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...this was my frame of mind.

1) from 'Pakistani National TV Reveals Obama's Claim To Have Killed Osama Bin Laden Is 'An American Hoax' - Paul Craig Roberts - Sept. 17

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Thank you, Dr. Roberts, for keeping this matter alive.

The American people MUST call for the truth of all sorts of official stories to come out.  The assassinations of JFK and RFK and MLK and JFK Jr; the OKC bombing; 9/11; the Aurora Theater shooting; the Sandy Hook shooting; this bin Laden bit of theater - it must ALL be exposed to the light of day, through thorough independent investigations.  And let the chips fall where they may.  For nothing is more important than the Truth of things.  And nothing more heinous than its coverup.  That is to deprive us of the 'ability to respond' - of our responsibility as human beings.  Not automatons; soulless creatures in the control of some powerful entity, treating us like chattel.  

Stand up on your hind legs and say: Enough!  I will NOT be treated this way!!  I am a mature human being, and I demand ANSWERS!!!  And TO BE HEARD in the process.  Not patted on the head, fed the official line, and ignored, like a ninny.  Grrrr...... 
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2) from Tea Party Command Center: 'Judicial Watch Founder: Obama, come out with your hands up!' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee - by Larry Klayman - Sept. 17

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Larry Klayman is right: It's time to pull together all the charges against this modern-day King George, and, reading them outside the White House - The People's House - then to call on the Occupier - the Usurper - to vacate the office forthwith.  There is no time to wait for moderate Republicans to start legal proceedings against him - and their way of doing so, via the impeachment process, is not the way to go anyway, because he is not a bona fide president.  And the politicized federal court system is proving not to be up to the job either, of calling him on his ineligibility.  (Have these judges been made an offer they can't refuse???) 

So it's up to The People, Assembled.  And while they're at it, to dissolve the sitting Congress as well, for being an accessory to and after the fact of that criminal act, of the man's ineligibility for the office.  (Established by then as well by Mr. Klayman's and hopefully others' Citizens' Grand Juries.)  The People, Assembled then appointing an Officer OF The People, to call for elections - by which time The People will have forced a cleansing of the electoral rolls all over the nation - within 'a time certain;' in the meantime, this Officer engaging in cleaning out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government of all those appointees who can't pass the smell test. 

Such an Officer is allowed for in the Constitution, by the way.  (Art. II, Sect. 1.)  Said Officer supposed to be appointed by the Congress, until things are settled at the top.  But when the Congress is itself complicit in the criminality that brought about the Constitutional crisis in the first place, the power in America reverts back to The People.  (As per clarification by the 9th and 10th Amendments.)  

So - go for it, People.  And be proud that you stood up for your country when it desperately needed you to.      


So I see I am being particularly sensitive at this time to the idea of The People stepping forward and being able to feel that they are being HEARD.

Not a bad idea.

And at the same time: to come from a place of inner quiet.  In order to be guided from the highest possible parts of oneself.  As put so well, thusly:

3) from Johnsmallman's Blog: 'Please make sure to spend time meditating each day - without fail' - Sept. 18
(A very good thought for the day, "With so very much love, Saul.")

kibitzer3  [Sept 18  at 12:13 am PT]
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You’re on to something valuable, John – keep up the inner listening. It’s helpful to us all.


A good note to end my day on.

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