardized the basic, fundamental well-being of the country in doing so.  Not very smart.  Not very smart at all. 

Did you really think that in the end, you wouldn't have to pay the piper???  If so, you have been living in a wonderland, where some lovely little angel would come along and make everything nice - bail you out of not taking responsibility for your actions.  Of not having to take responsibility for your actions.2 

People, people: This is precisely what the life experience is all about.  To learn this particular lesson.  Before you can advance, as a soul on a journey.  A journey out of the darkness of duality - the realm of lesson-learning, with free will making it as real as an illusion can be - into the Light of the purpose of it all.:

to reintegrate back into the full Light and Love of the Creator.  

I have been told before that I can come across as hard and unyielding.  And perhaps I am.  I'm not as good with the Limitless Love part of the package.  Except in the way that I will go after you - stay with you - to 'the ends of the Earth'; and beyond: to the edge of the stage of Creation - and then even beyond that - in bringing out the Truth of things, as far as you are concerned; and in any incarnate form that you may choose to take, to try to hide from my search Light, of the other part of my nature, being Limitless Truth (as I channel the energy thereof).  For you will be brought to justice.  Ultimately to judge yourself.

I'll see to that.   

In the meantime: How could you people let yourselves so easily be deceived??  A major test; and you blew it so easily……

It's like - very like - 9/11.  The pictures we saw (on our screens, and even live) were pictures we saw - period.  And even longtime CBS correspondent Dan Rather saw through the set piece, in being willing to 'call it like he saw it': that the buildings  - including WTC 7, later in the day - came down "like those pictures we see, of buildings brought down in controlled demolitions".  Precisely, Dan.  Forget the consensus reality that was so quickly hammered home to the viewing public, that Osama bin Laden was responsible.  That this was a terrorist attack.

It was, indeed.  But not by the fingered perp - the (CIA-asset) boogeyman trotted out to set up a (money-making, and people control-inducing) War on Terror - and his box-cutter-armed minions.

It was not as if this were an isolated instance, of corruption, and criminality, at the top.  We had the phony Gulf of Tonkin Incident to go by, earlier  And the OKC bombing; which proved to have all the earmarks of a set-up job (charges at the base of columns, and such).  And the first WTC bombing, perped - as it turned out - by an FBI asset.  And now, all these suspicious shootings, Aurora Theater, and Sandy Hook, and such, giving rise to the attempt by the federal government to get (sufficiently powered) weapons of self-defense out of the hands of the public  -

Do you need to have a map drawn for you, John Q. Citizen???        

Actually - it has been drawn for you.  By all of the above.  Plus the information - available, for anyone who has eyes to see; i.,e., is willing to look - that The Powers That Be have had access to mind-control abilities to make the average person a dutiful slave in their controlling hands, for their ultra-controlled society.  

And you sit at home, and watch your television screens, and leave it to someone else to do something about it all……

A bit of advice, John Q.  If you don't get off your bum and do something about it yourself, you will be left behind.

And that means that I have to wait until you get it, and move through the portal into a higher dimension - a higher consciousness - another time around.

And that makes me angry.  

For you.  And for me.  Because

We Are One.  And I can't return Home until you do.  And we have all passed The Test.  

So get with it.  Or I'll haunt you to your living day. 



1 The position of the Obama administration would appear to be that such costs/tax increases are fine and dandy, because it is all part of The Plan: for 'a redistribution of the wealth', via taxes on the middle and upper classes, bringing them closer to the '(Entitlements) income' of the lower classes, and making everybody, 'ideally,' 'equal' - with the same effective level of income.  (So there won't be any more envy, you see.  Nobody 'better' than anybody else.  All are equal, in paradise.)
     In a word: socialism, of a highly controlled order; verging on communism, where everybody IS 'equal' - at least economically; 'equal in outcome' - by diktat of the state.
     In a word: a revolution.
     Generating a reaction, by 'Tea Partiers,' and 'Constitutionalists,' and 'Bible thumpers,' and returning Vets (who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution - NOT the sitting president), and other potential "domestic terrorists".  So identified already by the Obama administration.  With major measures having already been put in place to counter the expected reaction from such stubborn citizens, who just aren't with the Glorious Revolution going on, and don't appear to be able to be made to be, so set in their ways as they are.  So - into the gulag with them.  FEMA camps at the ready, for just such a contingency.
     Or, rather, more than just a 'contingency'.
     A dead certainty. 
     For, millions - millions - of U.S. citizens will not go quietly into that dark night.
     (Bill Ayers & Co: Did you really think you could pull this off???  What an imagination.  What an impressive degree of self-delusion.  An army of blacks, and Hispanics, and single moms - looking for the handout from the state to finance their chosen lifestyle - and students, the fruit of the communists' 'long march through the institutions',* and extreme environmentalists, and other seduced souls, and money from various foundations.  And that's your army???  You've got to be kidding.  Tell me you're kidding.  Tell me - no.  Never mind.  You're not kidding.  Are you.  
     All those coffins, stored near the FEMA camps, and the Drones Over America, and license-plate recognition technology, and automobile takeover technology, and vaccines and viruses satanic technology, and mind-control technology, all - and more - tell me that you're not.  That America has some true believers on its hands.  Of a decidedly un-American cast.  
     So, then: It's war.  So, then: Bring it on.  And oh; just to mention:
     Molon labe.)

     * who want a free education, as a 'right'.  Paid for by the taxpayers, of course (and middle incomers, mostly, at that; with the upper brackets cushioned by all sorts of tax breaks).  And, students: You would do well to be reminded that what a large state can give to you, it can take away from you; if you don't toe the line of your erstwhile Masters.
       You don't really think that the Marxists (or fascists) care about you, do you?  All they care about is power.  And Power from either the far Left or the far Right of politics is to be avoided at all costs, by anyone who would think to be a free soul; experiencing Liberty.   Over Equality.  Because, when it comes right down to it, it's one or the other.  Not both.
        At least, in the current scheme of things.  Which needs to be superseded.  Which is really what all this is all about.  

2 You may have been hoping for the declaration of a Jubilee  But that requires a people with some spiritual nous, to work.  Or The People just get seduced into relying on it yet again, and again, and again; to bail themselves out, of their irresponsible actions.  
     It's like - very much like - the U.S. federal government declaring an amnesty for illegal aliens, and expecting it to work sans very clear security measures put into place accompanying the declaration.  So Reagan tried it in 1986.  And the Congress failed to come up with the security measures to accompany the gesture.  And the number of such illegals rose astronomically in the intervening years...
     Gee; I wonder why.
    The whole goody box must be turned off for illegals to be attracted to; and better efforts put into place to have would-be immigrants come through the front door - to be honored in thereby proving that they will make good citizens. 
     But I digress.
     A bit.
     Oh; and
     P.S. The whole system - i.e., the financial and political system - is up for change, anyway.  But it won't take, and hold, without a people with some spiritual nous making it work.
     Which is a ways off yet, to judge by present evidence.
     Got it?  We still need to learn the lessons.  No skipping of the stages.

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