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Wake Up, America

from Tea Party Command Center: 'Obama's Weekly Whining Saturday Address' - Sept. 28
(A transcript of Obama's speech to the nation today, outlining his case, and against the Republicans in Congress)

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P.S. My fellow Americans: I have just had an awakening, and I realize that the path that the nation has been on for some time - creating a humongous debt, that we will never be able to pay [off] - is the wrong path, for being unsustainable, and undercutting the individual's sense of personal responsibility. Accordingly, I am immediately taking measures allowed me by the Constitution - and I apologize for breaching that sacred duty in the past, and weakening, even jeopardizing the rule of law in the nation; as though I were simply some sort of tyrant - to drastically cut the size and scope of the federal government, and return the nation to its rightful sovereigns, The People - not as in special interest groups, but as in mature human beings, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  -

Wait a minute.  Did I say that?  Just a second - someone must have changed the teleprompter.  Hold on; and I'll get my mojo back - my message, back on track...just hang on.  Only be a minute; and I'll be back to my old self again.  You know; that funny-looking guy with the dark complexion and the big ears, who charmed you out of your -



But seriously, folks…

This is not just about O-so reasonable-bama.1  But let's start there, for a look at what's going down in our day; tantamount to treason, and prelude to civil war - if we let it go that far, don't 'head it off at the pass,' in classic American parlance.

The organization Judicial Watch has come up with a very good summation of the case of The People v. Obama and his administration.  

Item, in a recent letter of theirs.2  "In his first term, Barack Obama effectively:

* Nationalized healthcare;

* Nationalized General Motors and Chrysler;

* Nationalized student loans;

* Nationalized much of our banking system;

* And nationalized our health care industry through 'Obamacare.'"

'Wait a minute' (you say).  'Now that you mention it: what's going on??' Glad you asked.  To continue from this source (and with a bit of history):

"As a candidate, Barack Obama said:

"'I promise 100% transparency in my administration.'

"'I will allow five days of public comment before I sign any bills,' and

"'I'll put the health care negotiations on C-SPAN so everyone can see who is at the table.'

"Incredibly, President [sic] Barack Obama violated every one of these pledges that he made to the American people."


"What utter hypocrisy!"

Yes.  But…it's worse than that.  Isn't it.

A clue to what is really going on, besides just 'politics as usual,' is how all of this fits the Alinsky model of 'community organizing'.  Which is basically to: 'Do anything.  Say anything, to get in power.  Once in power, do what you really want to do.'  

With such thinking at the helm of the American ship of state now, who's to say, e.g., that there will be elections in 2016, and Obama will leave the office? Or even that there will be elections in 2014, if it begins to look as though the (Marxist classic) 'reaction' is going to return the power in Congress to the Republicans???

These people don't think that way.  They are totalitarians.  And are not about to give up the degree of power that they have achieved, by submitting to such bourgeois activities as two-party elections…3 

Item (to continue).  "And now, in its second term, the Obama administration seems committed to doing whatever it takes to remake America into a socialist state…without regard for the law or other branches of government!

"* During his reelection campaign President [sic] Obama frequently said that certain favorite liberal programs (certainly including amnesty measures for illegal aliens) 'just can't wait' for public and congressional debate and deliberations.

"* The Washington Post reported that key Obama personnel told them that increased executive actions (i.e., actions undertaken by the President [sic] without congressional debate or approval) would be the 'new normal' in the second Obama administration.

"* And perhaps even more ominously, when Vice President Joe Biden addressed the task force on school gun violence, he publicly stated that the President [sic] will take 'executive action' to deal with the issue…which he did on January 16 when he signed 26 [23??] gun-related executive orders.

"In other words, the 'Imperial President' is ready to use 'executive action' to potentially overrule our gun rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment!

"And if he is willing to scuttle our gun rights by 'executive action' and target conservatives through corruption of the IRS, what's to stop him from attacking the rest of the Bill of Rights if it suits his ideological or political purposes?"


I could go on.  But: Can it be any more clear??  Obama and his flunkeys are determined to take the nation over, and turn it into a socialist state, governed from the top down.  And we, Fellow Citizen?  What are we going to do about it??

Instead of the U.S. Army Band playing Hail to the Chief, perhaps, in part in our 'reaction', we should have a demonstration of citizens outside the - our - White House, chanting (more fitting for a high spiritual leader, as Obama is being characterized as being by various channelled entities; which calls their status into question): 'We who are about to die anyway, salute you with the one-fingered salute.  

'And as for our weapons of self-defense, against the likes of you and your erstwhile conquering-from-within army:

'Molon labe.'4  

My parting comment:

If the United States is going to have an imperial, above-the-law presidency, I'll take over now; and make sure that it's done for the Light.  Not for the Dark.

Which will signal the End of History, as we have known it.

Which would appear to be the purpose of this whole scenario in the first place.  This stage of it; and the whole shebang.  As Humanity awakens to the play that it has been involved in, for eons of 3D time; takes advantage of the culminating energy going on, and chooses to release the part-playing, opting now for their real identity;

and Ascends.

As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Now basically finished with the exercise in the 3D matrix, which has afforded them the use of free will.  Now to be released; for the individual sparks of The One to make their way more directly back

Home, again.   


P.S. I mentioned that "(t)his is not just about O-so reasonable-bama".  Because he/they built on steps the Bush Jr. (NeoCon-saturated) administration took, to start the process of totalitarian takeover of the American Republic (from the fascistic angle).  Which includes the atrocity of 9/11 on their watch.  And which actually started many years ago, when the banking interests made their move (as presciently foreseen by the Founding Fathers).  But this Obamanation usurpation, and its aftermath, is the most pressing issue now.

The rest can come out, when we have a major Truth & Reconciliation process.  Which will include references from the Akashic records as well, for total illumination.

You didn't really think that life was just a random series of events, with no rhyme or reason or Justice built in/involved in the process; did you?? 

If so: Think again.

And tailor your life accordingly.

Accordingly, that is, to a state of Awakening.

Which we are to live in, now. 


Or not.         



1 Isn't that a wonderful act?  He's oh so reasonable, as the nation is stolen out from under us.  'We're not 'herding you all into a corral,' as it has been put.  We're allowing you all to become more than yourselves as individuals…You ask why the drones, and so forth.  It's really very simple.  We need to put the American people under observation because there are some desperate characters out there, who talk about 'patriotism' and 'liberty' and 'the Constitution' and so forth, who cling to their guns and their Bibles because they don't like change.  But ladies and gentlemen, life is all about Change; and America needs to change with the times as well.  We need to become a real member of the nations of the world.  
     'That's why under my administration, for one thing, we are going to incorporate other forms of law into our own, that reflect other cultures; so that we can all be governed by an appropriate body of law, and since America has become a multicultural society.  So, we will treat each culture among us with its own form of jurisprudence.  
   'It is, after all, reasonable…'   

2 headed 'The National Obama Accountability Project' .  An 8-page summary of the high crimes and misdemeanors characterizing the Obama administration's time in office, and misdeeds.  Complete, in the mailing, with a six-page jam-packed summary of the JW's 'Litigation And Investigation' update of the case against the Usurper and his team of republic wreckers. 
     The record is formidable.  The crimes, actionable.

3 And so, watch out for a false flag op, designed to keep Obama in office, and power. 

4 Realizing, that this is only part of the answer to the - such a - government that we should engage in; and not the 'heaviest,' most-useful one.  Which is not to descend to the level of the problem, but, rather, fight the dark with the light, and stay 'steady as she goes' with Love.  For that is what will disarm your enemy.  Because you really have no enemy, except inside yourself.  For We Are All One.  And there is no real 'other'.  There are just unawakened souls, beginning to find that out.  And when they do, they come together.  Naturally.  As the One that they, fundamentally, and in truth, are.
   But it does feel good to get good and angry at those whom we perceive to be arrogant, and 'in the wrong', doesn't it...  :-)  

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