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On Being A Stickler For Detail

In my last blog I talked about our getting now to our "real identity"; in part as "spiritual beings having a human experience".  But it also involves our individual soul identity.  I don't mean various incarnate, physical-realm identities that we have had - assumed - along the path, of spiritual evolution that we have taken.  I mean our essential identities, as individual facets, fractals, aspects of The One (until we return to total Unity).

Personally, I relate to the identity of, essence of, that entity that has identified itself in the past to various channelers as Limitless Love and Truth (as I have mentioned in these pages before).  It helps me explain to myself why I have such a passion for truth-telling; for getting right down to the nitty-gritty of things, and not letting go until the whole Truth is out regarding them.

Case in point.

One of the organizations that I have given donations to in the past, and which I am now in the process of closing down from such input from me, along with all (most???) others, is an outfit that calls itself Christian Seniors Association.  Its main bete noire is the AARP - American Association of Retired Persons.  As its subtitle says: 'America's Christian Alternative to the Far-Left AARP'; which usually means that it opposes ObamaCare specifically and the leftward slant of American politics in general.  It has just hit me up for another donation1 - to help fund their '2014 National Opinion Survey' of Christians - and when I replied this time with my opting-out letter,2 I added a personal comment to them, in a P.P.S.; viz.:

'I am not a Christian anyway.'  I could have let things go there, but felt the need to expand on that rather dry and incomplete statement a bit; so I went on, with the parenthetical comment:  '(I'm beyond religions.)' 3 

If had had the space, I might have been tempted to go on a little further in my explanation; along the lines of (something like; terminating it somewhere along the line, space determining):

But I do support the sort of 'traditional values' that the Christians speak of.  Example.  Socialism is one way to organize society - a lot of mutual support going on there.  But how is it obtained, is the point.  It is obtained by coercion - the coercion of the vote of the majority.  Thus, it is not the best way.  Which is one which champions the individual.  Not the state, in providing you with goodies, and thus cultivating a dependency mentality.  

If you want to live under socialism - or any form of statism; which undercuts one's sense of personal responsibility, for one's life, and actions  - please go live in such a country.  You have that choice.  What you don't have is the choice to take over America.  The 'taking over' that is to take place is by me.  Because I will take over now, the running of MY country.  In a way that enhances the collective, but not at the expense of the individual; as the socialist or fascist way does, with its oppressive, totalitarian state.  

A brief critique of that Way, i.e., the socialist way.  Specific example: 

The only people who should be having children - single women or couples - are people who can stand on their own two feet, and not be a drain on the taxpayers.  Taxpayers' money shouldn't be spent as extorted from them to put in other people's pockets as individuals, or as members of a (constantly growing) welfare class.  It should only be spent on projects that benefit the society as a whole, as in maintaining parks and libraries and streets and sidewalks and police and fire departments, and such.  To put the taxpayers' money into the individual pockets of what then becomes members of a welfare class is theft, pure and simple.

People who are into spending other people's money for them - the taxpayers' money; the wealth creators' tax money - have created a dependency mentality and culture in the country.  Shame on you, Such A Citizen.  

For the Democrats to look after the interests of 'the little guy' - as opposed to 'the big guy'; often looking for a handout from the government to support his middle- and upper-class dependency mentality - is one thing.   But if it amounts to taking from some to give to others, and cultivates that mentality, then it is sinful, and needs to be dealt with accordingly.  That is to say: Dealt out of the picture.     

I embody the energy of Limitless Love.  (I will go into the furthest reaches of hell to try to bring you back into the Light.)4  But I also embody Limitless Truth.  And I will continue to shine that Light on your human interactions, until All get it; really get it: that 'it' - the life experience, in the 3D matrix of duality and the consequent exercise of free will - is all about taking personal responsibility for oneself and one's actions, in realizing that actions have consequences.5    

And when we've got that - really got that - then we are at The Turning Point.   And are "ready to step into a higher level of our own human evolution," as David Wilcock puts it, in his recently published book, 'The Synchronicity Key'.  

Meaning, the Golden Age of long repute.  


And then,


4D.  5D.  6D.  7D……

We have a huge adventure awaiting us. 

Just  - there.   


For the picking.

Or not.

Your choice.

As always.

Because the Creation is made up of - is all about, in its essence - Love.

NOT coercion.

That is Its antithesis.

You can dwell there.

But souls, like Me, will come looking for You.

And You may not like the Light that we bring with Us.

For the Light - like Truth - can cut, to one's quick.


As I say

Your choice.

Just a little detail there, for you to consider, on your path.



1 I'm not precisely sure how I got on their mailing list in the first place.  Some of these conservative organizations, I think, just make the assumption that when one supports 'traditional values', that automatically means that you are a Christian.  Not in my case; as I go on in here to expound on a bit.      

2 'Dear (blank)

'Sorry to have to inform you that there are just too many 'worthy causes' out there that have come my way and I can't keep up with them all, so l've decided simply to drop them all (how does one choose???), and instead, concentrate on helping to bring about systemic change.  (There is a Better Way.) 

'In the meantime, good luck with your worthy cause. 


Duane 'Stan' Stanfield

P.S. And accordingly, please take me off your mailing list.  Thank you.'

3 There is a huge assumption at the center of the Christian religion, e.g. - and i have made comment on that subject recently as well, about the dangers thereof; that is to say, of making assumptions in our lives.  In this instance, the assumption going on is that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible word of God.  Big mistake, that one. 
     I can't tell you how many times over the years, since I woke up about all this sort of thing, that I have wanted to shake the people around me and ask, 'How can you live not knowing what it's all about?'
     'Well, that's what religions are for,' may have been one reply.
     'No it's not,' I would have responded emphatically.  'They are just manmade devices.  They have nothing to do with the TRUTH of things.  The TRUTH is - out there, somewhere.  And I'm going to find it.'
     The energy of Limitless Love and Truth has been with me for a long, lonely time. 

4 For We Are One.  And You, as a part of Me, are vital to me, and Me (i.e., both to me the fractal of Unity and the Me that identifies totally with Unity).  To the Plan and Purpose of the whole exercise.  If You are lost to the Dark, part of Me is lost to the Dark, through You.  And I don't want that.  So, You matter, to me, and Me. 

5 And that we create our own reality.
     Over and over again.  Until we get it.  Learn the lesson, from that episode, in our soul's unveiling.
     And move on.

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