Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I was going to comment on the subject of anger - that I raised yesterday - and where a lot of it comes from these days, in all the mind-control obscenities going on, which are behind the mass of mass shootings (in order for the state to come to our rescue, and give our erstwhile Masters total power and control over us, in their version of a New Era), and so much else that has been going on in our day and  present era.1  But something is telling me not to go into all that terribly heavy stuff at this time.  So I'll just leave this short sharing at some other musings that came my way today.

Two short 'verses'.2  Tied together; at least in my mind/to my way of thinking.  (Which may well not be the same as yours.  Different strokes.)

I - On Intention 

I intend
To help humanity

And just so do I
play the Game
of Life
Cut through the likes of fame
and sorrow
With the sharp knife
of discernment.
Can't come soon enough
for me
and thee
(if you knew
what I do)
As we play the ball
Out of the rough
Of life itself.

    And that's all
There needs to be
In conclusion.


II - On Hypocrisy 

You don't want to live
Under theocracy
  for example
Because you don't want the state
Telling you what you have to do
And can't
                    and yet
You are happy telling others
What they have to do
From your point of view.

What hypocrisy.

You made your bed.
Lie in it
For awhile
In grand style
You get it
And move on.



1 If you want to check it all out in more depth, go to:

2 With apologies to real poets.  I write verse like Robert Frost characterized free verse: It's like playing tennis with the net down.  But it is a way to share thoughts with others.  So, not too much harm done.

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