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The Passing Parade - 3

In getting to my mail today, which has backed up for a couple of days now,1 I have come across a letter that makes a very good point, but is still short of the mark.  From an outfit called the United States Justice Foundation, it poses the issue: "Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama - the greatest threat to America's continued existence as a constitutional republic - may actually destroy our country!" (emphasis in the original)

What??! you ask.  And then the covering letter goes on to explain:

"Look at it this way...If somebody broke into your house, you wouldn't use the eviction process to get him out!  That would be time consuming...and dangerous!"

Etc. etc.; expounding on the point, that since Obama is in the office illegally - for not being a 'natural born citizen' - none of his acts while in the office should stand; his appointments, the legislation that he has signed into law, the executive orders he has declared - nothing.  Which would all continue to stand if he were merely impeached.  All valid points - except the reason that this 'Justice' outfit has given for declaring him not to be a valid NBC.

As I have now responded to this worthy cause:  

"Dear Michael [Connelly],

"Trying to make a court case that BHO is not a NBC merely on hearsay evidence about his foreign birth will not hold up in court, absent a proven birth certificate to that effect.2  But that he is not a NBC is already staring us in the face.

"He has sworn that B.O. Sr. is his birth father.  He is toast right there.

"* John Jay's letter to G. W(ashington) as Chair of the Const(itutional) Conv(ention), and the Framers' familiarity with E. de Vattel (provable), as evidence that the Framers intended for the candidate for that federal office - which would make him/her as well the Commander-in-Cheif of the nation's military forces - and that federal office only, not to have dual loyalties or allegiances.  Like a dual citizen would.

"And as further evidence for this intended definition of the term NBC - i.e., one born on the soil (or its equivalent) of U.S.citizen parents - plural - there is this fact:

"* the Framers rejected A. Hamilton's proposal that the president be merely a 'citizen'.

"I rest my case."



So: What's going on here.

You may think that I'm a dreamer... - no, let me start this sentence over: You may think that I, and people like me - sticklers for the 'little' detail of Barack Obama's illegality for that office - are just that: sticklers for detail.  Obsessive-compulsives.  Whatever rationale you want to employ, to try to weasel out of the fundamental fact: that Obama is in that office illegally.

And whatever game you want to try to play with the fact that

This will not stand.

It must not stand.  For it renders the rule of law null and void in the country.  And that opens the U.S. - US - to the rule of tyrants.  And I won't have it in my country.  So I'll take over now.

Who am I - speaking for myself in this matter now - being so persistent - even, to some, obnoxious - about this; and presuming to speak for the country??

I don't know.  Call me Everyman.  Well; not quite every man.  But enough, to make the change.  Call me, then, Critical Mass.

'Don't be coy'?  Who, really, am I??  

I don't, really, know.  All I know is that this is my country.  And I'm not going to let it fall into inferior hands.  It has a greater destiny and mission than that - than to fall in the manner of nations and empires since time immemorial, in the great, and repeating, cycles of time.  America is different.  It has a different destiny, and mission, to my mind:

which is to be the flagship of the fleet of nations sailing into the New World aborning.

You ask me, I think I'm from some higher realm, than the 3D Wheel-of-Rebirth one that we are currently ensconced on; where souls go through the same thing, over and over, until they learn the lessons that they present to themselves for themselves to learn.  So I am a bit of a Stranger in your midst.  (And feel like it.  Especially at 'times' like this.)  And I am here to do a job: of helping humanity break the pattern - get off the Wheel - and move into a New Age; to a higher level of consciousness - of Being - than it has operated on heretofore.

That's all I know.

It's enough to know.

Except one more thing:

that Injustices will take place over my dead body.

So those of 'you' who are thinking of engaging in injustices - of any kind - would do well to understand one thing:

I'm not dying.

Oh, you can do something to the body.

But the soul is immortal.

And I will hunt you down - if need be - and bring you to Justice, sooner or later.

For that is the purpose of the exercise.  In part.

The exercise, on the Wheel of Karma.

Wherein and whereby Truth and Justice will prevail.  For this is a Just universe.

Held in the Love and the Light of the Creator.

To which we will all return.  Sooner.  Or later.  And in one form, or another.

And just one more thing, to draw to your attention.  And it's why I put quote marks around the 'you' referred to above.  Because

There is no 'other'.

We are All One.

Are all - hologramatic aspects - of One Maker.

And I will not let the temporary 'you' get away with ignoring that fact.

And speaking of facts:

This is one that you can take to any court that you wish to.

And it will not change.  According to sophistry, or any other device you may wish to employ.

To try to get words to mean what you want them to mean.

Rather than what they were intended to mean.

Welcome to a universe with Plan, and Purpose.

And of such qualities as Truth and Justice.

Built in.

To say: Not capable of being escaped from.

No matter what words, or other devices, you try to hide behind.

Because it's in You.




1 it is an ongoing parade of requests for donations.  I never knew there were so many 'worthy causes' in the country, until I stumbled on - into - the phenomenon of 'mailing list sharings'.

2 Michael's case (besides the huge amount of money that has been spent in legal fees to keep BHO's bona fides from being revealed; and which sequestration was his first order of business upon entering the office):
     * "Barack Obama's paternal grandmother said, in a telephone interview, that she was present at her grandson's Africa!"
        (I have listened to that interview, and on its surface, this take on it makes a good case; but, as its detractors have pointed out, later on in the conversation she reverses herself, and declares "No no - he was born in Hawaii".  Now, a good case can be made that her handlers got to her, and quietly pointed out to her what she should say, given the legalities of the matter.  But it is all hearsay anyway.  Unless she were forced into a court of law, and deposed under oath.  Which is not likely to happen, ever; given the severity of the matter.
       Incidentally, she is not the only Kenyan who has declared that he was born there, including officials.  But again...)
     * "[BO's] wife, Michelle, referred to Kenya as 'Barack's home land.'"
        (This 'admittance' - which I have listened to/watched on video - could easily be parsed by a good lawyer as being merely a metaphorical reference.)
     * "[BO's] friend and political ally, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, called him an 'immigrant.'"
        (Again, this could be parsed away.  It is not hard evidence per se.)
     * "[BO] has provided the press with not one, but TWO digital 'birth certificates' that have been denounced as forgeries by graphics experts, among them Democrats!"
        (True.  And these are felonies; and need to be dealt with as such.  But they are hardly evidence of Michael's assumption of BHO's birthplace.)
     * Barack Obama's congratulatory letter to a hospital in Honolulu claiming that hospital as his place of birth, was posted on the hospital's website, then quickly scrubbed when its truthfulness was questioned."
     (A good and valid point.  But there can be other reasons for it, than Michael's assumption of a foreign birth.)

     Oh what a tangled web we weave...

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